The Gentiles

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My heart is beating a million miles per minute and I’m pretty sure that my face is as red as a beet, too. The lightheadedness might be due to my head injury but this boy lying with me shares most of the blame.

At least he put some space between us. I feel like I would suffocate breathing the same air as he does. I’m still trying to catch my breath from that… kiss from before. Oh, my goodness. Just thinking about it makes me blush again.

Harry chuckles beside me. I squinted at him, one hand reaching out for my glasses, which he caught with his.

He pulled my hand to his lips and kisses the back of it.

While his innocent little pecks would already cause my stomach to do somersaults before, now that he had kissed me, on the mouth to say the least, I get this whole new sensation out of it.

His mouth hovers over my skin and I feel him inhale deeply, before planting another kiss but this time, on the inside of my wrist.

“You have such soft skin, Callie,” he murmurs. “Smells amazing, too.”

Of course, I tried to pull my hand away from him out of embarrassment.

Of course, he didn’t let up and once again, caged me in his arms.

“It’s that body cream you gave me last Christmas,” I explained to him, looking to the side to avoid his amused stare. “Remember? The white musk one. I bought a perfume with the same scent.”

Harry hums in confirmation, then he buried his head on the crook of my neck.

I squirmed and wriggle under him. Torn between giggles and huffs.

“Harry, get off of me.” I tried to sound annoyed but I’m too ticklish for the attempt to be serious.

“Can’t help it.” His voice is muffled and for some reason, that sounds so funny to me. “Need to breathe you in.”

“Well, if you love it so much then why don’t you just buy one for yourself? Lord knows you need it,” I said, half teasing, half telling the truth.

I do love his smell, but his cologne is too strong for my taste especially right after practice when it mingles with his sweat. I only tolerate hugging him right after because, aside from the fact that I love being wrapped in his arms, there is still the faint smell of his aftershave and his natural scent that I can still distinguish from his cologne.

Raising his head up, he was close enough for me to see one eyebrow lifted high and a scowl beginning to form on his face.

“So, what you’re saying is,” he took a sniff of one underarm after the other, “I smell?”

I caught my bottom lip with my teeth to prevent myself from laughing.

When he caught my reaction, his frown slowly disappeared replaced by disbelief. “You, who can’t get enough of my hugs and loves to sniff at my dirty clothes before you throw them in the washing machine – “

“I do not!”

“– have the audacity to tell me I need to go buy myself a new perfume because I, apparently, smell?”

I’m not aware he knows about me creepily smelling his laundry. I don’t have time to think about that, though, because Harry got in close enough in my face so that his lips barely touch mine.

All the air from my lungs got sucked out.

His voice deepened, lowered, breath hotter. “Anyway, I didn’t hear any complains when I had my tongue down your throat.”

The words took me by surprise, and not just because they were vulgar and it’s the first time that they have been spoken to me, but even more so because it was Harry who said them.

Was it really Harry? Is it really him pressing down on my body right now, the one who kissed me so passionately in the school hallway? Is this Harry the same Harry who is my cousin, the one I have been crushing on so hard ever since I was a little girl, whom I have come to realize I was in love with the moment he broke my heart when he first went out on a date with another girl?

This could all be a dream right now and I’m still in the hospital, probably in a coma and having my greatest fantasy playing out in my head. A cruel interpretation of what I dreamed about.

Staring back at him, it doesn’t even look like he was surprised by what he said. He also didn’t look like he was kidding. If anything, his face holds a sincere expression in it that I am having a hard time figuring out what with all the rollercoaster of emotions he’s making me feel in such a short span of time.

I’d very much like to ask him what he thinks he’s doing because he’d never acted this way before. Not that I hate it, but I’m not entirely sold on it, either.

He must forgive me for my doubts, but I have already been hurt numerous times and I still continued to pine for him. But now that I have decided to let go and accept the truth that we’re never going to be together in this life, he comes on to me, kissing me like a lover would, and it confuses the hell out of me.

He brushes the tip of his nose to mine, a small smile playing across his lips. “Speechless now, aren’t we?”

I snort and avoid his gaze. “You caught me off guard, that’s all.”

Even I can smell the lie beneath my words.

It’s getting quite hot in here again. I can feel the heat rising up my neck.

“Callie,” he breathed heavily on my face. “What am I gonna do to you?”

Kiss me, I almost said, but I guess it does not matter whether I did or not because somehow, the words must have shown on my face. Or maybe he saw it in my eyes, knowing me the way he does.

Because Harry closed in the hairsbreadth distance between us and sealed his lips on mine.

If anyone ever told me I’d have my first kiss at sixteen, I would have laughed my face off. Before I turned fourteen, I thought I’d be kissed by then.

Heck, I even thought I’d have lost my virginity not short after I turn that age. But after I turned fourteen, I realize what a nightmare it was to be the only girl who still hasn’t gotten her first kiss yet.

Last year, on my birthday, I swore I’d do anything to get kissed. That at least I could do if I can’t give my virginity up, right? Well, it was much easier said than done.

The reason being my overprotective cousin was almost always by my side and between the time I spend with studying and glee club, I’m basically swamped. Not to mention reading sprint weekends with Fely and Jared.

Yes, that Jared.

He enjoys romance novels as much as the girl next door and that is the reason that he was the only guy friend that I have. That and because he’s dating my best friend, but we do get along pretty well, if anyone would ask me.

The few times he’d tried to set me up with his friends, nothing worked out, and I have to beg him to let me off the hook because it was totally embarrassing because it was like I was going through the whole roster of his team.

Not that I have any complaints about them, the ones I went out with were actually good guys. I guess all the hurtful name callings I received previously did a number on my self-confidence worse than I could have anticipated.

It was cool, though. I accepted my fate of having to wait until I’m thirty to have my first kiss, then to lose my virginity at forty.

Sounds like a plan.

Until this morning happened which led me to this moment right now when, after a few seconds of doubt then a few seconds more of enjoyment, I am suddenly plagued with worry that I might be doing this wrong.

“What’s the matter?” Harry exhaled roughly. His body is flushed against mine, the lower half gently rocking back and forth.

My legs were wrapped in his, ankles locked around his thighs.

When did that happen?

“Are you scared?”

The crease on his forehead shows his distress.

“What? No!” I shook my head. “Why…” I paused, eyeing him. “Should I be?”

***Author's Note***

Just want to say thank you to Dev (@devedmoni) for reviewing this story 🥰
Also, I have uploaded, "Spring Quartz", one of my other WIPs, here on Inkitt ☺️ There are two more stories on the way, they're ready to go, it's just that I'm waiting for myself to be ready to upload them 😂
Thank you to the readers of this story ☺️ I hope you enjoy this update 🥰

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