The Gentiles

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“Mom’s gonna kill me. It’s my first time to skip school.”

Her sweet voice brought me back down to earth as I float helplessly within my own world of her crawling over me on the bed with those damn panties on her teeth.

I gotta stop watching porn.

I removed my shoes and took my belt off to try and ease the pain of my bulging erection against the fine threaded trousers of my uniform, folding my arms under my head in an attempt to fake being calm.

“Relax, Cal. I sent a message to the school. We’re excused. Besides, you’re with me. It’ll be fine even if she finds out.”

She only shrugged at me, and I was once again mesmerized by her as a single drop of water rolled from her shoulder to the deep curve of her collarbone. I bit my lip so hard I could have torn into it.

Seconds passed of Callie just standing there awkwardly and I would have thought that she was putting on a show for me but I’m not that lucky at all. With my bottom lip between my teeth to prevent myself from jumping her and biting the tender flesh of her bicep, I realize she was waiting for me to turn around so she could dress, shifting from one foot to the other, clasping at her clothes with either hands.

Now Callie taking her clothes off sounded more appealing than putting them on, but I wouldn’t pass the opportunity of her getting naked either way.

With a deep sigh, I turned to my side, away from her, and listened to the shuffling sounds of her sliding her clothes on her smooth body. Again, being the horny teenager that I am, I couldn’t help but be aroused with every single thing she does. It’s a miracle I was able to avoid an erection whenever I touched her. It was probably because I always clean the pipes first.

I felt the bed dip and turned to my side to see Callie slide under the covers, pulling them up to her neck.

How cute.

“Now what?”

Every emotion swelled up within me and I wanted to answer that innocent question wholeheartedly and with all honesty, pouring all my feelings and frustrations out in one great meltdown of a confession.

All this time, she could have been mine.

What would have ever happened if I had decided earlier on to be honest with myself? Where could our relationship have gotten?

Callie is older now. I know despite being innocent, she’s not ignorant. She touches herself for fuck’s sake. I don’t know what else kind of dirty thoughts had touched her mind and I’m determined to be the only one to find out.

Her huge eyes darted to me before quickly averting her gaze, the red of her cheeks from the heat of the shower deepening even more, and I couldn’t contain my laughter. I grabbed her, wrapping my arms around her small frame until my hands wrapped around either side of her ribs, and pulled her to me, so we were face to face.

She tried to resist, moving her head from side to side, and my chest constricted at the prospect of her regretting the kiss and quite possibly being disgusted by me. My worries were only amplified be the sound of her sobbing and I momentarily loosened my hold on her until I noticed her huge smile.

“Let go, Harry!” Callie squealed, and I realized my fingers were digging rather hardly to her sides while I hold on, anticipating her escape.

One side of my mouth quirked up, seeing the genuine joy on her face. All my life, I’ve had this inexplicable need to protect her, keep her safe and all to myself.

I hated it when she made friends that was why I conspired against Abe when we were little to make fun of her. Of course, she’d come running back to me and being the good cop that I painted myself to be, I was the one who wiped her tears and comforted her as she ranted about how Abe was such a meanie and a troll.

When my mother told me that I was to live with them, I almost felt like I was floating up towards the sky. No matter how close I’d always been with her, I still need to get even closer.

I’d be happy to crawl under her skin and stay there until my dying breath.

Rolling in the sheets, Callie found an inning, fingers adorably curled, launching an attack on me herself. She aimed for my sides though she knew how they’ve become hard over the short time I’ve been working out and tickling me there might not work. Still, she didn’t easily give up.

Though luck, though, because I encircled her wrists with my hands even before they landed on my laterals and pinned them above her head as I straddle her tiny waist, careful not to give the entirety of my weight on her.

“You will be punished, little girl,” I husked in a booming voice, the one I used whenever we play like this when we were children. We still sometimes did even as we grew up, but it had ceased after I hurt her feelings like hell.

I swear for being a straight A’s student, I’m one of the stupidest idiots in love ever to grace the planet. And the love of my life suffered because of it.

She thrashed under me, trying and failing to throw me off. I held both of her hands with one of mine as I teased her with the other, running it down her sides as she shuddered.

Her breathing became quicker, and my desire lit up like fireworks on the fourth of July. Bright and blinding, unstoppable and demanding attention.

My fingers reached her waist and I had to bite back a groan. This girl would be the death of me. “Not so brave now, are we?”

I reeled her in, captured her, made sure she was in deep with no way out, before I let her go. That’s how she’ll keep coming back for more.

Our noses touched as I brought my face close to hers and her expectant eyes told me everything I needed to know.

She wanted this.

Wanted me.

Fuck me for being one lucky bastard.

Instead of giving her what she was pleading for through the heat of her gaze, I surprised her by actually tickling the shit out of her until she teared up, the chime of her voice the music I have been robbed off for what seemed like an eternity.

“Please,” she gasped in between laughter but I didn’t relent. Not when I was getting my fill of the exuberant expression lighting her face. I could watch her like this and not need any food, water, or air. She’d be enough.

She’s my supplement.

When her face turned alarmingly red, I halted, drinking in her flushed appearance, her skin glowing. She just looks fucking amazing. I’ve never seen anyone more beautiful.

Glad I had the hindsight to swiftly take her glasses off before it accidentally breaks. Not only it was dangerous but her mom’s gonna kill us for destroying such an expensive pair. Yeah, we’re more afraid of her than scared for our lives.

Well, not entirely true. I’m honestly more afraid of what might happen to this girl right here in my arms more than anything else.

I propped both of my arms beside her head so I could hover above her and just admire her entirety. When she relaxed some, she blinked a couple of times, squinting up at me and tilting her head so adorably I wanted to squish her face between my hands and eat her.

Well, literally. At least that’s the first thing that popped up of my fucked up mind. Now, I have this mouth-watering image of her, and I’ll be damned but I’m getting aroused yet again.

I quickly removed myself from her, taking deep calming breaths to reduce the tension.

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