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Sky sat on the armchair reading, with her two dogs laying down either side of her. She was under strict instructions to take it as easy as possible and not to do anything too strenuous. At first, she didn’t mind being waited on hand and foot, but now it was getting annoying.

β€œAxel,” She said, trying not to snap, β€œI’m sitting down and I am reading. What could possibly go wrong for you to sit there and watch me like a hawk?”

β€œCan I not admire your beauty?”

β€œYes but you aren’t watching me for that reason,” Sky said closing her book, β€œWhat do you want? I’m not doing anything because I promised not to,”

Axel sighed, β€œI was just thinking,”


β€œOur baby girl,” He said quietly, β€œWhat if she doesn’t love me?”

Sky smiled and made her way over to him. She straddled his lap and kissed him gently before hugging him, β€œShe is going to love her daddy. I love you so that means she will,”

β€œBeing called daddy is going to be weird,”

β€œShit. Please don’t tell me you have a daddy kink,”

β€œNo,” He tutted, β€œI never thought I’d ever become a dad. I hate kids and they hate me. Mostly cause they are scared of me. I didn’t...I didn’t want to raise a child in this environment. They could get hurt,”

β€œTrue but with you as a father, me as a mother and those crazy bastards as uncles, nothing bad will happen to her,” She said, ruffling his hair, β€œSomething else is bothering you though,”

Axel dropped his head onto the back of the sofa and rubbed his face, β€œI don’t know how to tell you this but I can’t keep it from you,”

β€œWhat’s wrong?”

β€œI’m facing time in jail,”

β€œWhat?” Sky said quietly, β€œWhat do you mean?”

β€œThe prosecutors have enough evidence to send me away for a very long time. 25 years minimum,” He said, β€œI don’t know who the fuck they spoke to but I’m in some deep shit right now. I’ve spoken to my contacts and they say everything is out of their hands. Someone high up has royally fucked me up. Tyler and my legal team are doing everything they can to keep my ass out of jail,”

β€œBut-but you can’t go to jail!” She said, β€œOk, so I know you aren’t innocent but you can’t. I won’t let this happen,”

β€œBaby,” Axel said, β€œThere’s nothing I can do. I have to keep my ass as squeaky clean as possible. If I’m caught for anything, I’m done for,”

Sky shook her head, β€œNo. I won’t let this happen,”

β€œAgain, you can’t do anything. You’re pregnant,”

β€œBut not a fucking idiot,” She said, getting to her feet, β€œYou seem to forget who I am, Axel,”

β€œA sexy, crazy, pregnant lady?”

β€œYes, well that’s a given,” Sky rolled her eyes, β€œI have a few people that owe me and I will keep your ass out of jail,”

β€œIf you say so but I’m fucked even if they don’t send me to jail,”

β€œTrust me,” Sky said, β€œI’ve got you covered. Now, have you seen my brother?”

Axel watched her leave the room, followed by her dogs and he groaned, β€œFuck!”

β€œDid you tell her?” Jake asked making him jump.

β€œYeah,” He sighed, β€œShe’s on some mission to keep my ass out of jail. Jake, nothing is going to fucking work. I need to leave the country before I get sent down,”

β€œI believe in her. You won’t be sent to jail,” He said, β€œBut we do know who has been talking to the cops,”


β€œThink really hard, Axel. He hates you,”

β€œMany people do,”

β€œOk, that’s true,” Jake laughed, β€œThe man is the scum of the earth and one of the main reasons for your girlfriend for quitting the force,”

Axel scowled, β€œHe’s still fucking alive?”

β€œYou’d be surprised how some cops are alive in jail,” Jake said, β€œIf you want your name cleared then he has to be silenced or have something that will send him away for longer,”

Axel nodded, β€œWe need to get Darcy to talk,”

β€œNot going to happen,” Jake said as Axel stood up, β€œBut he is up for a visit soon. His daughter is going to see him,”

β€œShe still sees him? Fucking disgusting,”

β€œIt’s not what you think,” Jake smirked, β€œShe is rinsing that bastard for everything he has. Her mother divorced him after she found out what he did but Mia is destroying his life even more. I was thinking you use her to protect yourself,”


β€œHe’s shit scared of you, right?” Jake said, β€œAnd he is scared that Sky will kill him. Don’t ask how I know, I just do. Speak with Mia and pay him a little visit with Sky. I’m sure she has more shit on him that will keep that disgusting mouth shut,”

β€œI can’t take her to a prison,” Axel ran his hands through his hair.

β€œAxel!” Sky called, almost running into the room, β€œI might have saved your ass but you need to speak with Hugo. He has been-”

β€œ-the one to chat shit about me,”

Sky frowned, β€œHow did you know that? Are you spying on me?”

β€œNo. Jake told me,”


β€œHow did you find out?” Jake asked and Sky smiled at him, β€œNo, don’t try to act cute with me. Who told you?”

β€œMy dad was a top judge and my mum was a lawyer. I have my fingers in all the right pies. Plus, my dads best friend owes me so he told me what was going on,” Sky said, β€œHe, uh, kinda told me that you weren’t going to get 25 years minimum,”

β€œThat’s good...right?” Axel said.

β€œSure unless you want to know what they were planning to send you down for,” Sky said and Axel glared at her, β€œOk. Fine. The judge getting ready to sentence you was my dads friend. The prosecutors were pushing for life with no parole,”

β€œI’m going to gut Hugo like a fucking-”

β€œBut the worst you will get is 200 hours of community service because the evidence has accidentally fallen through,” Sky shrugged, β€œNo idea why. I fancy a cuppa. Does anyone want one?”

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