The Gentiles

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We stare at each other, seconds ticking by, perhaps minutes. Hours. I couldn’t read what lies beneath that beautiful dilated gaze, almost glassy but at the same time, focused. She’s thinking, and she’s doing it hard. I can’t have her thinking right now when all I want was to show her who she belongs to, so I backed her against the wall that housed the stairs leading to where we are in the open area of the rooftop.

“What else did he do, huh?” I demanded, my voice coarse. I’ll make damn sure to erase everything he left on her.

Callie touched her swollen lips with two of her fingers, the looked up at me under her lashes. Cheeks flushed and hair in a disarray, she looked like she’d just been making out, which she was. It made me hungrier for her, seeing her all mussed up like this, knowing I was the one who crumpled her perfectly pressed uniform, slanted her huge ass glasses, made a mess of her poised posture and demeanor.

Her elegant neck bobbed up and down and hell, I want my lips along there, too. I run my barbell along my palate, eager to tongue fuck her mouth again. As if reading my mind, Callie’s lips fell open, and I see her glistening tongue swirling inside. I grin lopsidedly. She can still feel it.

Her eyes met mine and her blush deepens. God, I love seeing her all hot for me.

“You…” She cleared her throat, her forehead knitted in thought. “You’re…” Her gaze went back to my face, zeroing particularly on my mouth and my cock twitched. She doesn’t know it, but the way she focused on my lips, trying to perhaps get a glimpse of my tongue made all the blood in my body rush towards my dick. I had to bite into my bottom lip and settle for a deep groan. Or else, I’d pounce on this little rabbit right here, right now. And boy, I’m hungry. I hadn’t fucked in what seems like ages and if I’m not careful, I’d be rutting into my nymph before she had the chance to know what’s happening.

My growl jolted Callie a little and she finished her thought.


Not a question, then again, no use to ask about the obvious. Her hand raises up, about to touch her own tongue, face full of wonder. She stopped when she realized what she was about to do.

This girl.

She’s soft all over, smooth to the touch and she has no business being with another sick motherfucker like me but I’d gladly purchase a one-way ticket to hell than let someone else have her. Especially not Harry. If he’s willing to sin and risk his sickening perfect life to own Callie, then call me a pussy if I can’t keep up or even best him. I’m supposed to be the black sheep of the family, the bad guy. Corrupting our innocent little cousin should be my doing, not his. And he managed to score before I even got the chance to touch the girl.

“And you like that, don’t you?” I whisper close to her ear before licking its outer shell. I made sure to drag my barbell a bit harder so she’d feel its pressure. I was rewarded with a shiver that I felt pass through her tiny body.

I run my nose along her jaw, inhaling in her fresh smell of lavender and something else that’s her entirely. My fingers are still twisted on her strands, my other hand now kneading the pliant flesh of her waist as I enjoy her warmth. My teeth are itching to bite her there, leave marks everywhere on her flawless skin.

“Now, tell me what else, baby. Did he touch you…” My hand slides up to the underside of one of her mouth-watering breasts, grazing my thumb almost to where her nipple is and hover there. “Here?”

Another tremble wracked her frame and I had to disguise my near non-existent control in a teasing chuckle. I need to take the edge off so badly but I don’t want to use somebody else to feel relief. The thought of another’s body against mine feels wrong now that I have Callie in my arms and practically begging me to own her.

It’s in her glazed eyes, her shallow breaths. The way her body has, finally, completely melted into mine. She doesn’t realize it yet, but she responds to me very well, taking everything that I give her like the good girl that she is.

A picture of her on her bed riding her pillow to orgasm flashed in my mind in a sudden, like a thief in the night, catching me off guard. Does he know she’d been doing that? Has he seen her like that, make her touch herself while he watches?

Does she think of him?

Good girl. In my head, I hear Harry whisper to my Callie. I see him with my girl, images that are both real and imagined flooded my vision and something inside of me snapped.

I knew by the way Callie’s eyes widen in fear that my expression has changed into something darker, something more dangerous. She’s right to be afraid because the thoughts that entered my mind were less than pleasant and my reasoning has just flown out the window.

In an instant, my hand flew under her skirt, fingers frantic to find that coveted little bud that I don’t think she does good of a job protecting. It was too easy to get to it and I growled my frustration in knowing that someone can just as well as easily take what’s mine with a quick work over and inside the waistband of her panties.

Callie was too shocked to move and had gone frozen and stiff, but I ignored the pang in my chest for causing her discomfort. I need to wash away Harry from her body. Then I’ll wash him away from her mind. Away from her heart. And she’ll be completely free of anyone until I fill her with all of me. Just me.

The second my fingers touched her hard nub, I knew there was something strange. My knuckles brush along something textured, not quite rough but not smooth either. It was, however, soft.

I circled the pad of my two fingers around her clit and felt her wetness. No hair, I realize, as I journey lower down her smooth lips, towards my target. When I’m about to slip a finger in her entrance, she caught my wrist with both her hands and tried to pry my hand away.

“Abe.” It was a plea laced with distraught but it was too late that I understood why when my fingers came in contact with something thick and sticky just at the entrance of her pussy. She couldn’t have cum immediately, no. This fluid was entirely something else.

Callie’s small hands gripped my wrist tighter, a sob escaping her delicious mouth. My rage has depleted, heartbeat still beating profusely but I felt a little calmer than I did before. I shushed her, cupping the side of her face and kissing the tears now running down her flushed cheeks. I want to let her know that it’s okay and that this is normal. Nothing to be embarrassed about. If anything, it makes me even more turned on, the sick fucker that I am.

I nudged her nose with mine. “Shh, baby. It’s okay,” I assured, going back up, rubbing her clit to relax her a little bit.

That’s why she humped that pillow the other night. My little nymph is horny and fuck if that doesn’t make my already raging hard on hotter. I breathe raggedly through my mouth like i’s not enough to inhale through my nose, hot and heavy. Desperate. That’s how she makes me.

But I couldn’t just let the fact that Harry might have also touched her, now, could I? She still needs to be reminded, she still needs to be cleansed. And my hunger needs to be satiated.

Giving her mouth a hard kiss, I quicken my movements, putting more pressure which is not difficult since she’s so slick and ready. Fuck, if only she’s ready to take my cock, too. What I’d give to bury myself deep inside her now. Especially since she’s menstruating.


Author’s Note:

Hello, everyone 🤗 So good to be back. Here’s another Abe chapter 😆 I really, really enjoyed writing this chapter (as well as the succeeding one 🙈) and it’s so very close to my heart 🥰

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Keep safe, everyone 😘


Ama ❤️

P.S. Have you viewed the character photos that I have posted in my wall yet? 😆 I have always had a vision of Harry, Callie, and Abe and it makes it easier for me to write with the real physical forms of them playing the story out in my head ☺️ How about you guys? How did you imagine each of the main characters? Did my interpretation close to yours? Please let me know of your thoughts, I’d love to hear them 🥰

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