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Axel ducked as a plate came towards him and he stared at the shattered glass covering the kitchen floor.

β€œPlease don’t throw shit at me!” Axel exclaimed.

Sky turned on him, β€œI’m not throwing anything at you. I’m throwing things in general!”

β€œBabe, I think you should calm down. You can’t-”

β€œDon’t tell me to calm down!” She yelled throwing a mug at him, β€œThat one was aimed!”

β€œBabe, please,”

β€œThat waste of space, unwanted wank stain has put one of my friends in a coma and you are telling me to calm down,” Sky said running her hands through her hair, β€œAxel, you need to find him,”

β€œWe are trying,”

β€œThen try harder!”

Axel stepped over the broken glass and put his hands on her face, making her look at him. Even though she was angry, he could see the fear and sadness trying to breakthrough.

β€œI have every man possible out on the street searching for him. Reece has his men looking and Jason is doing his best,” He said, β€œDon’t stress yourself out too much. It isn’t good for you and our baby girl. Please.”

Sky’s bottom lip trembled and she burst into tears, burying her face in Axel’s chest, β€œI was supposed to be with them! Sara asked me to shop with them but I was so tired. I could have done something and this never would have happened,”

Axel held her tightly as she wept and someone cleared their throat. He looked over her shoulder and Zeke motioned him to follow.

β€œSky, go sit with Jason. I’ll get someone to clean the mess up. Your stupid dogs can stay in the garden for a bit, ok?”

Sky nodded and left without another word.

β€œShe took it better than I thought,” Jake said making him jump, β€œYou need to see this,”

Axel followed him to the living room and dropped onto the sofa beside Zeke. Zeke turned the laptop towards Axel and he felt his heart stop.

β€œWhen did you get this?”

β€œA few minutes ago. I’ve tried to track where the email came from but it’s an Internet cafe in the next town. By the time our guys got there, it had already gone up in flames,” Zeke said, β€œWhat I don’t understand, is why Finley is sending pictures of you growing up,”

β€œHe’s trying to get into my head. Are there any more?”

Zeke nodded and turned to face the screen, β€œI’m not sure you will want to see them,”

β€œShow me. Now,”

β€œOk,” He said quietly and changed the photos. Zeke held his breath as Axel picked the laptop up, his knuckles turning white from how hard he had hold of it.

β€œI am going to skin him alive,” Axel whispered and slammed the laptop shut, β€œI want him alive, do you fucking understand? I want that twisted mother fucker alive. I need him to feel everything that I will do to him and I’ll make sure that he doesn’t fucking enjoy it,”

β€œI’ll get rid of the email,” Blake said, β€œGo back to Sky,”

Axel shook his head, β€œNo. I need to go to my parents. They sent me a message ages ago telling me I had to meet them for dinner. Make sure nothing happens to Sky and take care of everything else. If shit goes down, call me. Jake, I want you to stay by her side and tell her where I am. Double security and check their ammo and guns. I want them kitted out. This is fucking war,”

Sky tossed the ball and her dogs charged after it almost knocking Jason over.

β€œWatch it!” He yelped as they charged back, β€œIf Finley doesn’t kill me, I’m sure those bloody dogs will,”

β€œSorry,” Sky mumbled and threw the ball again They charged out of the room and ran around outside burning off their energy.

β€œBest present ever,” Jake said quietly from behind his book.

β€œHow are you feeling?” Jason asked handing Sky a drink.

β€œI’ve calmed down but I’m so angry. Hugo made me angry but I’ve never felt anger like this. Not since Dexter was killed,” She said, β€œIf I was with them, then this may never have happened,”

β€œYou can’t think of the what ifs,” Jason said, β€œI’ve told you before that you can’t change the past. This still would have happened but it could have been worse,”

β€œSara is in a coma. How worse could it get?”

β€œSomeone could have died,” Jake said, β€œI understand that this is a hard time but Jason is right. Stop thinking about the past and start thinking about what you can do to help,”

β€œAxel said I can’t do anything too strenuous and he doesn’t want me in the way,”

Jake smiled, β€œHe did say that. But is hacking into the government database too strenuous?”

β€œWhere are you going with this?” Jason asked.

β€œFinley has a long list of safe-houses, allies and medical...issues, shall we say,” Jake said, β€œIf you can get me in then I can inform the others about where to check,”

Sky sighed, β€œI could but I don’t want Axel getting into trouble,”

β€œThat’s true but-”

β€œWhere is my favourite, pregnant future daughter-in-law?”

Sky looked up, β€œI thought you would still be with Axel,”

β€œAxel?” She frowned, β€œWhat makes you think we were with Axel?”

β€œHe told us he was going to lunch with you,” Jake said and he stood up, β€œI saw the message,”

β€œDarling, someone took my phone from my bag when I wasn’t paying attention. That wasn’t me who...oh my god. Darling, call Axel right now!”

β€œAlready on it,” His dad said, β€œStay in the house. We will go look for him. Sky, stay out of trouble and away from the fight,”

Axel’s parents ran out of the room and Sky looked at Jake.

β€œWhat if he doesn’t come back?” She whispered, β€œI can’t do this alone. What if his brother has got him!”

β€œSky, you need to breathe. You’re going to give yourself a panic attack,” Jason said. Sky began to pant heavily and beads of sweat appeared on her forehead, her eyes were wide with panic, β€œSky, I need you to listen,”

β€œHe’s going to kill him. Axel is going to be killed and I’ll be alone and-”

β€œAxel would never leave you,” Jake said, β€œHe loves you so much that it makes him even more insane. Take a deep breath and look at me. You are like my baby sister and I will not have you thinking so negatively. Axel will come back and once this is over, you can have the relatively normal relationship you have wanted,”

Axel nodded and gulped, β€œYou’re right,”

β€œI know I’m right,” Jake smiled.

The sound of yelling distracted them and a gunshot echoed through the room. Jake pointed his gun towards the door as someone tumbled through, out of breath.

β€œH-he is here,” The man said dropping to his knees.

β€œSky. I want you to stay in this room. If shit gets out of hand, you will go to the panic room in here. I think it’s best if Jason grabs Tyler and stays with you both,” He said, β€œAnd that wasn’t me asking was me telling you,”

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