The Gentiles

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Hi everyone! 🤗 How are you all doing? I hope you're all doing well 🌹

Thank you for reading the previous chapter 🥰 Back to Callie and Harry, huh? 😆 We'll get to see everything that Abe wanted to know so badly 🤭 I hope you liked it 🙈 That being said, I just want to put a disclaimer for the next chapter's content.

The next chapter contains a scene with a fetish. I am not sure how many people are okay with fetishes but just to put it out there, we have this disclaimer. What kind of fetish, well, that's what I'm on the fence about disclosing 😅 I don't want to spoil the whole chapter but I also want to be transparent to all of you. I would say that this fetish does not border to the extremes but there could be people who might be troubled by it, nonetheless. So, there we go 😆 There'll be a fetish on the next chapter... among other things 👀 So please stay tuned on the next update 🤗

I hope you all have a great week 🥰

Stay safe 🌹


Ama ❤️

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