The Gentiles

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The small figure lying on the floor was none other than my little nymph.

Her hair was sprawled around her and when I kneeled beside her and turned her body to face me, I was horrified by the blood pouring from the wound on her head, a single short deep cut on her hairline where the red fluid flowed freely tainting her pretty light hair.

Fuck, I muttered to myself. She’s gonna need some stitches.

I took my handkerchief from my jacket pocket and pressed it on her wound. I need to hurry and get Callie to the nurse but I couldn’t resist punishing these motherfuckers.

I looked up at the dumbstruck girls standing before us and saw red.

These were the same girls who pushed themselves on me this morning. I heard a quip or two made about Callie but I ignored them.

High school was not without a little superficial drama especially coming from the female populace.

Still, I never thought how violence actually took place, too.

As gently as I could, I laid Callie’s head back down and turned to them. They were all visibly trembling. As they should.

They looked almost the same from their uniforms to their tightly pulled ponytails. Makeup heavily covered how they actually looked like and while it was pretty and really didn’t bother me, it was a good illustration showing how they hide their true colors behind their beauty.

They were all seniors, that information I knew from barely paying attention to the conversation from before. They must feel invincible with their looks and their status. To be picking on a small person like Callie was unforgivable.

No one who hurt Callie would get away with it.

Standing up, I felt the control slipping away from me and grabbed the nearest girl by her throat.

“Who did this?” I seethed.

The girls were shocked, jolting as reality hit them of what they’d done and what consequences awaited them.

I squeezed harder and harder the longer my question was left unanswered.


I never liked repeating myself but these girls were experiencing my wrath for the first time so I decided to cut them some slack even though all I wanted was to torture them worse than they’d hurt my little nymph.

“We - I - ,” stuttered one girl. Immediately, I remember her being the captain of the cheerleading team. It was hard to forget that red hair of hers. It was such a sight though not a pleasant one.

Callie groaned on the floor and my hand dropped.

I scooped her up in my arms as fast as I could while also trying to do it gently. Her bloody head rested on my chest and I felt the warm liquid soak through my black shirt.

These fuckers would pay, I vowed to her.

“You,” I drove a glare to one brunette girl. “Come with me to carry her bag to the clinic.”

I turned towards the door and managed to open it. I did not look back to see if the girl followed us or not, I knew she was. My voice held a promise that she would be wise enough to be afraid of.

There was a lanky boy holding on to his folder wiping his mouth just as he resurfaced from the drinking fountain.

“The nurse’s clinic. Where is it?” I demanded.

For a second I thought that he’d puke but then he saw the limp body of the girl I was holding and the reservation in his eyes vanished.

“Straight ahead, make a right at the first left turn.” He gestured with his thin arms to where I should go and I hurriedly went that way.

The looks we got as I strode past the corridors of busy students trying to get to their next class made the short trip seem like forever. They parted to let us through, eyes lingering for a moment before I made a swift swivel.

I kicked the swinging door to the clinic and wasted no time. “You need to call an ambulance.”

The nurse jumped from her chair, phone in her hand as she made her way towards us. I laid Callie down on the nearest bed and applied more pressure to her head.

My handkerchief was now soaked with her blood and I cursed myself for taking too much time back in the bathroom with my anger. I should have brought her here in the first place. Maybe I underestimated her wound and it was far deeper, more critical than what I had assumed.

While one of the nurses spoke on the phone, the other tried his best to clean the blood from Callie’s forehead, temple, ears and the side of her neck. I watched as he then futilely bandaged it, the gauze was soaked in less than a minute.

When he was done and started to clean up, I moved back beside Callie, running a finger back and forth on her soiled white shirt.

Despite the sight, the girl looked whimsical.

Like a fairytale creature whose blood stained clothes made her even more exquisite. It was such a wonderful contrast to her flawless skin.

A memory flooded my vision, of a bewitching dancing deity beneath the glassy surface of a lake, with hair so thick and light it glowed under the moonlight.

Her beauty was incomparable and was highlighted even more by her horrible habitat.

Her round bright eyes bore into mine, asking, begging for my help.

As much as I would like to pull her out of the depths, she was just so arresting, too stunning for me to disturb her in her natural element.

Who am I to dare ruin such an ethereal picture of a drowning goddess trapped within the dark, filthy waters?

I knew that the second I reached out and touched her, she would disappear. That was why I vowed to hold on to the image of her for as long as I could.

“Mom,” Callie murmured, head lolling to the side, eyes still shut. Her pain was evident in the deep frown between her eyebrows.

I couldn’t resist rubbing my thumb on her smooth cheek.

“You’ll be alright, nymph,” I promised in a low voice.

“Excuse me, could you tell us what happened to your girlfriend?” the female nurse asked me, a notebook and a pen on her hands.

I almost laughed at the insinuation but I didn’t bother correcting her.

I know, I’m a twisted bastard.

My eyes slid to the side, noticing the brunette girl had indeed followed us here, Callie’s backpack was still hanging on her shoulder.

“Why don’t you ask her?” I nodded towards the she-devil.

She had the nerve to look terrified. After what she’d done to my nymph.

The doors opened, making her jump, and came in the principal. I knew him from when Ane and I came here with our mom to finalize our transfer.

Behind him was Harry and two other kids I didn’t know.

“Callie.” Harry was on her side in a flash, pushing past Mister Moores and taking my place on the head of the bed.

She was like a sister to him the same way that I was like his brother. It was not unusual to see him care about her excessively like this.

The other two students went on the other side of the bed with the girl holding on to Callie’s hand while they guy rubbed her back.

I recognized the girl as the one sitting beside Callie during English class and the dude must be part of the football team if his varsity jacket was any indication.

Their faces held the same distress as Harry did when he spoke.

“What the fuck happened?”

If it wasn’t in such an inappropriate situation, I’d have patted my cousin at the back. The golden boy never cursed being the perfect guy that he was, that it was such an achievement to see him so vehemently riled up like this.

His unfocused eyes searched mine, begging for an explanation, fists clenched tightly as if trying to maintain composure. Harry never looked more upset a day in his life as he did right now.

How interesting.

“That was what we’d like to know, mister Cristo.”

Both Harry and I looked at Principal Moores but he had his eyes on my cousin. I never imagined how confusing it would be for us both being called by our surnames in this overly formal fucking private shool until this moment.

“Perhaps someone would like to share what took place,” he continued with a hard tone glancing from me to the brunette who was now squished on the corner.

The girl who came with Harry exploded.

“It’s them! They’d been harassing Callie for a year now,” she said, pointing a finger at the brunette girl. “I swear to god, you bitch - “

The varsity guy beside her grabbed her arms before she could lunge at the other girl. “Calm down, babe.”

“Calm down?! Jared, can’t you see? Their bullying has gotten out of hand. These bitches deserve to go to jail for hurting Callie.”

Now that, I completely agree with.

I looked over at Harry and watched his expression remain the same. He looked like he was in agony but pissed at the same time.

You and I both, buddy, I thought.

His eyes threw daggers at the brunette, the same way the rest of the people in the room had their probing ones on her.

She looked like a cornered animal.

“Well, miss Pierce, care to explain?”

You know you’re in huge trouble when the principal ignores a student for calling you a bitch in favor of questioning you about what you’d done.

Pierce tried to explain her side, ratting her friends out for ganging up on Callie.

Right now, I didn’t care about such useless details as the girl rambled on about their previous harassment, clearly flustered and extremely nervous in front of the principal that she disclosed more of their mean antics towards Callie than what just occurred in the girls’ restroom.

They’d each have their turn, I swear.

At the moment, what I wanted to know was who hit her head on the sink.

From the prattling girl, I got the name of who seemed to be their ringleader.

The ambulance arrived and one of the nurses and Harry went with Callie to the hospital. My body protested at being held back from going with her but I stood firm as the paramedics transferred Callie’s fragile body onto a stretcher.

Callie’s friend, Ophelia I found out her name to be, tried to come with them but Mister Moores didn’t permit her, saying only family could be allowed to accompany her in the hospital.

He glanced at me but by the indifference in my face, I figured he understood I didn’t plan on going with my cousins.

I have other plans for the day.

The brunette girl, Pierce, was taken by the principal to his office, stating that he’d also call upon her other friends. He’d give them the punishment he thinks they should have based on the law but I’d make sure to give them the one they deserved.

This would be fun.

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