The Gentiles

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I went to the nearest fire escape and brought my phone out. I dialed the only number I’d memorized, the only number I needed to imbed in my head.

“How’s my little bitch?” came Carter’s lazy drawl.

In my head, I could see him sitting on a motel couch, a cigarette hanging on his lips, polishing his favorite old gloc that was nothing more than a prop because even if he never used it, he still carried it with him religiously.

I scoffed at his greeting. “I need to intimidate some people bad enough they’d leave this town for good.”

HIs low whistle was a sound so familiar my lips slightly tugged upward. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I already miss the fucker.

“I’ll be there in two,” was his satisfying reply.

I hung up, sneaking my way through the back entrance of the building, and jogged towards my car. I didn’t need my bag, I’ve got everything I needed in my car. I’ll just send a message to Ane to pick it up where I’d left it in English class.

Looking up at the cloudless blue sky, I was reminded of the little nymph’s huge innocent orbs, hoping to see the fire in them again when she wakes up.

What a beautiful morning to skip class.

The engine blared softly with Kevin Cronin belting in the background.

Carter sent me the location of the meetup and it only took me twenty minutes to drive there. One more person was with him whom he introduced as McKey, a new runner. He’d take the fall for this revenge plot.

This is for you, darling.

Within thirty minutes, we had a solid plan that would have taken a week to execute if not for my impatient ass thirsty for blood. I’d informed them both that I want it done as soon as possible even if we have to take into consideration the schedule of the girls.

It wouldn’t be clear if their routine was just observed for a single day and chances of accuracy being high depends on how certain we are of the shit they do everyday which could change unexpectedly or not.

We decided it was better than making a mistake so we agreed to meet up again in the same bar tomorrow night for reports.

The clock on my dashboard says it was late in the morning and though school won’t end for another three hours, I didn’t intend to go back.

I googled the nearest hospital from the school and drove there but not before stopping by a Japanese restaurant.

I know hospital food must suck and Callie always seemed to like eating raw fish. I’d never tried it but whatever. I’m not about to tell her what she should and shouldn’t eat.

However, in my haste to reach the hospital before she left, I forgot to buy my own food and my stomach rumbled in protest.

As a result, I may have eaten a plate or two consisting of four pieces of rolled rice, seaweed and fish, on my way to get to her. My verdict: it didn’t taste as bad as I thought. I might have even taken a liking to it, if I do say so myself. I just hated the green paste thing. It totally ruined the taste of the food.

A faint smile stretched my face. I could now share Callie’s enthusiasm with her favorite food. I imagined her surprised and slightly cautious look as she held my gaze, and a very familiar heat swept through my body.


It wasn’t the right time for this.

I deserve an award every time I was able to control myself whenever I think about her.

All too late, I thought that maybe I should have changed my shirt first before my visit but I kinda liked how I have Callie’s blood on me.

Alright, I was ecstatic.

It felt like… she’s on my skin.

I’d never want her harmed but the feel of her blood soaking through my shirt, caking a small patch on my chest sent a thrill up my spine.

I have her body fluid on me.


Fuck, fuck, fuck fuck, fuck.


My mind needed cleaning as much as my pipes do.

The nurse on the front desk directed me to her room, they had to admit her because she hasn’t yet woken up. When I told her I was family, she informed me that the doctor said that Callie took a severe hit in the head that might lead to concussion and had to be looked after for any alarming signs after she gained consciousness to see if she was allowed to go home.

I pushed the door to her room carefully, not wanting even a single creak to sound. I slowly inched it opened, restraining myself from completely barging in and disturbing the sleeping nymph.

The scene that welcomed me had my chest clenching so hard it could burst.

It was hard to figure out where his blonde hair ends and hers started with how close his face was to hers.

The fucking bastard had his motherfucking mouth pressed on her perfect red bow lips, his arms caging her body on either side.

The tightening in my chest didn’t lessen even as he pulled back, fingers grazing her face and inhaling deeply before sitting back on a plastic folding chair propped beside her bed.

Smoke was fuming out of my nose.

Callie’s petite motionless body lied on the dead ass white hospital sheets, clueless of what just this sick fucker had done to her.

I’m no better person than him, I know, but fuck.

The two of them had always been too close to each other. I suspected Callie having a stupid innocent little crush on him but that was just it. A harmless admiration. He was after all perfect in every nauseating way possible.

Harry, though.

What I see from his eyes as he watched her I only imagine could be seen on my own when mine were on hers as well.

His touches were too intimate to be just called affectionate.

His overprotectiveness seemed borderline possessive if not disguised under the pretense of just looking out for her.

I once caught him threatening a neighboring guy of our grandparents, tall and lanky who was about our age, not to come close to Callie. It was possible he’d also done the same shit in school all this time that was why the poor girl still hadn’t lost her virginity despite being such a looker, while he changes girls like he changes Netflix movies after watching them midway due to his indecisiveness.

I’m no saint, had my fair share of girls to keep me entertained and keep the hunger at bay. But this discovery about my cousin whom I used to be as close with as my own brother had my head reeling back.

We have so much in common, more than I’d like to admit and I hated that this was how I’d realize it.

Harry and I both never committed to anything with anyone.

I let out a short, brutal laugh.

This right here was the reason.

I didn’t know whether to admire or loathe him.

I’m curious about what he’s gonna do when I evidently caught him molesting our underage cousin but I was more interested to see what he’d do if he thought he wasn’t caught.

If he thought nobody knew.

Harry, you son of a -

I reared my arm back, ready to slam the door open with my twitching palm when a faint voice caught both of our attention.

“Harry?” Callie called out in a rasp. She squinted her eyes, trying to sit up but her head fell back onto the bed. Her small groan irritated me a lot. More than the sight of the bandage wrapped around her palm sized head.

Harry catapulted to her side.

Too close. Too fucking close.

“Hey, sweetheart. Don’t get up just yet.”

He took her hand in his, and to my annoyance, I noticed her delicate fingers loosely tangled with his.

I shook my head. I needed to get out of here before I did something that I would most definitely regret. I don’t wanna stress the injured nymph out.

With a final glance at her lying form and the assurance that she was safe, I turned around as quietly as I could with no idea where to go.

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