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β€œI’ve heard a few rumours about you Axel and I can’t say I’m happy about it. I can’t say I’m not surprised,” Julius said, lighting a cigarette.

β€œAnd why would you care about what I am doing?” Axel asked, β€œDon’t forget who runs the city now. You shouldn’t care,”

Julius chuckled, β€œYou think that I will back down after what happened? You are more stupid than I thought,”

β€œYou should watch your mouth, Julius,” Axel said, with a smirk, β€œI could ruin the rest of your gang if I wanted to and those men who still follow you will regret it,”

β€œAnd you should watch your threats because I could still have you killed,”

β€œThen go for it,” Axel said, β€œYou aren’t my biggest problem right now,”

β€œSo I heard,” Julius said, sipping his whiskey, β€œI heard you are working with the police and isn’t your girlfriend a cop?”

Axel laughed slightly, β€œAgain, my business is not yours. Sky isn’t a cop anymore and even if she was, I would still be with her. Our lives are our own,”

β€œI see,” Julius said, β€œThen let’s get something clear. If you try to bring me down with-”

β€œDon’t be so fucking stupid,” Axel said standing up and doing his blazer buttons up, β€œI don’t need the police to bring you down. If you don’t have anything important to say to me, I’ll be off,”

β€œYour brother won’t stop at you, Axel,” He said, β€œHe has made a vow to bring all the mafia bosses down. You are just the start,”

β€œTell me something I don’t know,” Axel muttered, β€œHave a good evening, Julius but I have more important things to do than talk to someone who has no power anymore,”

Julius glared at Axel as he left the office and Axel ran his hand through his hair, walking through the corridor followed by Jake. He paused at the door to the main club and he turned to face Jake.

β€œI want him found,” Axel said, β€œFinley needs to be killed before he causes any more problems for me. I won’t have Sky or Tyler hurt again. Ellis and Spencer are going to be their personal bodyguards and I want the security to our home increased,”

β€œIt’s already been done,” Jake said, β€œAxel, is everything ok with you and Sky?”

β€œWhat do you mean?”

β€œI’m not stupid,” Jake sighed, β€œYou keep arguing with her and she doesn’t want to be in the same room as you right now. I’m just worried about-”

β€œDon’t be,” Axel said, glaring at him, β€œIt has nothing to do with you. It’s between Sky and me,”

β€œThen don’t argue so loudly where the whole fucking house can hear,” Jake snapped and walked out leaving Axel behind.

A low chuckle sounded behind Axel and he looked over his shoulder to see Julius smirking at him.

β€œEverything is falling apart for you, isn’t it Axel?”

Axel scoffed and walked away from him and back into the main club. He ran his hands through his hair and people moved out of his way as he made his way back to the table. His friends looked away from the stage and their eyes went wide as he sat down.

β€œWhy are you looking at me like that?” Axel asked reaching for his drink.

β€œUm, no reason,” Blake said, quickly grabbing his drink, β€œJust enjoying the show,”

Axel frowned and looked up at the stage, just to slam his drink back down on the table and get to his feet, β€œWhat the fuck is she doing?!”

The music stopped and people started clapping and cheering for Sky, Freya and Jenna. They smiled and did a small bow before she realised that Axel was glaring at her. She swallowed the lump in her throat from the dark look she was receiving and quickly left the stage knowing that he was going to be pissed.

Sky rushed into the changing room and yanked the small top off, pulling on her own. She didn’t care that Spencer was still in the room and ignored his bright red face as she dropped the shorts she was wearing.

β€œI need to go home, like right now,” Sky said.

β€œI’ll drive you,” Spencer said, β€œAnd can you please warn me about you undressing next time? If Axel finds out that you stripped in front of me, he is going to kill me,”

β€œHe’s more likely to kill me,” Sky said, putting her jacket on.

β€œWe will message you later to ask how you are,” Freya said, hugging her quickly, β€œThanks for the dance,”

Sky rushed out of the room but crashed into a hard body and bounced back, landing on the floor. She winced at the sharp pain in her wrist and she looked up at Axel. The air was sucked out of her lungs and the look on his face made her blood run cold. He was pissed and she suddenly started to regret getting up on stage to piss him off. Sky had forgotten how angry he could get over her.

β€œSky,” Axel said, with no emotion, β€œGet up,”

Sky gulped and slowly got to her feet, holding her wrist close to her, β€œAxel,”

β€œLet me look at your wrist,” He said holding his hand out.

β€œI’m ok,”

Axel's lip twitched, β€œI think we should have a chat, don’t you?”

Sky let out a sigh and nodded, β€œYeah but I have a feeling I won’t be getting to talk,”

β€œSmart girl, aren’t we?” Axel said, and he looked at Spencer, β€œYou have a lot of explaining to do,”

β€œYes, sir,” Spencer said.

Axel shot a look at the girls who were watching with held breaths and he walked out of the room. Sky sighed and followed him out with Spencer close to her.

β€œWe are so fucked,” Spencer muttered in her ear, β€œI can’t believe I let you do that,”

β€œI’m my own person,” Sky said back, β€œHe can’t get pissed off at you when it was me who decided to do it,”

β€œMaybe, but I don’t want him yelling at you,”

Sky smiled and shrugged, β€œDon’t worry. I won’t sit back and let him,”


β€œI also know how to distract him from being too angry at me,” Sky said and she looked down at his clenched fists. She bit into her lip unsure if she was able to distract him from his anger. Zeke had told her that he had to see Julius and knew how much they disliked each other but she still chose to dance on stage.

β€œI’m so fucked,” Sky whispered as Axel held the club door for her.

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