The Gentiles

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Asimov pulled at the ends of the check twice, then slid it inside his jacket. My assumption was right. He’s the one in charge between the two of them and he doesn’t trust Baldy enough to hand it over to him.

He then put both his hands on his back and all the muscles in my body tighten. My hand is poised to snatch my Glock faster than a bullet. Even Holly stiffened. It was more evident than the practiced impassive response of both Carter and I. He shifted his weight on both feet, steadying himself and expecting an attack from all directions as I do, even as our eyes remain on the small group of people around us.

Preys become defensive when they sense danger while predators poise for a counterattack at the eye of any threat.

From my periphery, I saw Baldy slowly raising his arm to his side, reaching for something.

These amateur fuckers.

The smug smirk on Asimov’s deceitful face raised the hair on the back of my neck and the instinct I was born with that I helmed under the tutelage of the deadliest and most dangerous people in the city told me how to act. In one swift move, I sidestepped towards Carter who is already wrapping his arm around Holly’s neck and forcing her down to the ground, and aimed for Asimov, my elbow connecting with his chin in an unexpected undercut. My other arm was raised as if about to give a hit on his temple, but that was a fake out, which is why he stumbled backwards and falls on his back with a hard thud.

There was a loud shot as Carter fired at Baldy. I didn’t have to look to see where the bullet had hit him. We were always told to shoot at the head. His dead body crashed with Asimov’s and just as he was gaining consciousness, I took my Gloc and pointed at his face.

His bloody teeth flashed at me. “Stupid Americans,” he seethed. I’ve hit him harder than I thought. He took another breath to say something else but I didn’t give him the chance to.

Carter is already dragging Holly. They were crouched low, as they reached the wall. I made haste to grab the check from the fucker’s jacket and joined them. Our backs are flattened against the side of the warehouse.

“Anyone else besides three o’clock?” I asked Carter who was already dialing a number on his phone. His other hand is holding Holly’s wrist in a death grip. I couldn’t be bothered with knowing what she must have looked like after witnessing what we just did. All I care about now is getting us out of here.

There was a faint ringing that I could only here because of how close we were and the fact that the night had suddenly gone quiet.

“Fuck,” he grumbled when the call disconnected. “Twelve o’clock,” he says, answering my question. He irritably forced his phone back in his pocket and held his Browning more firmly. “Bet there are more in the shadows where we came in.”

He glanced at Holly. “Where are the others?” He hissed at her face.

Even in the shadows, Holly’s huge green eyes shone bright. They lit ablaze before she spit out words with as much venom as Carter did. “You think I know, you bastard? I was blindfolded when we drove here, you stupid fuck! I didn’t even know where we are!”

Carter’s glare went up and down her face. He was breathing hard, as worked up as I am, and I know why. We could be in the middle of an ambush.

These meetings usually go well except for a few mishaps like this one. I’ve only been to three of those and all those times we were prepared. Right now, however, only Carter and I were the ones sent.

Did they know?

But… why?

Why would they do this to the two of us?

Carter’s phone vibrated in his pocket and he pushed Holly towards me as he answers the call. Finally. I was wrong to doubt.

I caught Holly, choosing to grip her arm instead of her wrist, keeping her a few inches away from me but still close.

“I’m not going anywhere, you know,” she informs me, yet she didn’t

I had to smile a bit. It was the weirdest fucking thing getting caught up in an exchange ambush with my English teacher.

“No, you won’t, miss Holly,” I replied. “Because if you do, you’d end up like those two assholes in the dock.”

I hear her gasp. Whether she understood my warning as either Carter or me doing the killing, or the ones who sold her to us, I don’t care. I just want her afraid so she wouldn’t escape. It’s not like what I said was a lie. She’d not only endanger herself but us, too. It’s better she just cooperate and –

Sharp pain pierced at my back and I tumbled towards Holly, grabbing her by the shoulders. I have to give it to the woman, she took my weight and kept a steady footing. Didn’t even scream.

“Hey,” she called out. “Hey!”

I first thought that she was calling me but then Carter asks, “What?”

He wheeled around and his breath caught.

“I’m fine,” I gritted out. It didn’t hit my shoulder, which would be worse than where the bullet did graze my side. The last thing I needed was to be taken to a hospital and have an operation to get it removed. The only thing making it worse was Holly holding me exactly where the wound is to keep me from falling. I’m fucking grateful but the woman needs to get her shit together and mind where she’s touching. I could tolerate it, is the only reason I haven’t snapped back at her.

“Now. We need them now.” Carter ended the call with the person on the other line still talking. He cursed as he took ahold of me and inspected the wound. “Hell. You’re one lucky son of a bitch. Though you definitely need stitches.”

Another wheeze passed above our heads, almost hitting Holly’s ear. She had been staring at her hand which got wet with my blood.

“Motherfucker! Get down!” Carter pushed Holly on her ass when she visibly froze.

On the other hand, my side burns like a real piece of shit when I crouched low to avoid the spew of bullets raining on us.

“I counted three,” Carter told us. “The one who hit you was the one with the silencer.”

“Silencer?” Holly asked in a daze.

“Shit, we need to get her out of here.” Carter spared her a glance, ignoring her question. His forehead is knitted in deep thought. He’s right. No matter how valuable we may seem, we know we’re expendable. Holly is the one we came here for and she needs to make it out in one piece no matter the cost.

Nothing we’ve never handled before but then again, we weren’t by ourselves during those scenarios. Carter and I locked gazes. We know we couldn’t wait for pick up and have to manage all on our own.

I nodded at him, giving him my approval and permission.

He gripped Holly’s chin and made her look at him. “Ready to get out of here, babe?”

As out of it as she is, she could only bob her head once.

I pulled the barrel of my gun. “Let’s go.”

***Author’s Note***

Another Abe chapter! 🥰 Feeling so inspired to write lately so maybe I’ll upload another one? 😏 Also, I just noticed how I’m not following my own upload schedule anymore, oops 😳😅😂😆

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