The Gentiles

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“Abe, please, I - ”

She interrupted her own whine with a gasp and I couldn’t help but chuckle. How can she be so cute and sexy at the same time?

I take advantage of her open mouth and feed her my tongue again, making sure to swirl my barbell wildly inside her hot cavern before sucking heavily. Her answering moan was enough to make me lose my mind. I groan at how delicious she is, my hips involuntarily grinding against her and pressing her back harder on the wall. I’m certain she can feel how my cock has grown steel hard. I wonder if she could feel the unbearable heat trapped inside my body? Ah, shit. I should stop myself from dry humping her if I don’t want to blow my load in my fucking boxers. That’d be both embarrassing and pathetic.

My ears are blessed with her sweet moans, going higher and higher as her orgasm builds up I can almost smell it. Then she cried my name, drawn it out as she threw her head back and shut her eyes close.

Callie clung to me the whole time, hands on my shoulder, thighs quivering. Her whole body shook as she cums and my god, it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever had the fortune to see. I don’t deserve this. I don’t deserve her but fuck everything to hell if I didn’t have her.

I match her long moans with the grunts sprouting deep within my chest, our open mouths sliding along each other’s, breaths mingling hotly, sending fog to blur her glasses.

“Yes, baby. That’s it,” I cooed, still flicking her clit from time to time to prolong her orgasm.

To distract myself from shooting my load, I sink my teeth into her bottom lip, which made an unexpected shiver course through her petite frame.

Damn. I’m so close, so so close in cumming, too, after I see her come apart in my arms and for her to do it again in a short span of time just allows for precum to leak steadily from my strained cock. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. It’s either I have to pump myself right here in front of her to relieve myself or give in to the temptation and finally take her. Make her completely mine and fuck her brainless too alleviate my agony. Of course, the latter option would be ideal but I won’t lose her over some irrational action where my dick did the thinking. And I don’t want her first time to be with the me who is barely hanging on to control.

I really should have cleaned the pipes this morning. But between stressing out about people trying to hunt you and staying in the same place as your best bud and the woman he wanted to fuck, I just wasn’t in the mood.

One look, however, one touch from this nymph, and my libido went from an ignorable blaze to a raging inferno that was just dying to be heard, seen, felt. And it spread like a wildfire that threatens to consume not just me but the person I lust so hard after, too.

Callie looks at me with hooded eyes, the blueness of her pupils turned dark, as deep as the uncharted parts of the ocean, dilated by having been climaxed hard. Twice. Because of none other than me.

Her breathing slowly evens out and I focused on it, trying to command my own to do the same. I gave her lips a soft kiss, tucking strands of her hair away from her forehead where they clung in sweaty clumps.

Somehow, I know deep down that I was the only one who was able to get this close to her. Call me delusional but I’m positive this girl has never had an orgasm in the arms - well, hands more specifically - of another. It’s in the way she didn’t seem to expect what was about to happen, what I was about to give to her. And her trust in me to do this to her made me all the more possessive of her. If somehow, I was mistaken and she had been touched the same way before me, then I hope the intensity of the orgasm I gave her will make her seek no one else but me. If this isn’t enough, I’d prove to her time and time again how only I could make her cum like that, until I’m the only person she craves.


I had to smile at how she doesn’t seem to be able to say anything else but my name. I hold on to her spent body. It feels like if I let go, she’d fall onto the ground. Not that I intend to, anyway.

“So beautiful, Callie,” I whisper on her cheek, planting another soft kiss there. Sweat made her skin glisten and she looked radiant under the rays of the risen sun.

Tempted to stay in this moment until the day I die, I had to be the one to break the haze and face the consequences of fingering my underaged cousin to oblivion. So hard she screamed my name. Oh, and there’s the matter of my erection that I have to deal with. Not raging as much as before but still very much present and begging to be addressed to. I have to do something about it.

With my fingers on pause inside her panties, I could only use my other hand to straighten Callie’s uniform by tugging at the bottom of her white shirt. It was a bit wrinkled but only obviously so when you look really close. Otherwise, the only indication that Callie had been messing around was her rumpled hair but even that doesn’t look bad on her either. It’s sexy as hell, as well as the sheen of perspiration on her face.

“Next time he touches you again,” I tell her, my fingers petting her pussy lips. “You come to me and you know what happens next.”

Callie whimpered. “No more,” she pleads. “Enough, Abe.”

I hum, enjoying the feel of her softness against the rough skin of the pads of my fingers. Though it looks like she gained steady footing back, my hips still pin her to the wall. Just in case. The bruise I want to give her was from sucking her sweet skin and not from letting her slump on the hard concrete.

Tempted to give her one last round of fingering, I slowly ease my hand out of her underwear, making sure I have my other arm around her waist for support as I lean back from her. Before I could fully do so, the door to the exit was hit with a loud crash that made Callie jump. And then another. Then another until it became an annoyingly consistent banging.

Beside me, I feel Callie tense so I ruefully removed my hand from her panties and arranged her skirts so the folds were in place.

I tilted her chin up with my clean hand to make her look at me. “You’re okay.”

The worry in her face gradually loosened. She needs to know that I would never let any shit happen to her. But another loud slam against the door and the fear in her eyes is back and I swear to god, whoever motherfucker was on the other side dare to disturb us would never see the sun set in the horizon as the day is over.

About to confront the meddler, I start towards the door only to be halted by Callie. She held my upper arm with one hand that falls to her side when I turned around.

“What is it, baby? Don’t be afraid. I got you.”

She shook her head, bowing down and I thought she was about to say some sweet shit about being worried about me or something and that she was too shy to tell me. Fuck me for being so arrogant because I quickly realized that she was staring weirdly at my torso. Stupid me was confused at first when I followed her gaze and saw that she was actually staring at my hand.

The hand that I used to finger her.

And my index finger and middle finger were both smudged with blood. Her blood. The thought had my cock jerking in delight.


Her head snapped up, her face shows a mixture of embarrassment and anxiety. She’s worrying her bottom lip with her teeth, wringing her fingers in tension.

I cup the back of her head, pulling her face to look up at me. “What did I tell ya? Hm?”

I brought my blood stained fingers up to my nose and inhaled the intoxicating heady metallic smell of her. I caught her eye and pinned her with a glare so intense she wouldn’t be able to break free.

“I got you,” I whisper, reminding her that with me, she doesn’t have to worry her pretty little head with absolutely anything.

With the incessant banging on the door in the background, I make sure that she watches me as I bring my fingers to my mouth, close my lips around them, and suck.

Callie’s eyes doubled in size and from her throat comes a sound that’s between an ached whimper and a surprised cry.

I released her, backing away until I reach the door while maintaining eye contact with her. Deep laughter erupted low from my chest at her reaction, her face contorted with worry and blushing red at the same time. But god, those eyes.

Curiosity swirls around them, intrigue. Interest.

“Abe, you shouldn’t,” she began, taking a step towards me. She didn’t tell me to stop. Didn’t tell me I can’t. She’s letting me know what she thinks. That she knows I’m not allowed to be doing what I’m doing… or am I?

I held one finger up, asking her to wait as I suck one final time, giving my fingers a few more licks in between for good measure.

“Delectable,” I murmur loud enough so she could hear, grinning at her from ear to ear. The satisfying gasp that broke free of her plump lips threatened to put me under another lust filled fog. I closed my eyes shut slowly to cease the growth of the beast inside of me.

I release a heavy breath, hold the door handle, preparing to unlock it, when the voice that called from the other side had both of us frozen.

Now that, is one shitty way to end my beautiful morning.


Author’s Note:

Hi again, everybody 🤗 So, this chapter is supposed to be published next week but it just didn’t feel right to post the previous one without this one, too. It felt incomplete to me, so here you go ☺️ This one's a bit longer and I hope you like it 🙈

Shout out to @xxh0rnyb00xx 😆 Thank you for reviewing this story 🥰

Happy reading everyone and see you on the next update 😘 Stay safe 🌹


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