The Gentiles

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Ten minutes. Maybe even less. I’ve read this article once about sleeping when an hour of dreaming could very well only be equivalent to a few minutes of sleeping. I am only slightly confident about my estimate because I remember the chime of the grandfather clock signaling midnight before Harry left me. And right now, in the dim light of my room, I could just make out the time on my digital alarm clock which seems like twelve something.

Sighing, I surrendered to the possibility that I might not be able to go back to sleep. I knew I wouldn’t be able to, as frustrated as I had been all day – all week, really. This might be the only time I have to myself where I won’t be disturbed by anyone.

Hugging my pillow between my thighs, a gasp escapes from me as it presses against my core. My breathing becomes ragged in both anticipation and slight disconcertment. Harry might pop back in any second, checking on me and the only thing withdrawing my thoughts from that likelihood is the fact that he himself is busy at this moment satisfying his own… needs.

I must be quick, though, and give in to it the first hint of pleasure. No stopping myself right before I got off the edge just to restart the torture. It results in a bigger explosion but I don’t have the time nor the heart to do so. Not after realizing how these past few days, I had been correct with my assumptions that Harry was only trying to take care of me, as he always does, after I had been hurt and that nothing will ever change in our dynamic.

Not that kiss.

Not that awkward moment in the toilet when he’d seen me bare and vulnerable.

Not even as he made me feel as though there might be something else hiding in the way he caresses me and look into my eyes with such adoration and, dare I dream of it? – worship.

At the end of the day, it’s only me who is disgusting enough to be feeling this way. To be thinking of my own flesh and blood the way I do as I circle my clitoris ever so slowly through my panties, thinking of our flesh sliding along each other’s, making my blood thick with lust and pleasure.

Biting my bottom lip, I close my eyes, in my mind, Harry is doing to me what he’s probably doing to his girl right at this moment, on the other side of the wall, only a few meters away from me. I roll over and completely mounted the pillow, working my hips faster and faster, feeling the tingling sensation I had become addicted to since the day I discovered how to do it.

It feels so good. So, so good.

Since then, it was only him I had in my mind and I didn’t even know what I was doing, only that it felt good and ecstatic, like I was floating to the sky and erupting into tiny million pieces. Only that I had to think of his touches, his beautiful face and body, and concentrate on the building rupture on my lower stomach.

I think it is him I’m holding on to, legs wrapped around the waist, instead of my huge pillow. In my mind, it is him rubbing onto me, leading me to another one of those highs I crave every time we were close.

I don’t even know what it is I’m doing but there is nothing compared to it. All I know is that the what I’m doing is wrong, so dirty, but I couldn’t help myself. Not when this is the closest thing I’d ever be this close to him. He’ll be nothing but a dream to me.

White hot streaks of pleasure courses through me and my mouth opened in a silent scream, body shuddering with sweat coating my skin. I feel the ringing in my ears synch with the beating of my heart and I revel in all of it.

Honestly, it feels better every time I did it while I’m on my period. It’s stickier and I feel gross afterwards but with the pleasure that comes with it, the mess is worth it. I just have to clean up right afterwards.

My heartbeat is starting to slow down and I feel my lips stretch to a satisfied smile. That is until I heard a voice that made the blood drain out of my brain

“God. Damn.”

My eyes shot open, fear and dread mixing in with the intensity of my orgasm. My vision is not only blurry but also swirling. Such a bad combination especially with the dark.

Before I could grab my glasses on my nightstand, a hand wrapped around my wrist tightly. My breath caught as a dark figure leans closely right in my face, the putrid smell of metal with a twinge of soil mixing in with the hot breath fanning across my skin. Fear enveloped me instantly, as if it had been there the whole time and never left but only resurfaced, forcing me to even out my shallow breathing which I know would lead to hyperventilating.

Good luck trying to find a way to escape this nightmare if that happens. Because that’s what this is. A nightmare. And right now, I’m finding it harder and harder to calm down and not panic. There’s only one way I could think of which could give me a chance at survival. With my vision and strength both being liabilities, I could only trust one thing to potentially save me.

However, the person holding me had foreseen my plan before I could execute it.

A hand covers my mouth as I take a deep breath, making me choke on air. I am pushed down on the bed, pressed hard by a heavy body battling control over my flailing arms and legs. The heavy weight transferred to my middle as I am straddled, both wrists locked by a huge hand above my head, mouth still muffled by the other. My kicking legs are useless, I couldn’t dislodge the person pinning me down.

Sweat and tears mix on my face and I’m pretty sure I could taste blood and dirt in my mouth. I cough, and the idea of using my teeth to sink into the flesh of my attacker crosses my hysterical mind.

I am ready to bite when the person above me chuckles lowly.

“Who would have thought, the innocent little nymph is actually a naughty girl?”

Shocked, I still my movements and stare wide eyed in awe. That deep, velvety rasp. The words may have been gritted out and distorted with pain but it was all the same. The haziness had dissipated from my head and I can clearly hear him. I would never be mistaken in identifying Abe’s haunting timbre.

Now that the scuffling stopped, his heavy breathing is the only sound that could be heard. It’s as loud as the beating behind my chest, which did not diminish in the slightest.

Knowing it was Abe who holds me captive did not alleviate my dread either. On one hand, it’s not some stranger who might be a thief or something worse, who barged into my room – it’s my cousin. On the other hand, it’s Abe.

His hold on me loosens but he could still tighten it any moment he wants, if I try anything funny, perhaps.

“You’ve calmed your shit now, nymph?”

I nod.

Although I have to argue that calm and rigid may only look superficially similar.

“I will unleash you,” Abe says. “But,” he took a few seconds before continuing and I realize that something must be causing his labored breathing. I could almost imagine him wincing.

“No screaming,” he warns.

Curse my poor eyesight. I want to survey Abe’s body. He’s got to be hurt. Of all the hobbies he has to choose, all the part time jobs he could take, he has to go do the one on the wrong side of the tracks with the wrong kinds of people.

He used to be a good kid. Why has he become like this? When did this transformation happen? Even I was traumatized by what he did to me couple of summers ago but I just want to know. I need to understand what had become of my cousin who was not so different from Harry before when we were younger.

Having the same charm, good looks, and polite manners, Abe had only been naughtier. He teased a lot. Play more roughly. Talked back more often. But he’d been a kind-hearted kid like Harry who was gentle and sensitive.

I tried to deny that annoying boy was the same as the red eyed monster who held me underwater, forcing the air out of my lungs until I fainted.

The memory brings upon a resurging primitive fear and I then again tremble under his hands.

“Fuck,” Abe seethed. “I’m not gonna hurt you, Callie. I just –”


At the sound of Harry’s voice, both Abe and I froze.

“Callie? Are you awake?”

The doorknob begins to turn and Abe tensed above me. All the while I am debating whether it’d be better if Harry would just stay out of it. I’m not so sure what Abe would have done if he enters. I could push the door and lock it before Harry opens it but Abe’s words halted me.

“Don’t even think about it.”

He thinks I am making a run for it. Then, he takes something out of back pocket. I catch a glimpse of something shiny, quite possibly sharp, and as much as I want to deny that it is what I think it is, there is no doubt even in the darkness of my room that Abe is holding a knife.

I have to think fast.

“Go under the covers,” I whisper to Abe.

He hisses a “What?” before I pushed at his shoulders and pulling my covers on top of him. I threw the pillow that I had ridden on the other side of my bed where Harry will not have a view of it before turning on my side and closing my eyes.

Soon enough, I hear the door creak open and hear whispering. I was right. Harry is with a girl. I thank god that it is easier for me to school my face now into a fake tranquility than before.

“Okay,” I hear Harry say a little louder, as if agitated, and then the door shuts close.

My mind is still on the sound of hushed voices and what they must have been talking about when something gets a grip on my forearm.


I lean over for my glasses and put them on, finally getting a bearing on my surroundings properly. It is a curse all the same, as when everything went clear, the situation became all the more real.

Abe comes out from his hiding and surprises me by turning the bedside lamp on himself.

“Not your favorite cousin screwing around while you’re in the next room,” he grunts disapprovingly.

When his eyes meet mine, he frowns. “What’s wrong?”

I should be the one asking him that because my shock is because of him.

Abe looks like he’d been to war.

***Author’s Note***

Hi, everybody 🤗 How are you all doing? Just want to say a few words out there, if you don’t mind 😅

An immense thank you to all of the readers out there who keeps on supporting this story 🥰 You don’t know how grateful I am and how much I appreciate your enthusiasm and interest in my work 🥺❤️ All the comments and likes, reviews and adding or having this book into your shelves... You make me love what I do more ❤️

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Another chapter will be posted real soon after this one, so please stay tuned 🥴😆🙈 Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy Abe’s comeback 😎

I hope all of you are doing well wherever you are, and that you and your family are safe and healthy 🌹


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