The Gentiles

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Of all the people who would run into us. While I was getting closer to Callie than I could have ever dreamed or imagined. Just as I was about to dive in for another taste…

My tongue was in her mouth.

I was drinking her in, chewing at her soft plump lips and swallowing her sweet moans.

God, I’m so fucking hard my cock has to be purple by now.

I need release.

I need Callie.


My eyes shot back to the girl who interrupted our making out, hurt was evident in her eyes and her fists were clasped on her sides.

No matter what she saw, it doesn’t matter. I don’t fucking care. I’m gonna have Callie in any way I could, and nothing would stand in my way.

Would Hannah be a problem? I thought she would be easy, that was why I associated myself with her. Studying her now, I’m not so sure. She very well may complicate things with Callie and me.

Speaking of the little temptress, I glanced back at her to see her adjust her glasses one more time. The corners of my lips went up at the gesture, thinking of how she looked right after I literally took her breath away: pupils dilated and oh, so fucking dark with lust, lips red and swollen and bitten, the pressure of her delicate warm hands on my shoulders, her soft body completely melted into mine, fitting every inch of me perfectly.

Tits soft as pillows pressed onto my heaving chest, the heat of her core rubbing against my hard thigh.

Her lingering taste on my tongue makes my mouth salivate.

Sweet and addictive.

I’ve tried and suppress this hunger that I have for her, kept the vile thoughts I’ve had about her since the day I woke up from a wet dream which was about her. The day I learned how to masturbate, it was her image that filled my head. As well as every single time I slept with someone.

Sick, I know, but fantasizing about her was bad enough imagining it was her I was fucking instead of some other girl seemed the lesser evil.

Hannah called me again and I gripped Callie’s wrist firmer when I felt her try and pull her hand back. No way I’m letting her go.

“What are you doing here?”

My voice was hard, never have been when I was speaking to her, but add my sexual frustration to her unwelcomed interruption and they’re annoying the crap out of me. Not to mention Callie’s stubbornness, still tugging until I became afraid that I’d hurt her, so I released her only to swiftly entwine my fingers with hers and yank her to my side.

“Don’t move or I swear, I don’t care if she’s watching, I’m gonna pin you to that wall and eat the hell out of that sweet mouth,” I whispered low on her ear. Instantly, Callie’s eyes enlarged in surprise, shocked to hear the words coming from me.

If she could read my thoughts, how dirty my fantasies of her ran.

One thing I noticed despite her being frozen in incredulity was the heat emanating from her body. This girl. She’d have me risking everything I am, everything I ever had, for her.

Hannah moved a step closer to us, zeroing in on our clasped hands, hesitating before moving back to where she was. “I was looking for you, I – I wanted to talk to you. I tried to call you but you didn’t hear me.”

“You followed me?”

If she had been, then there was no use to keep the secret now, is there?

I only ever care about what it would be like for Callie. I’ll be graduating and moving out in a few months and I hated that I have to leave her, but I have no choice.

I have to work my ass of so we could have a bright future together.

This was my plan from the beginning. I’d make something out of myself first, study to success until I get my head out of my ass and got to confessing my true feelings for her. And if by god, she’d have me, I have the future all set for her.

Right at this moment, I have nothing. I’m not like Uncle Ted and Aunt Michie who are both barristers and make huge ton of money. My girl, though she never wanted for anything, deserved everything. It takes very little to impress Callie, to make her happy. She likes simple things and though an only child, was never spoiled. Doesn’t mean I won’t.

I couldn’t afford Callie right now with my ice cream parlor server salary. Even with the extra hours I spent coaching preschoolers and elementary students in summer camp were only ever barely enough for the surprise sending away day out I planned for Callie and me.

I had it all set up and I could only hope that everything goes well on our last day together, because I’ll damn make it memorable.

Just four years, right?

I’d waited thirteen long years for her, what’s a few more when it’s for our future?

The only difference then when I was blindly groping around, unsure if by some miracle, I’d have her, now I’m more than hopeful because I know she’d be waiting for me.

There will be regular visits, of course, I don’t think I’d ever last very long without seeing her, and there’s still the chance that she’ll go to the same college as me, but that possibility is close to zero.

Aunt Michie had always wanted what’s best for her daughter and though Uncle Ted was more open to the idea of allowing Callie to choose her preferred school, even he had nothing to say when his wife had done and ready applied Callie to the best universities in the country. Which meant far away from home and even farther away from me but that’s alright.

We’ll survive, I’ll make sure of that. I’ll handle it.

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