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Axel stood outside Sky's room trying to force himself to knock but when he heard someone else’s laugh from inside, he clenched his fists and walked away. He was already angry but hearing that laugh almost sent him over the edge.

β€œWhere are you going?” Jake asked as he reached the bottom of the stairs, β€œI thought you were going to apologise to Sky,”

β€œFuck her,” Axel said, β€œShe doesn’t deserve shit right now,”

β€œI see,” Jake said, β€œThen you run along and I’ll do your job and tell her what she needs to know,”

β€œYou won’t do anything,” Axel said, β€œShe’s my girlfriend and-”

β€œIs she?” Jake said, β€œBecause you don’t treat her like one. Shit, Axel. What is your problem?”

β€œI don’t have a problem. She’s the one who thinks it’s ok to get up on stage and dance for other men,”

β€œYou are acting like a child right now,” Jake said, shaking his head, β€œYou are my friend and I will follow you till the day I die...but you need to be honest with her because if this carries on, I can’t see you lasting. Stop treating her like an object or possession and I won’t think about shooting you in the face again,”

β€œThen maybe she should treat me with more respect,” Axel snapped, β€œI’ve done nothing but protect her and she does that to me!”

β€œYou have no fucking idea how this works, do you?” Jake said, getting in Axel's face, β€œStop acting like this. That girl up there has done nothing but respect you. Do you remember the time where you forced her to do that job where she ended up being beaten up? Then what about when Riley fucking hurt her. She still respected you enough not to tell the god damn police and stick by you even though he was supposed to be your friend,”

Jake scoffed and pushed Axel away from him.

β€œI am this close to convincing her to dump your sorry ass and move in with Jason,”


β€œShut the fuck up,” Jake said, glaring at him, β€œI’m done with this situation now. You might be the boss of The Red Devils but I will make a stand against you until you fucking sort this out. Call a house meeting tonight or I will walk out of that door and take Sky and Tyler with me. It will be the last time you ever see us,”

Sky laughed as Jason complained about losing yet another game of Overwatch and he dropped the remote, throwing himself back onto her bed with a sigh.

β€œOh come on,” She said, β€œIt can’t be that bad losing against me,”

β€œI’ve never lost this game. I’m a pro,”

β€œClearly not,” Sky giggled and patted his thigh, β€œWe should probably get something to eat. I can’t live off snacks for the rest of my life,”

Jason smirked, β€œI’m sure I could think of a workout to burn the calories away,”

β€œIf you are thinking of sex, you can go fuck Zeke,”

β€œNo!” Jason said going bright red in the face, β€œI was thinking about making you work really hard in the gym! Jesus. Where is your mind? Dirty girl,”

Sky rolled her eyes, β€œWhatever,”

β€œWait,” Jason said grabbing her wrist and sitting up, quickly brushing his long hair from his eyes, β€œI needed to talk to you about, Axel,”

β€œI’d rather not,” She muttered, β€œI have nothing to say about him right now and frankly, I don’t want to hear anything about him,”

β€œThere might be a way to get him to talk to you,” Jason said, β€œYour brother will kill me for putting this into your head but you are the only one to do it,”

β€œWhich is what?” She asked, lifting her eyebrow.

β€œFuck him,”

β€œIs that it?”

β€œWell, yes and no,” Jason bit into his lip, β€œYou could always be Zeke for the night,”

β€œExcuse me?”

β€œYou know, be kinky. Tie the bastard down and torture him until he spills,” He shrugged, β€œI am sure he’d give in,”

β€œRight,” Sky said, slowly, β€œYou do know that Axel wouldn’t crack over something like that, right? I’ve tried and all he does is fuck me and goes to sleep,”

β€œWow,” Jason frowned, β€œI had no idea it was that bad,”

β€œYeah, well it is,” Sky muttered, β€œI’m not sure what is going on in that stupid head of his, but I...I don’t know. I really do love him but he’s breaking me right now,”

Jason pulled her into a hug as he saw tears fill her eyes and he put his hand on the back of her head, hearing her sniff into his chest.

β€œIt will be ok,” He said quietly, β€œI don’t know what is going on with him but he might be scared,”

β€œOf what?”

β€œSeeing you hurt or taken away from him again,” Jason said, putting her face in his hands, β€œI saw what happened to him when Nico took you and he’s probably shitting himself that it will happen again, but from what I have heard, his brother is worse,”

β€œWho knows,” Sky whispered, β€œI just want him to be honest with me. He’s breaking my heart right now and it’s wearing me down,”

β€œI understand,” Jason sighed, β€œIt’s hard to have your heartbroken but I’m sure things will work out,”

β€œI hope so,” Sky said quickly wiping her eyes, β€œShit. I hate crying,”

β€œDon’t we all,” Jason smiled softly at her, β€œShould we get something to eat now? I need my energy to beat you at that game,”

Sky managed a smile and nodded, β€œYou’ll need more than food to kick my ass,”

β€œWe will see about that,” Jason said, winking at her.

They both walked downstairs and bumped into Blake who was coming out of Axel's office. His eye was slightly bruised and his lip was split, bleeding slightly.

β€œOh,” He said, β€œI was coming to get you,”

β€œAre you ok?” Sky said, β€œWho did that to-”

β€œAxel has called a house meeting,” He said, licking the blood away from his lip, β€œGrab something quick to eat and a drink. Alcohol is needed but hurry up. He’s in a bad mood,”

β€œDid he do that to you?” Sky asked.

β€œHuh? This?” He said pointing to his face, β€œNah. Don’t worry about who did this to me. They’ve been taken care of,”

β€œUh-huh,” Sky said, β€œThey in the basement?”

β€œWhere else?” Blake smirked, β€œI need to get Darcy. Get your asses moving before Axel breaks something else out of anger,”

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