The Gentiles

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It took my whole fucking strength to start the engine and pull away from the house.

What a shitty way to pass time, I know, but fuck it. I had to. Like I did every single night. Can’t keep myself away from the bright lantern that’s the only light I see in the blinding darkness.

I wish I hadn’t had that deluded hallucination I had of hers before.

Soon, I need to let this out of my system.

Fucking other girls won’t do it for me anymore. I need the real thing. The best thing who I knew I was too much of a bastard to deserve having.

Once I’ve had her, I might get over this fucked up fascination, this uncontrollable pull which I know will send me to an early death.

I’ll give myself one time.

Just one taste.

One touch.

Then I know I’ll be able to rid myself of this obsession.

That’s what I tell myself.

I am being drawn by the vision of her, drunk by a distant memory that could not have been real. Maybe it was from a past life. That beauty belonged to me then, wrapped around my fingers. So fucking whimsical it hurt. It should be a crime to look like that. I don’t know whether I liked to crush the life out of her and take it for myself, or offer myself like a sacrificial lamb, ready to worship her at her feet.

This is dangerous. The more I let myself get closer to her, the more the fascination grows and I’m fucking afraid I’d be in too deep.

Can’t let anyone hurt the shit out of me again.

Can’t help but be drawn to her light either.


Carter nudged my side with his elbow rather harshly.

He ignored my burning glare, raising a hand towards the warehouse at the edge of the dock, as I rounded a few yards away from the meeting place, concealed in the shadows of the overgrown shrubs and trees surrounding the lake.

Must have been a fantastic area before, being an old textile company. Only degraded as the years went by and caretaking was pushed to the side as bankruptcy grounded it to ashes. On its side was a pickup truck parked silently. I bet it’s not empty.

I let my eyes follow the line where Carter pointed with his ring-adorned finger and I almost shat my pants.

“Couldn’t be…” Cater murmured lowly. “Could it?”

His head turned to me and from my periphery, I noticed his eyes have gone slightly huge.

I barely nodded at him, couldn’t move a single muscle.

There standing in the dark with the shady lamppost illuminating her face, was the English teacher Holly.

“Fuck me.” Carter’s voice lowered and I didn’t have to glance at him to know what he must be thinking.

Lucky son of a bitch.

It still all depends on what her purpose was here.

From the looks of it though, it’s more likely that Carter would get his wish. Make his fantasy come to life. Because, standing there with her hair wild and down and wearing a tight fitted dress too short it comes up to her ass, it would seem that miss Holly is the person we came for.

“I’ll go in.”

There was no room for negotiation and although he really is the one who does the first contact, Carter’s need to remind me spoke of his intention.

She has become his job. Nobody interferes.

Or they’ll end up dead.

Like two oof her buddies would if we stick to the plan and do what we came here to do. They just came out of the truck where they must be sitting, waiting. I was right.

Carter stretched out his arms and cracked his fingers soon followed by his neck.

I should be the one calling the shots, but I trust Carter enough not to fuck this shit up for wither of us. He already made it very clear that he’d side with me no matter what, proved it so many times, and I wasn’t about to doubt his capabilities nor question his loyalty.

Never did Carter initiated taking the lead even though he makes the plans with me, I always get the last say.

Somehow, I got the feeling that this had turned into something even more serious than a simple infatuation. The determined look in Carter’s eyes and the excitement behind them are proof enough.

I have one question in my mind, though. Why would miss Holly ever be involved in the cartel? It’s not like she needed the money. Teachers don’t get paid very handsomely, yeah, but they earn a decent amount to not resort to a shady business like this one.

Moreover, I didn’t peg her to be one to be involved in a job involving sex.

Not that any of that matters, though.

We only need to take out the two devils, that is if there are only the two of them and there aren’t anyone else waiting on standby, then we’re free to do what we want with the mark.

That meant her.

The boss never wanted to bring the mark back with us, he’s got enough girls to worry about and there’s the risk that the mark might be working for the target. At first, we were instructed to dispose of her, too, but Carter’s imaginative mind suggested a compromise that the boss somehow agreed to. I guess he thought that if anything went haywire, he expected us to deal with it or he just didn’t care enough for us to actually mind.

I believe more in the former since he trusted me with the job even though there are other men much more capable than my ass.

What I lack in time and experience, I make up for enthusiasm.

And hatred.

It’s time to prove myself yet again and earn what I had bargained for with my life.

The deal I had made with the devil.

Carter and I opened the doors of my car simultaneously, dirtying the soles of our heavy boots with the dirt of the soil.

I kept the doors unlocked but the keys I’ll bring with me in my pockets. Makes escape easier. We also rounded the shadows until we reached about a few meters away from where we parked. To confuse others which way we really came from and where we’re going to head after.

Then we emerged from the shadows, Glock and Browning safely tucked our pants.

“Asimov, they’re here.”

***Author's Note***

This is a special thanks to @emmalovestoread for reviewing "The Gentiles" 🥰

Hope you guys enjoy this chapter. Thirsty for more Abe? 🥴 You know, even I can't stay away once he appears 😆 So, you guys are in for a treat 🥰



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