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Sky could barely stand without help and she leaned on the wall waiting for the corridor to be clear of Finley's men. She took a painful breath as he looked at her and he nodded, supporting her around the waist.

β€œAs long as we don’t trip any alarms, we should be ok,”

β€œThis is dangerous,” Sky said, β€œIt would have been safer to wait for everyone to sleep,”

β€œNot with Finley. He rarely sleeps and if he does, he is a light sleeper,” He looked around the corners and carried on walking, β€œThe security is bigger at night because Finley thinks he is going to be attacked when it’s dark,”

β€œWhy are you following him?” Sky asked and winced in pain.

β€œAre you ok? I’d ask if you needed to rest but it isn’t safe to,”

β€œI’m ok. Just in a lot of pain and I’m worried about-”

β€œDon’t worry about your pregnancy, ok? You can do that when we are miles away from this place,”

Sky nodded, β€œOk,”

β€œIt’s not much further to my car,”

β€œYou didn’t answer my question,”

He sighed, β€œI didn’t have a choice. None of us had the choice. Finley has something against us all. I didn’t know you were the girlfriend of a mob boss until I saw him carrying you in. Sky, I’m sorry for what has happened,”

β€œIt’s not your fault Finley is a psycho,” Sky said and they reached the door, β€œWait,”


β€œThese doors are alarmed,” She said, β€œThere is a tripwire at the top,”

β€œShit. What do we do now? My car isn’t that far from this exit,”

β€œWe have to run as fast as we can,”

β€œRun? Have you seen the state of yourself?”

β€œGee. Thanks. You really know how to make it up to a girl,”

β€œI’m rescuing you aren’t I?

Sky rolled her eyes, β€œHow far are you parked?”

β€œAt least 50 metres,”

β€œThen let’s hope my body doesn’t give out before we get there,”

β€œOr get shot,”

β€œDo you have a gun on you?”

β€œWell, yeah,”

β€œI’m probably a better shot than you. I’ll take the gun as you help me to the car. I’ll try to shoot as many people as I can,” Sky said, holding her hand out for the gun, β€œWe don’t have that much time, Mark,”

β€œFuck. Ok,” He said pulling this gun from his jacket pocket, β€œJust don’t accidentally shoot me, ok?”

Sky took the safety off the gun and let out a long shaky breath, β€œKeys ready? Then let’s go,”

Mark nodded and shoved the door open. The alarm sounded out like an animal shrilling in pain. It felt like it was stabbing Sky's eardrums and Mark managed to half-carry, half-drag Sky way from the building.

Behind them, people were yelling and shortly after, bullets shot past them, bouncing off the tarmac.

β€œShoot them!” Mark hissed. Sky looked over her shoulder and swung her arm around. She pulled the trigger dropping the first guy she saw. A few more rounds and her body threatened to give up.

β€œAlmost there,” Mark said. There was another gunshot and Mark cried out in pain as a bullet hit his back, β€œFuck!”

As Mark dropped to the floor he dragged Sky down after him. She yelped in pain as she landed on her side.

β€œJesus!” Mark hissed out, β€œGod, this hurts so much,”

β€œCome on. Get up. The car is right there!” Sky whimpered as she forced herself to stand. She grabbed the top of Mark’s arm and helped him to his feet, β€œLet's go!”

β€œNo. Just go without me,”

β€œDon’t play the fucking hero you prick. Get on your feet!”

Mark pressed his lips together and nodded. They both struggled to the car. As Mark sped away from the building, bullets his the car.

β€œFuck me in the god damn asshole!” Mark exclaimed.

β€œI dare you to say that to Zeke,” Sky said closing her eyes, β€œHead towards the city centre. I’ll direct you from there,”

β€œI know where he lives,” Mark said, changing the gear with a shaky hand, β€œIt’s burning so much. I didn’t know how bad it was to get shot,”

β€œYou’ll be fine.”

β€œYou’ve been shot?!”

Sky sighed, β€œI was a cop, Mark. Then I got on the wrong side of Axel's ex-friend,”

β€œI feel sick,”

β€œPush through it,” Sky mumbled and her head dropped as she passed out.

β€œSkyla?” Mark said glancing at Sky, β€œOh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit!”

Axel gripped his gun tightly in his hand as an alarm went off signalling someone had broken through the front gates. He had told Jason to take the girls to the safe room and get back quickly.

Blake opened the door and they walked outside, watching the car swerving towards them. Axel lifted his hand to stop them from shooting and the car slid forward and crashed into the wall.

The drivers door was shoved open and a man fell out groaning in pain.

β€œSky...she’s in the car,”

Axel's eyes went wide and he ran towards the car. Sky was slumped over in her seat and he yanked the door open, pressing his fingers to her neck.

β€œGet the doctors here!” He yelled, β€œSky? Wake up. Baby, I need you to open your eyes!”

Sky groaned, β€œ,”

β€œBroken bones? Bullet wounds or any-”

β€œYou’re talking too loudly,” Sky said opening an eye, β€œYou look like shit,”

β€œComing from you,” He said, β€œI need to get you inside. Can you walk?”


Sky carefully helped her from the car and even though he wanted to hug her tightly, he didn’t want to hurt her even more.

β€œMark needs help,” Sky said, β€œHe was shot,”

β€œJake. He needs to go to the medical room as well. I want our guys to get here now. We need the extra hands and guns,”

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