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Axel was so tense that his body started to cramp and even though he was pacing back and forth, his body only became tenser.

β€œAxel,” His mum said, β€œYou are going to wear a hole in the carpet. Sky is safe and the doctor is giving her a once over,”

β€œIf she loses the baby then I will-”

β€œAxel. Sit down. Now,” His dad said firmly and he stood up, β€œWalking back and forth will not change what has happened. I suggest you get some fresh air and when the doctor has finished with her, you can come back,”

β€œI can’t leave her again dad,”

β€œThis is not up for negotiations. Boys, I want you to keep him away from here. Use force if necessary,”

β€œYes, sir,” Zeke said standing up, β€œYour parents are right. You can do anything to help yet,”

β€œSky will be pissed if you stress her out anymore and Mark wanted to talk to you,”

Axel tutted, β€œFine. Mum, you better call me when she is done,”

Axel followed his friends away from the medical room and headed to the room Mark was using. It had been a long few hours but Jake had helped Mark settle in. Axel hadn’t been able to talk to him because his mind was else where.

β€œBefore you see him,” Jake said, β€œWe need to be clear on something,”


β€œMark might have worked with your brother but he is the one who saved her. He was also her ex boyfriend and we all know how jealous you get. They are just friends. Ok?”

β€œStop talking to me like I’m a fucking child,” Axel snapped, β€œI get it. Just friends,”

β€œYou didn’t think that when you fucked Sharon,” Zeke said under his breath.

Blake punched Zeke in the stomach making him grunt, β€œI will tell Sky that you and her brother have been hooking up and you were the one to leave bruises on his back,”

β€œI’ll kill you if you tell her,”

β€œThen shut the fuck up,” Blake said and knocked on Mark’s door, β€œWe are coming in,”

They walked in to see Mark wincing as he forced himself to sit further up. His chest was wrapped in bandages and the blood that had sprayed onto his face hadn’t been washed off.

β€œI’m sorry,” Mark said quickly, β€œI didn’t know it was Skyla until I was told to watch her. If I had known then I would have done something and-”

β€œWhat has he got against you?” Axel asked.

Mark looked down at his hands, β€œA year after Sky and I broke up, I was strapped for cash. It was hard to get a job because no one wanted to hire someone who had been arrested a few times,”

β€œWhat did you do?” Zeke asked.

β€œA few bar fights, drinking under the influence and I may or may not have hijacked a very expensive car and crashed it,” Mark said.


β€œFinley was well known at the bar I used to get drunk at. I was struggling to pay for my mums hospital treatment. She has cancer and he approached me asking if I needed a job,” Mark sighed and shook his head, β€œBeing an idiot, I agreed to work for him and he helped pay for my mums treatment. It wasn’t until I saw him carve someone’s heart out that I knew I was in trouble. I tried to get out but he held the knife against my throat saying that if I turned my back on him, he would slaughter my mum,”

Axel exhaled through his nose, β€œYou knew he wasn’t bluffing,”

β€œIt doesn’t take a genius to know how insane and unstable he is,” Mark closes his eyes, β€œI thought I would be free when my mum passed away last year, but no. If I turned my back on him I knew he’d chop me into pieces...while I was still alive,”

β€œI need everyone to leave,” Axel said, β€œI want to talk to Mark alone,”

β€œDon’t kill him,” Jake muttered.

When they left, he sat down staring at Mark.

β€œI...” He paused, β€œThank you. For bringing her home,”

β€œShe’s always been a friend and there was no chance in hell that I was going to leave her there,” Mark said.

β€œYou risked your life,”

β€œAnd I would do it again,” Mark said, β€œI love the girl and before you lose your shit, I’m not in love with her. Not anymore,”

Axel folded his arms and nodded, β€œWas she always stubborn?”

Mark laughed and then grunted in pain, β€œShit. That hurt. But yeah. I think she was born stubborn but she takes after her parents. Strong willed, independent and doesn’t take any shit,”

Axel scoffed, β€œAin’t that the fucking truth,”

β€œBut she is the most caring person I have ever met. Sky will drop everything to help someone out. I mean, look what she did with her brother. She worked 7 days a week and long hours to pay for his university course,”

β€œShe quit her job. For me,” Axel said quietly and rubbed the back of his neck, β€œAnd look where that got her. My fucking psycho of a brother is ruining her ever having a normal life. It’s not like I’m fucking-”

β€œThat’s one thing Sky never wanted,” Mark said and he sighed, β€œA normal life. It changed when her parents were killed but...if she quit her dream job to be with you, then fucking keep hold of her and don’t break her heart. Just goes to show that she loves you,”

There was a knock on the door and Jason poked his head in, β€œThe doctor wants to talk to you, Axel,”

Axel's heart dropped to his stomach and he ran from the room and didn’t stop until he reached where Sky was.

Sky was sitting up in the bed holding a hot drink with everyone around her.

β€œIs she ok? Is the baby ok?” He said grabbing the doctor, β€œWell? Are they both fucking ok?!”

β€œAxel,” Sky said, β€œIt’s ok. We are both ok,”

Axel dropped to his knees, β€œFuck. Thank fuck for that. I was...shit. I can’t stand up,”

β€œThen stay on the floor,” Sky laughed slightly.

β€œI was so scared,” Axel said, crying slightly, β€œI thought I was going to lose you both,”

β€œSo...I kinda found out what we are having,”

Axel wiped his eyes and looked up, β€œA-are you sure?”

His friends helped him to his feet and made him sit down next to Sky. Axel grabbed her hand and put his head onto the bed. With his free hand, he placed it on her stomach gently.

β€œWho else knows?”

β€œJust the doctor,” Sky said, squeezing his hand.

β€œGive it to me then,”

β€œWell, your worst nightmare is going to come true,”

β€œWhat?” He said sitting up.

β€œYeah. So, that little boy you wanted won’t be happening,” She said, β€œWe’re going to have a little girl,”

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