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Axel's heart was beating hard in his chest and his mouth was dry. His dad had broken every traffic law to get him home and they had merely missed a few cars on the journey. If Axel wasn’t in a rush to get to Sky he would have beaten a few people up.

The sounds of tire screeching made Axel focus and his place was getting closer by the second. As soon as the car stopped, Axel was out of the car and running through his front door holding his gun as tightly as he could.

β€œFinley!” He yelled, β€œWhere the fuck are you?”

The sound of a gun made him run in that direction and he found a few of Finley's men outside his office, staring at him with wide eyes. They dropped their guns and stepped away letting Axel in.

β€œBrother!” Finley grinned as Axel walked in, β€œI was expecting you much sooner,”

β€œGet your hands off my girlfriend,” He growled, pointing the gun at Finley. He then caught Sky's dogs on the floor and his blood ran cold, "You killed her dogs?"

"Well, yes. It wouldn't have been the first time but they were going to attack me. I had to get rid of them."

"You fucking-"

Finley chuckled and stroked Sky's hair, β€œYou have a pretty girlfriend, Axel. I didn’t think you liked fucking cops. I thought you had standards. But then again, you enjoyed your hookers,”

β€œI’m warning you,”

β€œShut up, Axel,” Finley said, losing his smile, β€œSit down. We should talk. It has been a while since we have seen each other,”

β€œThat’s not going to happen,”

Finley sighed and Sky whimpered, β€œI don’t think you heard me. Sit. Down,”

Axel stared at the knife being pressed against Sky's swollen belly and he felt his heart stop.

β€œMy pretty Sky, tell Axel to sit down,” Finley said, β€œI don’t have a lot of patience left,”

β€œAxel,” Sky said quietly, β€œPlease,”

Axel clenched his fist and sat down on the edge of the sofa, his eyes never leaving his brother, β€œI’ve sat down. Take the knife away from her belly,”

β€œYou really are no fun,” Finley rolled his eyes, β€œI have already told her that I won’t hurt her unless I need to. I’m here for you. No one else,”

β€œWhere are my men?”

β€œTied up somewhere but don’t worry. They won’t die from their injuries,”

β€œAnd her...” Axel quickly stopped when he remembered how Finley enjoyed hurting women.

β€œAnd her what?”

β€œYou haven’t hurt her...right?”

β€œDoes she look hurt to you?”

Axel shook his head, β€œWhat did you want, Finley? There is nothing to fucking talk about,”

β€œThat is where you are wrong,” Finley smiled, β€œI want you to tell our parents to leave us alone. No one will get hurt if they do as they are told, and by no one, I mean Sky,”


β€œNow!” Finley yelled, β€œMy patience is running thin!”

Axel grit his teeth and opened the office door to see his parents and friends.

β€œI’m gunna kill him!” Zeke seethed and Axel stopped him from running into the room, β€œI don’t-”

β€œNo one is to come in,” Axel said quietly, β€œI don’t want Sky to get hurt,”

β€œAre you fucking stupid?” Blake snapped, β€œHe is going to hurt her either way!”

β€œI will kill him before he does,” He shook his head, β€œI’ll buy you some time. The windows are open. Mum, dad, I want you to stay back until this door opens and one of these guys comes out,”

β€œI’ll get rid of those bastards,” His mum said, glancing at the guys with their hands slightly raised.

Axel nodded and went back into the room, closing the door.

β€œNow, sit back down and shut the fuck up,” Axel said.

β€œWhat do you want? Revenge?”

β€œOf course,” Finley smiled, β€œYou made people think that I’m crazy,”

β€œYou are crazy!” Axel snapped, β€œYou killed my fucking dog and played with its body parts, you attacked mum then tried to rape our maid and don’t get me fucking started on the people you have killed for no god damn reason,”

β€œYou are just as bad as me, brother,” He chuckled, β€œYou fucked our maid and convinced her that I wasn’t hungry. Do you remember that? I thought it was only fair that I got her as well because you got everything you ever wanted. You have killed innocent people, have you forgotten that? I haven’t. I was locked away for many years and I’ve done my research. You get out of every crime you commit and there’s nothing anyone can do. You are the crazy one. I’ve been watching you for a very long time. I helped Nico De Luca, did you know that?”


β€œDid you ever wonder how Julius got the photos of Sky? Or how Nico broke through your security?” He grinned widely, β€œOr what about Riley? He was working for Nico but that man went for anyone with power. I told him who Sky was and I told him a few little things about her. Once I told him, he was very angry. Of course, I didn’t think he was capable of doing those things to her. I just wish I was there to see it...I just received the video he took,”

Axel felt his blood run cold.

β€œI don’t know where he went. Did you kill him after you found out he fucked her?” Finley's eyes went wide in excitement, β€œDid you cut him up into tiny pieces? I would have enjoyed that. I would have cooked his flesh and eaten it just to know he wouldn’t come back,”

β€œThat’s fucking sick,” Sky whispered.

β€œStop talking. Women don’t get to speak unless they have permission,” Finley said grabbing her hair, β€œI don’t like this hair colour on you. You need to change it. I don’t like the way you are dressing. You need to wear what I want you to wear from now on. We are going to get rid of Axel and we are going to leave,”

β€œAxel didn’t kill him,” Sky said, putting her hand on his wrist, moving the knife away from her stomach.

β€œJake probably did. He always had a soft spot for bitches that look like you,” Finley smirked, β€œI don’t think he told you why, but it doesn’t matter to me,”

β€œI killed him,” Sky said.

β€œYou?” He said and Axel could see the surprise on his face, which confused him, β€œBut you are just a girl,”

β€œYeah,” Sky said, and Axel's eyes went wide as she gripped his hand hard, β€œAnd you’re next,”

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