The Gentiles

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When I glide past the doors, my front immediately slammed on something hard. My glasses skewed to the side thankfully, they didn’t fall off. I bring my hands forward to push my body back against what I collided with.

“Ouch,” I mutter.

Hands grip my upper arms to steady me as I try to fix my glasses. “Callie.”

My head snaps up, eyes colliding with electric blue ones. My lower lips tremble for a completely different reason. Abe’s look turns intense. He cocks his head to the side. “What’s wrong?”

I look away, stepping away from him. What is wrong is that I keep on choosing to get my heart broken when I should be focusing on other important things. I should start living my life, living in the present and stop my delusions and dreams of impossible future.

“The game is over,” I say lowly. Those words mean heavily to me more than what they are in the surface. “I think I’m gonna go straight home.”

My voice couldn’t sound any more defeated than it does now. I hope Abe would just let me go but my luck has been tough lately.

“No choir practice today?”

I’m surprised that he even knew about that. “No,” I reply, rubbing my elbow. I don’t bother correcting him that it’s called the glee club and not a choir like in the church. “All activities were suspended because of the game.”

Abe scoffs. “You people really make it a big deal out of it as if it’s some huge shit.”

I start walking and it’s a few seconds before I realize he’s following right behind me. “Well, we do give the school plenty of wins. It’s good for image and pride so I guess, yeah,” I stop pause and face him. “It is some pretty huge shit.”

A small smirk curl at the edges of Abe’s lips. I feel my cheeks burn. Never have I cursed so casually like that. Growing up, of course my parents warned me about saying bad words and all the sorts, teaching me proper manners and such. What they don’t know is that I’ve been cursing secretly when nobody’s around.

It began as an accident, the word slipping off my lips when my earphones got stuck on the door handle. A little shit came out of nowhere as if it had been in my brain for quite a while and it just found an escape.

I was mortified at first but it felt freeing. It felt cleansing and the frustration I was feeling had been lifted a little bit. So I tested the waters and would only say it out loud when I know I was completely alone. They say that you are who you are when no one is watching and I’ve done a lot of things in the dark that no one would ever guess I’d ever do.

Speaking the word out loud in front of Abe gave me the same sense of freedom, though foreign. Not something I thought I’d ever feel when I’m with him. Still, I welcomed the intruding feeling like a fresh breath after a blinding smoke.

“Do you have a ride back home?”

We continue walking and though neither of us told the other, we head for the same direction towards the back entrance of the school. The parking lot is full, so is the driveway as it mostly is during game days.

Harry was my to school and I expected him to be my ride for the afterparty then take us back home as well later this evening. Or Fely, at least, if he decided to stay later than I wantd to. But that’s not possible now, is it? Hannah would be the one riding with him and I wouldn’t be able to take it lest see it. I’d have to ride with Fely and Jared and those two are one of the most insightful people I know and they’d be onto me soon as they see my face. Heck, I bet they are already on their way trying to find me as I suddenly walked out.

I have made a decision.

“Can you please take me?”

I haven’t really seen Abe’s car before but I know he has one. He wouldn’t have gone on days end without anyone knowing without a transport of his own.

Another devilish smile crosses his face. “Follow me, nymph.”

It was not what I expected but this is definitely him. I thought he’d be rocking a motorcycle if not out of a Supernatural episode like Dean Winchester.

“Dome judging my car, nymph?”

I grimace at both the assumption and the pet name. “It’s new.”

Abe chuckles. “Would I be less suspecting if it’s old?”

A jolt of pain pinches at my chest. The way he said it was casual. I still heard the edge to it. Abe is so used to people looking so badly of him, that much is obvious.

“That’s not what I meant,” I counter, my eyebrows scrunching. “It’s very much like you,” I continue, trying to recover, because that’s what I really think. The dark exterior and interior of the vehicle screams Abe, a hundred percent. It’s as dark as his hair, the clothes he wear, and his mysterious aura. I duck my head to hide my embarrassment. What am I thinking about Abe like that for? “I just thought that you’d have something vintage like a chevy or something similar. Seems more like your style.”

The car screeches to a halt at the side of the road, almost skidding on the dirt. My body being thrown from side to side.

“Abe!” I gasp breathlessly. I look over at him, eyes darting on his body. “Are you alright? What happened there?”

His knuckles are white, gripping the wheel. With his head bowed down, I couldn’t see his face. The impact was not too much but I’m still worried he’s injured.

“Are you hurt?” I ask frantically, unbuckling my seatbelt and reaching out my hand to brush his hair away. His hand caught my wrist before I could even touch him.

Slowly, he turns his head and locked eyes with mine. I am instantly reminded of that beautiful summer day I was bathing in the lake… The first time I was introduced to the monster residing in Abe.

His eyes watch my face, fingers tightening around my wrist. He’s going to break it. He could if he wanted to.

“Don’t talk like you know me at all.”

We look into each other’s eyes for what seems like hours before his grip loosened. However, he did not let go of my hand. His fingers intertwined with mine, sighing as he faces forward. “I’m sorry.”

Did I hear that correctly? Did Abe just apologize to me? His voice was so low I might have just imagined it. Perhaps I did.

“Just got a lot on my head, is all,” he mutters, backing up the car. I pull at my hand, not wanting him to use only one hand to drive. He yanks it, placing it on his lap. His thumb rubs my knuckles, eyes trained on the road before us.

“I said I’m sorry,” he says, this time louder albeit a little annoyed. I look at our hands and understood, letting him hold me.

To keep myself distracted, I focus on the view outside the window. I scrunch up my nose. “Abe,” I call on to him, eyeing the rows of trees that doesn’t seem to end. “Where are you going?”

I am not familiar with this way, and I’ve been living here my whole life. I don’t think I’ve ever been to this area of town before.

“Home,” he answered as if it was obvious.

I cock my head to the side and look at him. “This is not the way home.”

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