The Gentiles

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I knew she’d like it.

She’s never picky with food, that much I noticed. Always a healthy eater, enjoying every bite she takes. My only problem: her sweet moans. They’re both a blessing and a curse. A sinister pleasure. I guess I should have been prepared for it. Raw fish is her favorite after all. It is to be expected that she’ll kill me with those small whimpers of pleasure.


I shouldn’t have taken her home with me. What if somebody saw? But I’d be fucked if I just left her alone in the school. Her eyes were glassy then, nostrils flaring, her smooth forehead marred by a worried wrinkle. I’ll be damned if I leave her for somebody else to take care of her.

“What is it this time?” Her soft voice asked.

I like that she seems more at ease with me now. I suspect it was because I’d let her into my home. Let her clean my wound. I’d let her stitch me back up after a bad night. Hell, who am I kidding? It was exactly because of those things that she’s acting differently towards me now. She knows I trust her even if she won’t admit to it yet, don’t realize it yet. And now she trusts me. Damn right, she should. Still doesn’t take the fact that I somehow manipulated her into putting her trust on me.

Doesn’t make me fell a damn bit guilty. At all.

I can’t deny this isn’t what I want.

“Stop it,” she tells me, ducking her head in a shy gesture. “I can’t eat with you watching me.” Her hand came up to arrange her glasses, pushing at it on the sides even though it hasn’t moved even a single inch. A habit, I suppose.

I love resting my eyes on her. It’s no secret her being easy on the eyes. A single ray of sunshine peeking out from a dark gray cloud thick and heavy with a brewing storm.

Picking up my chopsticks, I made a show of taking a huge bite of one of the rolls. Honestly can’t say I hate the taste of raw fish. Not when I associate it with the glimmer in the little nymph’s eyes and the satisfactory expression on her face after a smooth swallow. Her fair neck bulging at the movement, lips parted slightly in bliss.

I took a swig of my soda, brushing the dirty thoughts beginning to form in my head. I know of another reason why I’d recklessly let this girl creep up on me today farther than I should and it’s the lack of any kind of notification from my phone. Nor Carter’s.

We’ve both been blindsided last night and if it wasn’t for Holly’s quick thinking, we would have found ourselves in quite a pickle or worse, at the bottom of the deep, murky waters of a lake swaying with the moss and seaweeds, weighted by huge heavy rocks.

They had to know. Us not coming back is in of itself already telling. But right after we’ve managed to pull one of our feet out of the grave, nobody tried to fucking check up on us.

Not a single word.

If they’re worried, they should have already tried to reach us the moment it took us a lot longer than how the transaction should. They know how to reach us. How to find us. We’re not even trying to hide. Yet, nobody has come for us.

This should make us nervous, a hundred percent. We should be gone by now, not showing our faces until we’re sure of what the hell is going on. But what Holly told us right as we got back to the car made the suspicion we initially had for our brothers to dissipate as quickly as it came. I don’t know why we trusted her word, moments ago she was with the enemy, how do we know she’s not one of them?

But Carter knew.

Just like that gut instinct I got when I saw this girl in front of me about to run away from where she came from. The need to pull her in my arms and keep her there was too strong it made me do such a stupid thing. Because what I felt was real and honest and it overrode all rationality. It felt like the right thing to do even though everything else seem to scream otherwise.

I trust Carter like he trusted her.

We couldn’t call anyone, they’re the ones who should come for us. We both should get on normally, showing no fear nor worry. People tend to let their guard down when they see their enemies acting like idiotic fools, thinking they’re safe.

We need to be one step ahead of them and make them think they had us by the throat.

Panic and overthinking will only cause trouble and I need to focus. Get my fucking mind off of it and keep a level head. Be ready and prepared for what might happen next. This nymph right here might just be the perfect distraction, or so I thought.

I could be monitored by now and taking Callie with me is like giving her a death sentence as well but fuck it. What am I supposed to do when given the chance to be with her? And isn’t it part of the normalcy, being with a girl and taking her home, bringing her out for dinner? Not how most of my dates go with other girls, if one could even call it that.

Because I don’t date. I fuck.

There isn’t really much in the area of getting to know much less talking. It’s useless. What’s someone else’s thoughts worth when all I want was their body? A brief moment of relief. A release. Something to take my mind off of the shitty world I’m living in.

Maybe this show of being normal is even more suspicious than hiding at all. Because this isn’t like me. Then again, what do those bastards know? For what it’s worth, they could mistake Callie as another one of my bitches.

As soon as the thought came to my mind, my gut clenches.

“Does your tummy hurt?”

I don’t know why but hearing her say tummy made me fucking smile. I caught it before it slipped, though, so only a bastard of a smirk showed.

Damn. I’m in it real deep. Already.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have eaten too much. Not everyone can take it.”

The beautiful frown on her face was due to her concern for me and my lips parted, tingling at the need to kiss it away.

I snapped my mouth shut and grunted a disapproval. “I’m fine.”

Of course, the little nymph looks unconvinced. How can she read me so well in so little time? I’m pretty sure I’ve schooled my features into a permanent scowl there’d be no difference whether I’m jumping for joy on the inside or mourning my heart out. When that scowl is not affixed on my face or if the situation is too sensitive for it, I’ve learned to maintain a stoic expression.

How could this awkward girl know better?

Callie’s frown deepened as she bring her chopsticks down. “You don’t have to eat it if you don’t like it. I told you we could just order in a drive through.”

Now she’s back to being stubborn. I am, in point of fact, beginning to like the taste of sushi. It’s savory and salty with a burst of the ocean. Fuck me if I didn’t just sound like Gordon fucking Ramsey. But no need to elaborate on the real reason why I had my face clenched to perfection.

“Just finish your food, baby,” I tell her after I closed my eyes and took a calming breath. Aside from the loud banging of my heart, Callie also causes the steady rhythm of it. She calms the storm she’d stirred up and goddamn it, it makes me crazy as hell.

At this moment, with the blooming pink colors on her cheeks, she’s pulling at my strings again in a fatal throbbing that only goes higher and higher until I can feel the blood heating in my head, until it electrifies my whole body and I can feel it fry my fingertips.

The word slipped in my mouth. Again. It felt natural, easy. It suits her, just like nymph, but this other one made her feel more tangible. Mortal. Not some ethereal being too unattainable for me to even begin dreaming of.


Her smooth and fair skin. Those thick, glossy tresses the color of hay. Huge round eyes that made even bigger by her thick glasses. And god fucking damn it, her those plump pink lips she’s biting onto right now. That action plus her eyebrows furrowed together, she looked like an adorable little jungle cat about to pounce on her prey. Only, it was actually the predator.

Callie crossed her arms on her chest, squishing her tits in the process, attracting my gaze on them. I know she was about to let me have it but I’m more concerned about her eating than myself. The twisting in my stomach has nothing to do with hunger.

And didn’t she see me gobbling up those pieces of rice wrapped in some kind of seaweed, even dipping them in soy sauce before I out them in my mouth? I avoided the green paste though. Didn’t have a good first-hand experience on that motherfucker and I’m not about to make the same mistake twice.

“You don’t have to force yourself on my benefit,” she snapped but I didn’t miss the hurt in her voice.

I swear, this girl was put here on earth to torture the living life out of me. Before I could rebut her, I caught movement from my peripheral view and instinct kicked in. I grabbed Callie’s wrist midway through her mouth, about to eat another one of those orange rolls. She dropped it and her chopsticks, mouth agape in shock. I quickly made a grab of cash from my wallet and tossed more than enough money on the table, not letting go of her.

“Hey, I – ” Callie’s breath caught as I dashed for the exit. I cursed myself for pushing her to keep up with my long strides but I need to get her back in the car as soon as possible. I held my breath and kept my fingers crossed even as we sped away from the restaurant. I kept my speed steady, ready to accelerate at a moment’s notice. My eyes often flicker to the rearview mirror, aware of every single vehicle behind us.


Author's Note:

Hi, everyone! How are you doing? 🤗

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