The Gentiles

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I watched until the sun sets in the horizon.

Until the lights inside the house are turned on one by one, room per room, minute per minute. Soft glow like that of the fireflies in the forest.

I watched until two silhouettes appear behind the thin curtains of the kitchen window, bustling around preparing what could only be dinner, stopping here and there for a quick sway to the music playing that can faintly be heard from across the front yard.

She was leaning on a counter when he slid behind her and turned her to face him. He bent down and his face came close to hers.

My fingers clenched the steering wheel so tightly that my knuckles turned white.

With one hand holding hers stretched above their heads, he was spinning her around and around now like they were a part of a fucking cotillion, catching her dizzy form in his arms just in time before she falls down.

There is that constriction in my chest again, paired with the rumbling in my stomach that have been there since this morning.

The day bled so swiftly into night I didn’t have time to think about what that meant.

All I know is that I couldn’t take it.

The shit fucking hurt.

More than I care to admit.

“What the fuck,” Carter muttered lowly. He was sitting beside me and we’ve been parked here all day after I picked his snooping ass from just outside the school premises. If I hadn’t been the one who caught him trying to sneak past the electrified fence at the back of the building, he’d already be taken into custody.

All because he was getting worked up by my fucking teacher.

I guess she looked attractive, just not to me. I didn’t suspect her getting Carter’s attention.

Aside from her age, she doesn’t seem to be his particular type of woman. He’s into strong personalities and upfront attitude, not timid, shy and sweet. Carter likes the challenge, loves the hate sex, and worships a woman who would fight him as much as she fucks him.

That teacher was none of that, so I didn’t really see the point of our lucky asses almost getting into trouble just for that one piece of pushover ass.

These snotty rich people don’t fuck around, that’s what we learned when we were tailing those stuck-up bitches who hurt my little nymph.

I had other plans other than scaring them off, but this new discovery didn’t allow for that.

Carter and I almost got caught when we were suspected of following this one girl.

Not that it’s not true.

We just didn’t expect the girl to have her own security detail.

We got lucky with the others who each only has one to two bodyguards who served more like arm candies than actual protectors.

Didn’t take even full five minutes for us to disarm them and do what we came to do. Well, Carter did the most doing since I couldn’t risk them knowing it was me behind it all. The attack is easier to trace back to Callie if they found out it was me.

As for the only one left of the bunch, I already asked for backup.

The boss gave me his permission but only after I finished tonight’s job. And he’ll even give me more than what I asked for.

I am actually going to be given my own men.

Not just borrowed expendable screw ups newly recruited from the slums and the streets, like what I’d started out to be, but trained men who would follow me to the death.

The group would be a mixture of criminals and killers who could also be both younger and older than me but that’s not what intimidates me.

Fuck, no. Their age doesn’t matter just like mine doesn’t.

In our world, only power, strength and influence make the world go round.

Everything else revolve around those, branching out into other shit like discipline and ruthlessness. For me it’s always been hard cold instincts and loyalty. I’ve never relied more on anything else than those.

Well, and this fucker Carter.

Who I was watching a play by play of my cousins groping each other with.

He shook his head. “I know your family’s fucked up but, man. I didn’t know how much.”

“You have no idea,” I mumbled, eyes still stuck to those shadows, their every move being burned at the back of my mind like a scar.

He released a harsh scoff. “You have to do something. This is illegal. They’re blood related.”

I had to hide my grimace. At least he didn’t include me.

Carter turned to me. “She’s what, fifteen?”

“Seventeen… next month.”


Surprisingly, he doesn’t look disgusted. Just uncomfortable. I’d be, too, if I wasn’t motherfucking feeling the same way as that shit of a cousin of mine.

I was pissed and it has nothing to do with how inappropriately those two were touching each other.

I knew I wasn’t the only one who’d noticed.

Carter aside, there’s another person who was all too observant for her own good to see through the somewhat innocent relationship of those two.

Confronted me about it.

I have yet to decide what to do with her. Her knowing the truth might make her more liability than not. Nonetheless, I couldn’t just dispose of anyone who might pose a threat towards Callie.

The whole fucking school would be guilty.

From being indifferent and choosing to stand in the sidelines instead of offering help, to joining in no matter how small their participation was.

And I couldn’t just murder my cousin.

As jealous and annoyed as I was with the guy, Harry is still like a brother to me.

No matter how stupid he’d been for neglecting what was going on with Callie and failing to protect her, I still care for the asshole even just a tiny fucking bit.

For now.

He’s making it difficult every moment that he lay his hands on her.

“Well, at least she’s not his sister.”

I shot him a glare.

Carter winced at his own words. “That came out wrong.”

“Then pray tell me, you asshat, what is it that you mean, then?” I challenged.

Carter shrugged at me.

“It’ll be worse. If she was his sister. I’m not validating their…” he paused thinking of an appropriate word.

I swear I was about to punch him in the mouth. I’m ready to smack the shit out of him to release this tension if only I don’t need to be in my top shape for what we’re about to do tonight.

That’s where I should be letting out all my frustrations.

“Relationship,” he settled. “I’m just sayin’, it could have been worse.”

It already is.

Because there only isn’t one cousin interested with that forbidden nymph but two.

***Author's Note***

Hello everyone! Abe is back! I miss him so much. I know you do, too 😉 Sorry for this late author's note update. In my excitement, I forgot to type it in the first time I submitted the chapter 😅

Anyway, I would like to say thank you to all of you readers for being patiently waiting for the chapters to come out 🥰 Also, thank you for the readers who continue engaging in the comments 💐 I love hearing your thoughts and enthusiasm and I'll reply to each and every one of you, that's a promise

Thank you to @elaheas for reviewing this story ❤️ You don't know hw your feedback fuels my writing more, so thank you 🥰

Hope you enjoy the comeback of our favorite brooding boy, Abe ☺️ A little bit of spoiler but we'll be seeing a lot more of him, that's for certain 🥴

Keep safe, everyone.



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