The Gentiles

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Dark hair plastered on his forehead, golden skin is glistening with sweat, dried blood from and deep cut caking his left cheek along with smaller ones. His lip is also busted, and is that a bruise forming on his jaw or is it just shadows playing with my eyes?


He growls. “Don’t look at me like that.”

Turning away, Abe sits at the edge of my bed, crouching to pick something from the floor. A backpack is dumped on my bed and I kinda just stared at it for a few seconds, thinking how ironic it is that Abe never once went to school with a bag but he has one now when he just came from… Came from where exactly? This whole secret life that he has that seems to be more like his real life than the one he has with us, his family.

I was distracted by the thought that it was too late when I noticed that he was stripping.

“What are – ” I clear my throat, trying to avert my gaze when my eyes got stuck on his tight, muscled midsection, and failing. Is it even possible for a teenager to have this body? Abe is lean but muscular, very much like Harry though a bit bigger. His ripped torso flexes as he takes his jacket off, then the shirt underneath.

“What are you doing?” I finally manage.

An arrogant smile is painted on Abe’s lips. “Like what you see?”

If the lights were on, he would have seen my blush.

He stands up with a groan, walking, limping, towards the bathroom. Dazed, I follow him as he switches the light on. I couldn’t help the loud gasp that escaped my lips.

Just under his chest, there lies the most beautiful work of art I have ever seen. His bronze skin was taut, stretched with the muscles just starting to build up, painted with the blackest ink in hypnotizing swirling pattern. I couldn’t decide if it was supposed to be a wave or a breeze. It could be none of those or it could be both at the same time.

His head snaps at me. With a snarl, he turns so I could have a clear view of his side. “No, don’t take your eyes off me,” he commands when I glided my gaze from his wound. “Look at it.”

He’s taunting me, knowing that I can’t help but turn weak at such sight. He’s tormenting me, like he always does. Somehow, I know that what lies beneath my eyes now is not pity or worry just like only a few moments ago. He knows there’s fear in there, and more importantly, curiosity.

Look at me. He demands without saying another word.

And I do.

My eyes met his and with flaring nostrils, he is the one who turns away first.

“It’s not that deep but I need your help to stitch it close.”

That made me stare at him in horror. “W-what?”

Abe hastily opens and slams drawers, finding a washcloth and dampening it. He groans as he wipes the gash on his side, teeth gritted and the veins of neck strained. It’s obviously painful having to twist his upper body just to clean himself up.

I would have helped but I remain stuck where I am. Abe is slick with sweat, caked in dirt and blood. And he’s standing in my bathroom washing himself off as if it was just another normal Sunday family day in the Cristo household and he was just cleaning up after a whole day of goofing around nana’s property with Harry.

Stopping his movements, Abe glares at me. “You wanna give me a hand, nymph?”

Abe leans on the counter, stretching his arm out for me to take the cloth from his hand. “Come on,” he goads.

I take one step but froze once again eliciting a groan from him.

“My arm’s getting tired.”

I stumble my way forward, almost falling into him but managing to catch myself.

“You might just do me more harm than none, little one.”

That remark is just like a slap to the face. Somehow, it still pisses me off when people make comments about my height. Ironic, I know, seeing I’ve been told countless numerous things which are worse. Moreover, this is Abe right here. Everything he says is to rile someone up.

I yank the washcloth from him, wet it with warm water, and presses it on his side. He growls, almost jumping away, gripping my shoulder hard.

His hand comes up to my neck, cradling the back of my head, as he brings my face right up his. “Don’t test me, nymph. I just need you to do a little something for me then I’ll be off your hair. Now,” his eyes drift down to my lips and his tongue flicks to lick his bottom ones. “Will you behave?” he asks, staring me down almost boring a whole into my soul.

I have never seen Abe’s eyes like this, beautiful bottle green eyes. So unlike anything I’ve seen, and I thought Fely’s light green ones were already so amazing and unusual. Abe’s brighter, deeper, harder. Nothing betrays of the emotions he so casually locked inside. I know that what he lets the world see now is only the tip of the iceberg.

His thumbs come up to caress my bottom lip making me gasp. “Go get the backpack I left on your bed,” he murmurs, taking the small towel back from me.

Sauntering to retrieve his bag, I crane my neck to the left, eyeing the door. The lights on the hallway are still turned on as the narrow slit of space between the door and the floor casts an illumination from the other side.

“Callie.” It was a calm beckon, not too loud to warrant suspect but not too low either that I wouldn’t be able to hear it even against the loud ringing in my ears, the loud humming of my shallow breath.

I go back to Abe with his pack on hand, setting it on the counter. My hand hovers around its straps as I am rendered frozen yet again, seeing that Abe had removed his jeans and is only now in his black boxers. My eyes sweep up his torso, searching for someplace else safe to stare on and land on the bloody wound. He did a good job cleaning the area around it but the rest of him is still gross.

As if hearing my thought, Abe huffs, turning the shower on. This made me panic momentarily, thinking he might as well get completely naked before stepping under the steaming waters. Luckily, though, he went in with his boxers, hissing the second the water touches his rugged skin.

My relief, however, is short lived.

“Are you just gonna stand there or are you going to help wash me?”

***Author’s Note***

Is it just me or is it getting hotter and hotter in here? 🥴🥴🥴 Probably just the showers. Damn, Abe. What is he up to next? 🙈😆🥴

Hope you guys enjoy 🥰 Thank you, as always, for reading and for the support 🌹


Ama ❤️

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