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Sky sent one last kick to the punch bag hanging from the ceiling and she put her hands on her hips, breathing heavily after her workout. She walked over to the bench and dropped onto it and grabbed her bottle of water, taking a big gulp. With a sigh, she rested her head on the wall behind her and closed her eyes.

The treadmill was still going and Jake was plugged into his phone listening to music. They had worked out together for a while but he was starting to get annoyed that he wasn’t able to beat her in hand to hand combat. She had laughed with him and walked to the punching bag to let out more of her frustration. Sky could feel Jake stealing looks at her but she ignored him and carried on hitting it.

It had been almost a week since her brother had told Axel how pissed off he was at him and they still hadn’t spoken. Sky had tried her best to talk to Axel about Tyler but he wasn’t listening. He didn’t want to listen and they ended up having an argument.

Axel had stormed out of their room slamming the door making her cry. Zeke had heard them and came into comfort her as she cried.

Since then, Axel had been avoiding her and no matter what Sky did, he didn’t want to spend any time with her. In the end, Sky refused to even be in the same bed as him so slept in the room she was given when she first arrived in the mansion. No one said anything about their argument and Sky had to hold Tyler back after he heard what Axel had called his sister.

β€œSky,” Jake said, making Sky jump, β€œSorry. Are you ok?”

β€œI’m alright,”

β€œSomehow I don’t believe you,” Jake said sitting next to her, β€œYou and Axel haven’t spoken in almost a week,”

β€œYes, but that isn’t down to me. I’ve tried to talk to him but he doesn’t want to be anywhere near me,” Sky sighed, β€œI don’t know what to do. I’ve tried to talk to him but he ignores me and walks away. I’m not even sharing a bed with him at the minute,”

Jake sighed and put his arm around her when a few tears fell down her cheeks, β€œDid you want me to talk to him?”

Sky wiped her eyes but more tears fell, β€œWhat’s the point? He doesn’t even listen to me and he is supposed to love me. I don’t understand why he’s being like this. What Tyler said to him was true. I’m not an object or a possession. I’m his girlfriend but at the moment, I don’t feel like it. I just feel like I’m just there for him to boss around and have sex with whenever he gets horny,”

β€œI wish I could help more,” Jake said, β€œAxel is complicated and I’m not standing up for him but I don’t think he realises how a real relationship works. He has never had a girlfriend before and he loves you so much that his possessiveness is taking over. I know he wants to protect you but Axel isn’t great with his feelings,”

β€œI wish he was,” Sky said quietly, β€œI know nothing about him. Well, the things that I want to know about him. He shuts me out and doesn’t talk to me. I have no idea what his brother wants from him and I don’t know why they hate each other so much. I just love him so much and he’s hurting me!”


β€œHe is saying horrible things to me and treating me so badly that I don’t know if I want to be with him anymore. He called me a worthless slut!” Sky cried and held onto Jake tightly, β€œI’ve never felt like this towards someone before and I gave up everything to be with him and he’s treating me like shit!”

β€œThat does it,” Jake said standing up, β€œI won’t sit back anymore and watch a beautiful girl cry because Axel doesn’t have the god damn sense to treat you as you should be treated,”

Sky quickly ran after Jake as he left the gym and by the time she reached the top of the stairs, he was already walking into the main room where the others were when she headed downstairs. As she stepped into the room, Jake had Axel by his blazer and dragged him to his feet.

β€œWhat the fuck are you playing at?” Jake hissed.

Axel pushed Jake away, β€œI could ask you the same thing,”

β€œLook at her!” Jake yelled and pointed at Sky, β€œLook at what you are doing to her! You can’t tell me that it’s nothing when she has been crying in my arms!”

β€œStay out of this, Jake,” Axel said, β€œThis has nothing to do with you,”

β€œIt has everything to do with me,” Jake said, β€œSky is like my sister and she deserves more respect than what you have been given her. You say that you love her but you are treating her like a piece of shit and that she doesn’t mean anything to you. Then I heard you called her a worthless slut? What the fuck?! I told you from day fucking one that she was special and right now, you don’t fucking deserve her!”

β€œIf you don’t get out of my face, I will fucking make you,”

β€œWhat’s going on?” Blake said, walking into the room, β€œHave we missed something?”

β€œGuys, what’s happened?” Zeke asked.

β€œHow can you tell me that you love her when all you do is treat her like some girl you can throw away?” Jake said.

β€œI’m fucking warning you, Jake,” Axel snapped, β€œGet the fuck out of my face before I make you!”

β€œYou and me both know that before your fist even gets near my face, you’d be on the floor with my gun pressed into your forehead,” Jake said, β€œI am not playing fucking games right now. Enough is enough. That girl fucking loves you and you treat her like some hooker that Blake sends your way to trial if she is good enough,”

Axel didn’t say anything and he clenched his fists.

β€œIf you don’t tell her what your deal is with your brother, then I fucking will,” Jake said shoving Axel hard, β€œBut I won’t leave out all the gruesome details. She needs the truth, Axel because right now, I won’t fucking blame her if she dumps your ass. She deserves someone much better than someone like you. I’d trust Zeke to treat her much better than you have. You better fucking sort your shit out before I do it for you,”

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