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The street was busy as Axel waited for his parents to show up. He had wanted to call them but he had left his phone at home. He sighed smoke out of his nose and flicked his cigarette away looking at his watch.

β€œWhere the hell are they?” He muttered to himself and watched the passing faces looking out for his brother. Axel knew that he had to be even more careful after his brother had driven into Sky's friends. He understood Sky's anger and heartbreak, but he was thankful she was too tired to go with them. She could have been badly hurt and of course, he was angry that Sara was in a coma but Sky was more important.

He didn’t want to upset Sky even more so kept that to himself even though she probably knew how he felt.

Axel folded his arms and ran his tongue over his teeth in frustration at his parents not arriving on time. They knew how much he despised people being late to a meeting and he started to think the worse. He ran his hands through his hair and signalled his driver to get the car.


Axel looked up and managed a smile as he saw his mum running towards him, β€œYou’re late. You asked me to meet you and you-”

β€œBaby, someone stole my phone!” She said, obvious panic on her face, β€œI didn’t message you!”

β€œWhat does-”

β€œYou need to get back to the house quickly,” She said, grabbing his wrist, β€œCome on. Dad is driving,”

Axel ran behind her and a car skidded to a stop in front of them. His mum yanked the car door open and they got in the back. Before they could close the door, his dad was speeding away from the side of the road.

β€œWho took your phone?”

β€œI didn’t see Finley,” His mum breathed heavily and yelped as a car almost drove into the side of them, β€œSweetheart, I know we are in a rush but can we please get back in one piece?”

β€œMum!” Axel snapped.

β€œIt could have been one of his men. I don’t know their faces, Axel. I’m sorry. I should have shown up at your house sooner but I didn’t know!”

Axel rubbed his sweaty hands on his thighs, β€œI’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap,”

β€œIt’s ok, son,” His dad said, β€œIt’s understandable. Your brother is out to get you and he has managed to take you away from Sky,”

β€œFuck!” Axel yelled punching the back of the seat in front of him, β€œI knew I shouldn’t have left her,”

β€œYour men are strong. Sky will be safe,”

β€œWhy the fuck didn’t I kill him when I had the chance?” He hissed, β€œThat fucking bastard ruined my fucking life and now he is going to take the one thing I fucking care about more than my own life,”

β€œAxel,” His mum said, grabbing his hand, β€œI...I’m so sorry,”

β€œIt isn’t your fault Finley is a fucking-”

β€œNo,” She said, tears threatening to fall down her face, β€œI am so sorry that I didn’t protect you against him,”

Axel frowned, β€œWhat are you talking about, mum?”

β€œWe...I didn’t know what he did. I’m so sorry that we weren’t there to protect you,”

β€œMum, I-”

β€œWe saw the photos he took when you were raped!”

Jake cradled his arm, blood seeping through his fingers but he still didn’t step away from Sky. She was crying silently after she had heard her dog's yelp as they were shot and killed when they tried to protect her.

Behind him, Tyler had his arms wrapped around his sister and Jason stood with Jake, holding a gun tightly in his hand. Sky could see him shaking and trying to ignore the gunshot wound he had on his leg. She was glad the bullet only skimmed his leg but she knew all too well how much that hurt.

β€œIf you don’t step aside,” Finley grinned, β€œI am not here for you. I am here for her,”

β€œHow many times do we have to tell you?” Jake scoffed, β€œYou aren’t going to take her again. Your fight is with Axel,”

Finley giggled and sent painful shivers down Sky's back, β€œYou don’t understand. Axel has never been in love or showed a weakness. Unless you count him having sex with those men,”

β€œHe didn’t have sex with them!” Axel snapped, getting to her feet, β€œYou sick fuck! Axel was attacked and raped. You are one crazy bastard and you killed my fucking dogs! You crazy, disgusting mother fucker!”

β€œSky. My sweet, Sky,” Finley said, losing his smile, β€œYou seem to forget how much I dislike being called crazy,”

Sky's eyes went wide as more men stepped into the room, pointing guns at them.

β€œFuuuuck,” Jake said quietly.

β€œLower your weapons,” Finley said, coldly, β€œI will kill you if I have to...but for now, I want her,”

β€œShit,” Jason said dropping his gun. Jake cursed and shortly followed Jason's lead, β€œYou can’t fucking take her though,”

β€œI recognise you,” Finley said and then he clapped his hands together, β€œOf course! You are the man who I caught having sex with Sky! How could I forget your face? You seemed to enjoy her riding you. How was it? Is it something I will enjoy?”

β€œFuck you,” Jason spat.

β€œYou had sex with Jason?” Tyler whispered to his sister.

β€œReally not the time, Ty,” Sky muttered, "But yes. I thought you knew,"

"Obviously I didn't,"

β€œI the baby his?” Finley grinned, β€œI would like it very much if that baby wasn’t my brothers. It would be fun to see him breakdown. I know he loves you very much, Sky. What would he do if you have a baby with me?”

β€œI’d slit my throat,” Sky said, β€œAfter I slit yours first, of course,”

β€œI’d enjoy the feel of that,” Finley said darkly and Sky's heart began to race. He was crazier than she had ever imagined, β€œGrab her,”

Jason and Jake managed to punch a few guys away from her but there were too many of them to fight. Tyler grunted in pain as one of Finley's men kicked him in the face, sending him flying and someone shoved a gun in Sky mouth, silencing her screams of anger.

β€œSky, the sweet Sky I now own,” Finley said holding his hand out, β€œIt’s time to come to me,”

Sky forced back the sick feeling she had and stopped herself from hitting him. She clenched her fists tightly and warm tears rolled down her cheeks.

Finley pulled her into him, rubbing his hands on her belly making her want to throw up.

β€œSo precious,” He whispered, β€œThere is a baby inside you. Such a precious thing. I didn't realise how precious pregnancy was. But such a shame that the father won’t be alive to meet...tell me, what are you having, Sky?”

Warm tears ran down her cheeks and she swallowed the painful lump in her throat, β€œA-a girl,”

β€œA girl?” He beamed, β€œHow exciting. I wonder what we should call her. I’ve always wanted to name a baby,”

Sky choked back a sob and Finley pulled a knife out, holding it against her throat.

β€œYou are going to come with me now and you aren’t going to cause a scene. You belong to me know,” He grinned, β€œI’ve never killed a pregnant woman before but I do like firsts. Do you understand me, my sweet Sky?”

Sky closed her eyes and nodded, β€œYes,”

"Good," He giggled, "I wouldn't want to kill you. I'm addicted to your fear."

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