The Gentiles

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"No one would ever love you as much as your own family.” Callie is in love with her cousin. A sinful, forbidden, all-consuming love that would only leave her wanting for more even as it destroys her. She was destined to drown, never to come up only to sink deeper into the dark and turbulent depths of danger, pleasure, and pain. The only thing to hold on to was the feeling of being held together as she falls apart the seams, belonging to someone whose only aim was to possess, worship, and bend her at will.

Erotica / Romance
Ama Reedes
4.9 16 reviews
Age Rating:

Conent Warning

A dark, taboo read that involves a forbidden romance, violence, and a love triangle.

This book contains themes and language that is not suitable for readers below 18 years old. It contains sensitive topics such as incest, cheating, grooming, manipulation, bullying, harassment, violence, murder, consensual nonconsensual sexual intercourse, dubious consent, impregnation, ddlg, and other kinks. Read at your own discretion.

The Gentiles Copyright © 2021 Ama Reedes
All Rights Reserved.

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