The Gentiles

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There she goes, her petite form disappearing through my rearview mirror. I gripped the steering wheel hard. I want to break it. I want to destroy something. Hit someone. Let this frustration out whichever way I can.

I can’t fucking go in there. I hate that I’m letting her go all by herself but I know Harry wouldn’t let anything happen to her. If I thought correctly, he’s the one who called the damned police himself. Probably thought something happened to his beloved cousin.

It was rather unusual for Callie not to let him know where she is because I know how she depended on him. And he’s always with her, breathing down her neck and always in her business. Not that she mind but still. Protective my ass. That wasn’t some show of being protective. Not when I know exactly what’s running in the guy’s head as much as I am certain of what’s going on in mine. Like what they said, it takes one to know one.

The rest of the day that the nymph spent with me, not once did she check on her phone much less touch it. She must have lost track of time but I doubt that’s the case, smart and grounded girl that she is.

No, she’s intentionally ignoring the bastard. Which made me realize that he’s the reason she ran away from school into my arms. Not that I’m complaining. Whatever Harry did made her land on me so I could only thank him. But now, sitting stagnant and hopeless in the driver seat, I can’t help but detest the idea that, even if I got her all to myself for longer hours than I could’ve ever imagined, he’s still the one she goes home to at night.

I didn’t go back to my apartment. I met up with Carter and together, we decided to stay the night in his friend’s brother’s pool house. They’re reliable people and we trust them enough to stay a night at their place granted that we’d leave for the next day and not overstay our welcome.

We brought Holly with us. With the pool house only having a single bedroom, Carter and I both decided to sleep on the couch downstairs and give it to Holly. Much safer if the both of us are already prepared. Still, I noticed how Carter crept upstairs around half past two. He knows that I knew but it’s one of those silent agreements we’ve always had not to talk about the matter out loud. I didn’t care how he didn’t go down for another couple of hours, nor how he hadn’t fallen back to sleep for another hour after taking a very late shower and almost driving me crazy with his frantic pacing. He got about a good two hours of sleep before we all had to wake up in the morning.

Reaching the school early, I got to my usual routine. Carter, now posing as a substitute teacher, has to arrive separately from me in his own car. I went before he did, wanting a moment of peace and quiet before people flood the school and the silence would be too hard to find with all the ringing in my head. I jog the steps towards the roof and pushed the doors open. The breeze welcomed me and I raised my head up to the sky to burn my lungs with the air that pollutes my surroundings.

“I was right.”

I’m not kidding when I say that I almost pulled my gun out. Good thing there’s no mistaking the bright hay colored hair and clear blue eyes that surprised the living shit out of me.

“Nymph,” I growled in a mixture of shock, amazement, and both pleasure and displeasure.

Trust the little nymph to do the unexpected. Keep me on my toes.

“Lost your way?”

I almost regretted the sharpness in my voice when Callie scowled but she looked so damn cute I can’t help but grin. Another reason for it greatly reflects the rumbling in my stomach, the heat in my veins that makes my pulse heavy.

She sought me out.

It was like how I left her last night, in her pristine uniform, shirt pressed to perfection, skirt brushing the delicate tops of her creamy thighs. There’s something different about her today, though, and I’ve got the feeling that it’s as if I’m only seeing her for the first time. The expectant look in her eyes stirs something anew.

“I brought tea.” She holds out her arms, a single thermos is held together by both her small hands. “And croissant. I hope you like butter.”

I stride towards her, stopping right in front of her leaving no space between us. The little nymph stood her ground, didn’t even flinch. Damn, she’s getting way too comfortable around me.

And whose fault is that, you dickhead?

I’m the one to blame.

Looking over her shoulder, I notice a lunch bag beside her backpack, and a huge ass thermos sitting on the discarded concrete bench. How much tea did she brew?

My sigh blew a fog on her glasses momentarily. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing, Callie? Why are you here?”

Never did I thought the little nymph would be so feisty but I had to swallow my mistake when she matches my squint with one of her cute little own.

“What does it look like? We’re gonna have breakfast.”

I was surprised for two reasons. That she’d have the nerve to get sassy with me, and that she’s here to feed me.

She tucked her hair behind her ear and rearranged her glasses as the movement made it askew. “I noticed that you don’t have any groceries in your home. Other than tea and a few cups of noodles on your counter, I figured, you must go out every time you have to eat.”

I can only stare at her. She’d always been intuitive, curious. I just never thought she’d do anything about what she’d observed back in my apartment. It warms my insides, a dangerous feeling that will only burn me if I get too dependent on it.

“I mean, you’re probably busy moving your things in and buying furniture and stuff and then there’s your… work… so you probably didn’t have time to do some grocery shopping. And seeing that you moved out of your house, you also probably don’t want any help from uncle Ken or aunt Denise. So, yeah.”

She was out of breath once she finished her little speech. She appears to be embarrassed now that I’m here. Something tells me that she had been determined to see this plan of her through only, now that she’s standing in front of me, she didn’t think what my reaction would be.

What did she think I’d do, reject her offer? Drag her out of my private place and shut the door on her? Throw the hot tea on her face? Fuck, I can’t even begin to think of doing something as heinous as that.

“We should drink the tea while its hot,” she offered. Before she could totally back away from me, I grip her elbow. Her huge blue expectant eyes pierced through me, speaking volumes than her pretty mouth would ever dare, and I had to mentally slap myself to remind me to do the right thing.

“This is the last time, Callie. After this, everything should go back to the way it was before.”

Her eyes became glassy, looking down at the concrete. She’s a smart girl. I know she understood what I meant. I couldn’t bear to tell her to go. I certainly can’t tell her that I’d leave her because truth of the matter is, I could never stay too far away from her. I just need her to distance herself from me, go back to the comfort of her perfect knight in shining armor and don’t expect anything had changed between us because it shouldn’t.

I shouldn’t be risking her safety for my own selfish reasons, especially not when I’m in the middle of a stalemate that would soon end in a blood bath. I shouldn’t be allowing her to get attached to me, find comfort in whatever this is that we have now because I hate to disappoint her. I always let people down and it would crush me, it would kill me if I ever do that to her.

The only thing that I’m good at is bad for her. It could be the cause of her death and I’d die first doing all in my power to protect her before ever letting that happen.

I guided Callie to the bench, placing both of our backpacks on the floor and the lunch bag on my lap. She cradles the thermos on between her thighs, her skirt parted to allow some space and my cock twitched at the sight.

Innocent enough but I wonder if she realizes what she’s doing. Is she trying to seduce me? Watching her fumbling through the cap of the thermos made the idea laughable but surely, she’s not too ignorant what her actions might imply? She blushed a deep pink when I asked her to undress me and fuck the angels in heaven, it took all my willpower not to jump the poor little thing and pin her down my bed. I’ll burn in hell for all these thoughts that I’m having but guilt just melts away within her presence as the strong emotions take over all my other senses let alone my rationality.

“I woke up early to prepare the tea,” she fills me in as the cover finally let loose. She blew on the brim before taking a tentative sip, humming her approval. “Then I passed by the bakery to buy the croissants. The ones we have home have completely deflated and has lost their crunch.”

She passed me the thermos, taking the lunch bag from me to reveal a paper bag. She took two croissants out of it, wrapped neatly in a thin paper, so fucking dainty. Like her.

“Ah,” she hissed, blowing on one as she unwraps it. “Warm.”

Callie handed it to me then began unwrapping hers. I took a sniff of the thermos and reveled in the sweet scent of chamomile and honey. The same tea I prepared for her yesterday. I took a sip to disguise the grin that escaped from my lips.

We ate in silence for a couple of minutes, passing the thermos back and forth, before I had to be an ass and break whatever magic spell shit we have going on.



I smile at the thought that she seem to now have taken the nickname that I had given her quite well.

“Would you tell me?”

“Tell you about what?” she asks, about to push down the food she’d been chewing with the now cool tea.

“What did Harry say last night?”

The little nymph almost choke on her drink. My huge hand found her heaving back and gave her a pat, careful not to exert more strength than necessary.

When she gathered herself, the uneasy look on her face made me want to take back my question. But I have to know. Callie is just as easy to trust a stranger as she does a friend and with Harry frantically looking for her after she disappeared during his glorified hour… I need to know he didn’t snap and did anything that’d make me want to murder him.

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