The Gentiles

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It’s true that when you kept your mouth shut right after asking a question, people tend to spill their dirty ass secrets to you. All you need to do is be patient and silence will pull out the noise that pretended to be imprisoned but only ever needed to be wooed.

Just my tough luck, it’s the opposite with Callie.

The girl was so determined to match my quiet with her own, just as deafening and frustrating as mine if not worse. I asked her a single question. One fucking question. And she dragged it out for the whole three minutes that she opened and closed those beautiful pink lips of hers, fidgeting with the hem of her skirt it makes me want to yank it away from her nimble fingers and rip it apart just to stop her nervous movements. And also, to do something nasty to her that I can’t seem to stop thinking about.

God fucking damn it.

I need to get laid. It’s been a while. The only problem is, this girl right here won’t leave my thoughts, let alone allow me to think about anything else but her when she’s around. But I won’t be the one who’ll break first. By the deep worry in her ocean eyes, it would seem like she’s about to crack. Only a few more seconds…

Callie opened her mouth and a breathy sound came out passed her ripe lips before she completely sucked in whatever word she was about to say making her choke on air, gasping then coughing adorably as she even her breaths.

“For fuck’s sake, just tell me he didn’t touch you. It’s all I ever want to know, baby.”

I need to know he hasn’t done anything to my precious little nymph. Not while I’m here, free to stop him from doing so. Not when I can do something to prevent it from ever happening. Whatever he already did before, I can’t change that. But I doubt even he was that perverted to ever touch Callie when she was this young.

A series of emotions passed through her face. She blushed at first, obviously noting the endearment I called her, which is darn cute. Then her expression went from confusion to annoyance as the rest of my words sank in.

“What do you mean he didn’t… touch me?”

Fuck. I can already see her begin to be defensive and she haven’t answered me yet. I took a deep breath and backpedaled a bit, if only for now. I’ll get the truth that I want whether she likes it or not. Whether I’ll like it or motherfucking otherwise.

“Did he get angry at you?” I hedged instead. “Hurt you?”

Callie’s gaze softened. Her shoulders slacked and her back lost its tension.

“No,” she said quietly. “Harry never gets angry at me. And he… never laid a hand on me. He’d never hurt me… that way.”

That way.

I kept silent, and this time, my irritation subsided a little. She’s going to talk. I’m just hoping my thread of a patience would last me until she tells me the words I want to hear from her. I see red, though, when her gaze deepens, as if recalling an incident, and a blush crept up her smooth, fair skin.

There’s more, all right. And I’m not sure I’m about to like what I hear next.

“Callie.” My voice held a warning. “Tell me.”

She had the decency to look embarrassed. This girl can’t hide anything from me. From the way she wrings her fingers nervously on her chest to the obvious swallow bulging her slender throat screams guilty. Some golden asshole is going to die tonight. And he wasn’t about to peacefully.

“He… We… ”

I’ve never seen anyone blush beet red before, but now, I do for the first time.

My huge fingers wrapped behind the back of her head. I pulled her to me, leaning down so we were nose to nose. “Spit it out now.”

Callie rested her palms against my chest, to steady herself or to calm me, I don’t know. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath before saying softly, “We kissed.”

I saw is red. My hand trembled, clasping her neck tighter, my fingers pulling at the silky locks on her nape. I tilted her head farther back, still careful not to actually hurt her despite the roughness of my actions. I grip her waist and yank her to me, her chest pressing flat against mine as my mouth descended on hers.

The thought of another guy getting to taste this delicious lips is enough to make me go crazy. I need to erase whatever remnants of him left on her, I need to imprint her with my own saliva, my teeth marks, all of me.

Shocked, her huge gasp opened her lips to me and I waste no time licking past them. The moment my tongue touched hers, my whole body ignited. I’m on fire and nothing, no one can put me out. Not until I’m satisfied, and only this writhing nymph can give me what I need. Even then, I’d only glow dimmer but not really perish.

I don’t even care where this animalistic need came from, all I know is that I have to do this or else… Or else I might really kill the bastard who touched her. In my head, I hear a word I’ve never thought about associating with another person. Ever. Not even with things, really. I know nothing is permanent and nothing ever truly belongs to me. Everything is expendable. That includes people. But Callie changed fucking everything.


My movements are measured, I need to teach her a lesson as much as I want to devour her whole. Every bite on her full lips is to leave my mark on her. Every suck on her tongue, every lick inside her mouth, is to fill her head with the taste of me, just as her taste is gradually making me addicted to her.

Damn. I could eat her all day.

Her cute little whines, I swallowed completely. Her clawing at my shoulder only spawned me to deepen the kiss, angling her head to the side with a hard yank and letting her have it. I groan when her nails dig into my taut skin, pushing, pulling, then pushing again. Back and forth. She wants me, then she doesn’t. She kisses me back, moaning in obvious pleasure. Next her cute tiny teeth are nipping at my lips, attempting to stop me, her moans transformed to frustrations.

I tongue her some more until her body turned lax against my arms and her breathing was shallow. I knew then that she needed to come up for air and so I gave her bottom lip one final tug before leaning back, still close to her, only a few inches away from her face. I make sure to let my lips graze hers still. I have to be all over her so she would see me and only me.

“Like that?” I rasped. My voice, while dark and full of lust, was bitter.

I don’t care. I am fucking pissed off. That son of a bitch had been enjoying her all this time. Guess I underestimated him and his horny teenage hormones. But if there’s anyone who’d reap the ripe and juicy fruit that is none other than Callie, I’d make damn sure that it’s going to be me.

Our heavy breathing mingle together. Her flavor is thick on my mouth and I relished in it, sweet and innocent. Her whole being is. Mine to ruin and to destroy. Fat chance in hell I’d let anyone have her before I do.

This magical creature holding on to me with dear life, her eyes closed and mouth parted as she recovers from my attack. With everything going still, I almost prayed for his moment to stop and freeze so I can stay in it forever. Fuck if I’m not afraid of what her reaction will be. I’d die if she opened her eyes and those huge deep ocean blues stare at me with fear or distrust. What if I see hate in them?

I gave in because I couldn’t help myself. She needed to know that she’s mine. She was the moment I dreamed about her floating in the air like a goddess, beautiful against the dark, murky slime that surrounds her. A beacon of light that I held on to like a life line. I got out of the worse bad trips I’d ever had because of her.

And I never went back since.

I can’t resist taking another long, slow lick on her full lips, even just so she’d open her eyes. I’m not ready to see what I’d find there but she draws me in like pulling out my soul right out of my body.

Shit, this is bad. Real bad. I have to get out of this haze and put myself right back to the godforsaken darkness I was destined to be in.

Callie’s thick, light blonde eyelashes flutter and her eyelids flitted open. There they are. Big and bright and blue. No way I can escape from her now.


Author’s Note:

Hi, everyone 🤗 Here it is! I hope you like this update! It’s been a long time coming and I hope it’s worth the wait 🙈 You all know there’s going to be more so if you would please be more patient, I’ll be sure to give it to you 😉

Also, I just posted a photo of Harry on my wall yesterday, if you’d like to have an idea how I pictured him 😆 I will be posting pictures of both Abe and Callie soon, then the rest of the characters 🥰 Of course, you’re all free to imagine them in your own way, I just want to share with you how I envisioned them and where the inspiration of their physical attributes came from ☺️

Thank you, as always, to everyone who reads my stories, those who engage by commenting on the chapters, and leaving such wonderful reviews 🌹 Also, I’d like to thank those who add my story to their reading list/s. I highly appreciate it 😘 Sending all my love to you guys 🥰

Thank you to @vchamburuka1 for leaving a review just recently 😍

Stay safe, everyone and happy reading 🌹


Ama ❤️

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