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Blood dripped from Sky's hand, sinking into Axel's newly cleaned carpet. Her lips were parted as she was hidden behind Axel who was protecting her from the knife pointed in her direction.

Sky wasn’t sure what had happened as everything had become a blur but what she did remember was leaving a large cut across Finley's chest as she turned the knife on him and how he screamed...but not in pain.

It was in pleasure.

Her blood had run cold as he begged her to scar his skin before he got the chance to do it back to her. Luckily for her, Axel took a blow from the knife and dragged her away from his brother.

β€œBrother,” Finley said, his eyes turned almost jet black, β€œI am jealous of you for once. You always get the girl,”

β€œMaybe if you weren’t so fucked up you would find one,” Axel snapped.

β€œTrue,” Finley grinned slowly, β€œBut I have decided to take yours. I won’t kill her. She seems to make me feel things and I love it,”

β€œI’ll kill you first,”

β€œDon’t be so stupid,” Finley tutted, β€œYou seem to forget who has the gun...the brains...the good looks and the charm to bring-”

β€œIf you have brains then I have a 12 inch cock,” Sky said and Axel spluttered turning to glance at her, β€œWhat?”

β€œYou couldn’t have used another comparison?”

β€œAxel would like if you had one,” Finley said chuckling, β€œDid he tell you about those men? He loved it. You could tell by his face. But then again, I told them to gag him because those screams were annoying me. Did you know that I found those men? Did you? They are here and they are looking forward to spending quality time with you again. This time, she can watch,”

β€œI’ll kill you,” Axel growled and went to step forward but Sky grabbed his arm when she noticed something hidden in Finley's blazer pocket.

β€œHe has a gun,” She whispered so only Axel could hear, β€œI can get it away from-”

β€œI am not fucking letting you play the fucking hero,”

Sky wanted to argue but he was right. She had a baby to look after as well and she didn’t want to risk hurting the baby or herself. Axel linked his fingers with hers and she squeezed his hand.

β€œYou came for me so why don’t we settle this like real men should,” Axel said, β€œAn equal fight,”

β€œIt’s hardly equal,” Finley said, β€œI have a knife,”

Axel shook his head, β€œNo. No weapons. We fight like men. Fists,”

β€œThat is no fun,”

β€œAnd you holding a knife against my pregnant girlfriend is? Wait, don’t answer that,” Axel scoffed, β€œWell?”

β€œWhat do I get out of it?”

β€œYou might be able to punch me,”

Finley smirked, β€œMight? My dear brother, I think you have me confused for someone else,”

β€œAre you going to be a man about this or act like a fucking pussy behind that knife,”

β€œHmm. Well, you do have a point. I have allowed this conversation to go on for longer than I had liked and I would like to see how she managed to make you into a human. Who would have thought the cold-blooded brother of mine would find a fine specimen like her?”

β€œI’ll show you specimen, fuck wit,” Sky muttered.

β€œI also enjoyed how she had sex with that cop. It looked like she really enjoyed it. I want to try that with her once I get rid of you,”

β€œOk, so I had sex with Jason. Big deal. Stop acting like a jealous school boy and get your ass kicked by Axel,” Sky said, β€œBut lose the gun,”

Finley chuckled, β€œI like her Axel. I like her very much,”

Axel tensed when his brother lifted the gun from his pocket and dropped it onto the sofa.

β€œI suppose we should fight but there is one more thing, Axel,” Finley smiled widely, β€œDid you really think that you could get your boys to enter this room without me knowing?”

β€œIt was worth a try,” Axel said moving Sky further behind him, β€œI can’t be too careful with a crazy, sick fuck like you,”

β€œThat...was a big mistake,”

Sky yelped as Axel shoved her out of the way as Finley launched himself at them wielding the knife in his hand, her blood still glittering on the sharp blade. She gasped as a hand grabbed her and she turned to see Jake, pulling her back.

β€œHelp him!” She cried out.

β€œNo!” Axel yelled, β€œI’ll kill this bastard myself!”

β€œShit, shit, shit,” Zeke said, β€œThere’s no way he is going to win against a knife,”

Sky watched in horror as Axel was slashed at, blood seeping through the shirt he wore. She could tell he was struggling and Finley was like a rabid animal as he attacked still wearing the twisted smile as he tried to kill his brother.

Axel howled in pain as Finley slashed his face and he dropped to the floor cupping his eye.

β€œI am going to enjoy this,” Finley cackled and Sky's legs moved before she could think. She rushed forward slamming her hands into his shoulder, knocking him off balance.

As he fell, she kicked him as hard as she possibly could and winced as his head hit the corner of the table. Finley went limp and she dropped next to Axel holding him tightly.

β€œBaby, you shouldn’t have gotten involved,” He said, holding her with one arm, β€œI had everything under control,”

β€œI-it didn’t l-look that w-way,” Sky cried, β€œYou’re bleeding f-from your e-eye!”

β€œI’ve had worse,”

β€œWorse?! What is wrong with you?”

Axel sighed, β€œLet me up I need to-no!”

Sky gasped as a gunshot echoed around the room and her body was pinned to the floor. She opened her eyes to see Axel sprawled out on top of her not moving.

She let out a high pitch scream and rolled him to the floor, grabbing his face. Flashbacks of Dexter dying in her arms flooded her mind and her eyes became blurry from her tears.

β€œNo!” She screamed, β€œNo, no! Don’t do this to me! Jake! Help him! Please, do something. Don’t let him leave me!”

β€œSky, breathe,” Blake said moving her away from Axel's body, β€œLook at me,”

β€œDon’t let him die! He can’t die!” Sky cried and began to hyperventilate, β€œDon’t let that bastard die!!”

β€œBaby girl, look at me!” Blake said grabbing her cheeks, β€œI can’t have you pass out. Breathe. He will be ok,”

β€œCall an ambulance!” Jake snapped and Sky looked over at Zeke who had Finley pinned to the floor by his throat, β€œZeke!”

Sky glanced at the floor and saw a gun. She crawled forward and picked it up. Blake moved out of her way and she moved towards Finley as Zeke ran out of the room.

β€œWe can be happy together now,” Finley smiled, "We can be a happy family."

β€œGo to hell,” She whispered.

Sky paced up and down trying to keep it together but Axel was still in surgery. Tyler was crying silently against Axel's shoulder and Jake was talking to his brother.

A door opened and Jason stepped out, rubbing the back of his neck. Sky grabbed hold of his shirt tightly and shook him.

β€œWhere is he? Is he ok?”

β€œSkyla,” He said quietly, β€œI...I don’t have good news. I’m so sorry,”

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