The Gentiles

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Though Uncle Ted offered to pay for college, I have my scholarship with me and with mom’s support, I know I’ll be able to get by. I will also apply for a part time job to help with the living expenses, and it wouldn’t hurt to always have extra cash.

Until the time I got my degree in business, no matter how I don’t care what people might think about me for all the romantic feelings I have for my own cousin, I worry about how Callie would be perceived. She’s still young and she’d always been sensitive.

She might have a reserved face, but I know her more than anyone does. Callie tends to overthink, she’s a people pleaser who doesn’t want to offend anyone ever. But she has claws. She fights back when needed, the fragile little thing that she is.

I constantly worry about her and I’ll forever be mad at myself for not protecting her better, treating her the way she deserves to be treated. All because I was afraid of her rejection and of what I feel about her.

There’s nothing wrong about the way I love her.

I stayed away because I was a coward who didn’t know any better, a stupid fucker who got scared shitless when I heard she had an accident.

If I didn’t think I’d almost lose her, would I even take the risk of showing her my true colors?

If I hadn’t seen the pain in her eyes when she’d seen me in bed with someone else, would I have been too blind to see that she actually feels the same way for me as I do?

I took Callie with me as I walk towards Hannah.

“I’ll talk to you later, okay?” I schooled my face into that of my usual cocky look and even allowed a smirk. “Callie’s not feeling well and needs to be taken home.”

When Callie was about to bolt out of there, I released her hand and wrapped my arm around her shoulders, crushing her to me, leaving no room for escape.

Not a chance, sweetheart.

I waited until Hannah snapped out of her daze, nodded at us, and walked off to her class. I made sure she was inside then I grabbed Callie’s bag off her shoulders and went to pick her jacket up fast, so she’d have no time to run away from me.

Huh, I frowned.

This one’s huge.

Too huge for her in fact.

I eyed it for a moment, slowing my pace as I stood before her. “Whose jacket is this?”

I twirl it around, trying to see if the name was embroidered at the inside where it was supposed to be, but the small rectangular patch allowed for the identification was blank.

“It was Abe’s,” came her soft voice. I could tell she was bothered.

“He lent it to me,” Callie supplied, trying to explain but I don’t need it.

What I need right now is her, the feel of her body, preferably under my own.

For now, I let it go. I’ll deal with Abe later.

My fingers curled around hers once more, and I’m glad that this time, she didn’t try to fight it and allowed me to lead her to the parking lot and into my car.

We got home and I immediately sent an e-mail to the school stating that Callie was not feeling well with a bout of dizziness and nausea.

Not that it wasn’t true, I did take her breath away with that kiss.


She didn’t question me when I dragged her off the school to cut classes and I could only bet my button fucking dollar that it was because something was brewing inside that pretty little head of hers.

Was she second guessing?

I need to show her how desperate I am for her without scaring her altogether.

How the fuck am I supposed to do that with an erect cock standing full attention, so hard it could cut glass?

Shit, that sounded painful. Yet it didn’t lessen the blood coursing heatedly down my length.

Callie hurried upstairs, most probably to her bedroom, the second she saw me became busy with my phone.

Lucky her, I love a good chase.

I hit the send button on my phone and stretched my arms up towards the ceiling, feeling relieved from the cracks of loosened muscles as they flex on my back. I took my jacket off and hung it on the coat rack, my necktie coming loose next.

Sweetheart, ready or not, here I come.

My cock twitched at the sound of the shower turned on against Callie’s bedroom door. She never locks it except for the times that she masturbates.

Oh, yeah, I’ve already found out about her little secret, naughty girl that she is.

It was what brought me over to the edge as I tried to find comfort in another girl’s arms to forget about the image of her hot and heavy with her hands on herself where I wanted to touch her. I couldn’t stay in the same room as her when I’m on the edge which was always since she has a way of turning me on like no other.

I turned the knob into the sight of her wrapped deliciously in a short towel, wringing her wet blonde hair with slender fingers. She jumped when she saw my reflection in her floor-length mirror.

“Jesus,” she muttered. A chuckle came out of my throat. “Don’t creep up on me like that, Harry.”

I closed the door behind me, locking it with a quick flick of my fingers. This didn’t go unnoticed. Callie’s eyes moved from mine to the lock, her lithe legs taking a step backwards.

I don’t want her terrified of me. I want her needy, clingy.

I want her to accept me.

Walking towards her bed and casually plopping down on it, I tried to calm my growing desire and act natural as if it was just another day of skipping class with my favorite cousin whom I also fell in love with.

Naked beneath that fluffy light purple towel she had her hands clutched on.

“Go get dressed and lie down with me,” I ordered softly.

I just want to hold her, make her feel comfortable with my presence once more, no matter how I feel like I might burn at just the slightest touch of her skin against mine.

I needed to check her bandage anyway. I didn’t replace it yesterday – her doctor told us it would do to dress it every other day – so today, I would have to.

Callie walked over her wardrobe and took out a pair of sweatpants and an old shirt, then she pulled on the dresser beside it to grab, god give me the power of resistance, a pair of underwear. She did it as swiftly as she could, aware of me watching her every move, but I still got a glimpse of the white frilly piece of cloth lucky enough to press against her sweet private part.

Shit. How am I supposed to get through like this? It was only morning and I have the rest of the day to spend with her.

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