The Gentiles

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That day was the first time I saw Harry differently. It was when I realized how deep I had fallen, how wrong it is, even. I was so ashamed he had to see all that and he had to be disgusted. It was awkward for a while after that but Harry being his own self, was quick to make the situation comfortable and he made no big deal in me having to experience menstruation. It was normal, he’d told me, and it made me feel a hundred times better.

But that was him coming to the aid of his pre-adolescent cousin who just have to menstruate on top of getting braces and prescription glasses.

His wallflower cousin who has been tagging along his side for as long as he can remember, always needing his shield, protection, pity.


My eyes squinted at him.

“How was it different from me doing the same to you now, Callie?”

When I couldn’t answer, Harry’s cocky smirk grew.

His gaze lowered. He jutted his head at me. “Take your bottoms off. Now.”

I crossed my arms indignantly. “No.”

“Take them off or I’ll do it for you. I swear.”

“Are you insane? I’m not gonna get half naked in front of you,” I hissed, tightening my arms across my chest.

A strange expression crossed Harry’s eyes followed by his body stiffening. It was gone in a second as he visibly forced his muscles to loosen. He huffed at me. I thought there was a hint of nervousness in it.

“Right. Because I haven’t seen you naked before.” He rolled his eyes which made me pissed. Then he looked straight at me. “It’s not like we haven’t taken baths together before.”

“That was when we were kids,” I reasoned out. “We’ve grown up.”

His bottom lip was caught between his teeth again. “Well, I might have just turned eighteen, basically an adult, but you aren’t…”

Uh oh. I can sense the gears working in his head and I’m not liking what they’re about to conclude.

I have one year, and a month left until I turn of legal age, but what does it matter? I’m still a teenager and not a child anymore. It’s beyond embarrassing knowing Harry will see me down there while I was… bleeding.

The thought nauseates me so much I might as well fainted right here, right now.

“And there’s nothing wrong with me taking care of my cousin, is there?”

Harry sensed that I was still not convinced. That I was this close to agreeing, only that I was too stubborn to.

“It’ll just be like that time when we were seven and six and I hosed you down after you lost tug-of-war with Abe and fell on the mud. I even went with you to the laundry room where you took your bikini off and changed in front of me.”

Well, when he put it that way…

That was true. I did, however, made him look away.

With an exasperated sigh to the ceiling, I tell him, “Fine! But you have to turn around.”

A triumphant smile spread across Harry’s face. “Start stripping.”

Jesus. He just had to be so commanding.

He handed me my padded panties and turned ever so slowly around with his arms crossed. I didn’t understand why he’d want to be in here when he could just wait for me outside and save himself from all the nastiness. The smell alone is repugnant.

I pulled both my shorts and underwear down in one swift movement, then laid them on the counter before sitting on the toilet. I just took a hold of the bidet and had spread my legs apart when Harry turned to me.

His eyes landed straight to the spot between my thighs, one hand suspended in the air as he made a grab for my soiled clothes. His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as we both froze.

Freaked out, I was the first one to react.

“Don’t look!” I screamed, closing my thighs together and covering my mound with both hands. “Turn away! Turn away now!”

Harry’s shaking fingers clasped my discarded clothes. He gave me his back as he faced the sink and turn the tap on.

“Oh, my god,” I whimpered.

“Sorry,” he muttered.

Even from where I was, I could see the redness creeping up his face. On very rare occasions when he blushes, his whole chest and neck does before his whole face turns burning red.

Usually, it was him who makes me blush. Come to think of it, I think this is the first time that I’ve embarrassed him.

Me embarrassing him.


When it was always the other way around.

The audacity of him being the one horrified when I was the one whose private parts were exposed.

I was still a stone while Harry had managed to recover quickly. He started to scrub my underwear, a gesture which made me feel more humiliated. He’s washing the blood off of my panties. I try not to let that sink in as I also began to move and wash myself, certain he wouldn’t be glancing my way any time soon after what happened.

I washed thoroughly and as fast as I could before patting myself. Then I carefully eased the new pair of underwear up my shaking legs.

“So,” Harry began awkwardly. He turned his head slightly sideways, so I could hear him over the running water. “You’re bare.”

My lips pursed in confusion and after a moment of silence, Harry swiveled his upper body to look at me. His eyes fell on my crotch and I soon understood what he meant.

I automatically pressed my thighs together and covered myself. “Of course, I am. What do you think Fely and I do during our girl’s day out?”

He sucked in a breath through his teeth before going back to his task. “I don’t know, baby. Anything like shopping for clothes and talking about boys, not waxing yourself raw I could see your plump pink pussy lips without any hindrance.”

My breath hitched at his words. There are just a lot of things about Harry that I am getting surprised with today. I wonder what brought the change. He talks dirty, he’s a guy, after all. Just never this crass and never about me. I can’t decide whether I like it or not.

“We did all of those things. But we also take care of our bodies, you know.” I tried to make my tone light, hoping that if I included Fely in the conversation, he’d be shy about making those comments again. I deliberately ignored the vulgar talk even applauded myself for my even voice.

I wouldn’t have been into grooming if it wasn’t for Fely. She has an older sister who taught her about stuff like waxing and threading and since she has been in a relationship since we were thirteen, she learned earlier on how to keep up with the maintenance. Fely likes looking clean for the guys she dates. It’s easier for both parties, she explained, and I couldn’t actually disagree.

Not that I needed to do it because I was doing it for a guy. My body hair is very thin and light to begin with, so it’s not as pronounced that I need to be worried that much. I just like the convenience of being hairless especially when I’m wearing bikini. It helps with my self-confidence and I have to say, I feel fresher and more comfortable.

Harry turned the tap off. He wrung the last bit of water tightly from the cursed underwear before unfolding them for an inspection.

“I knew you wax your armpits,” he says, nodding at the item on his hands, satisfied with his work. He walked over to me. “Just didn’t expect you to be hairless down there, too.”

My palm pushed his chest slightly. “Alright. Enough talking about my pubic area.”

He was snickering, the jerk that he is, as he followed me with my head bent down and my cheeks red as if I’d just eaten a basket of jalapeños, out of the bathroom.

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