The Gentiles

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Author’s Note

Hi! Hope you’re all safe and doing well. I’ve been a long time reader (lurker) and fan of the novels published here on Inkitt. I just love how nice and supportive the whole community is and I’m always excited to discover new, promising authors and their works.

“Night Train Muse” is one of my WIPs that’s been on hold for years (I know, unbelievable), and had been shelved for quite a while. I initially didn’t want to publish any of my works for several reasons: fear of judgment, insecurities, people who’d want to plagiarize or copy my work (not that I was claiming my novel was that good enough to be the subject of plagiarism but it goes on to say that it would still be crushing if someone steal the fruit of my blood, sweat and tears) but I figured I needed an outlet to share my thoughts and feelings and what better way to let anyone in my head than letting them read the product of my imagination?

This is book is dirty, taboo, and even might be a little cringe-y at times. But I love it with my whole heart. Please let me know what you think in the comments, if you’d like to, and I hope you enjoy :)



P.S. For the first time readers, please do not get confused about the title, “Night Train Muse” 😅 It’s the first working title of “The Gentiles” and I found an appropriate story for that title so still going to keep the copyright to that 🤞🏻

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