The Gentiles

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I knew I should’ve stopped him. But I craved his touch, his affection, after being used to it all my life. Harry was the one person who was always there for me. My parents, sure. Though it was dad who I felt closer to, I’ve always thought that mom did care for me in her own way. However, I didn’t feel the same connection with them that I had with Harry. And to get intimate with him this way made my attachment to him become stronger.

At the back of my mind, a voice was screaming at me to do something, anything, to stop this madness. It’s wrong in all sense of the word and it would ruin the both of us. It would be worse for him who had to work his way to establish firm roots. I knew how his dreams of giving his mom a perfect life had been his number one priority. This would destroy that. I could very well be the cause of his downfall.

“What are we doing?” I barely got the words out. My voice was breathy, strained.

I didn’t want to.

I wanted to.

His warm lips latched on my neck, gently sucking. Electricity lit up my whole being like a fuse dancing submerged underwater. His warm exhale and huge hands stimulated every corner of my body, sending delicious waves of desire up my arching spine.

“What we always do,” he murmured on my skin. “This is us, Callie. This is who we are.”

I pushed at his chest. My throat constricted at his words and the accusation spilled out of my mouth before I could stop myself. “What we’re doing…” My head shook from side to side. “We’re not supposed to be doing this, right? I mean, you have a girlfriend. You should be doing this to her… Right?” Saying that formed a huge lodge in my throat. Pierced a knife in my chest, past my ribcage, straight to the organ that pumps my blood, the same blood that flows through his veins.

“I’m… I’m,” I struggled to say it even though there’s nothing but the truth to it.

Before, saying we were related was not something difficult to admit, to acknowledge. But now, with his hands on my body and his lips hovering over mine, shiny and wet from dancing with mine… We’re treading through a dangerous territory and the admission that we were cousins would dissipate this fog that we shrouded ourselves in .

“I’m your - ”

“You’re the love of my life,” Harry finished for me and my heart leapt from it’s confinement. His words were as loud as the thumping of our chests, as clear as the intensity of his gaze that bore into mine. I was hooked, imprisoned, hypnotized. With that, the veil lifted but the two of us were still suspended in the heat of the moment. Hanging onto the impossible, the forbidden.

I wanted to scream, tell him not to play with me, but I was very well acquainted with this honesty. This had to be unreal. It had to be.

“But,” I wet my dry lips nervously. Afraid that if I continued, I’d wake up from my delusion or worse, he’d suddenly take his words back. “Hannah…”

Harry looked at me funny. “What about her?”

I kept my lips sealed.

There was clear desperation in his voice. “Fuck, baby” he gritted. “You know it’s just you. Only you…”

His lips pressed into my forehead, soft and shaky.

“Always you.”

Harry dragged his kisses between the valley of my breasts, down my covered stomach, and stopping just above my mound. He pulled my night dress up, his eyes locked into mine as he did. Waiting, asking, confirming. With my thighs finally revealed, his mouth hovered on its insides and I was hyperventilating. I was still bleeding down there, not so much but he may as well caught a whiff of it. It was embarrassing and exciting at the same time. This not having been done to me before made me want to know what’s gonna happen next. I was scared and nervous but curiosity fought against any doubt that lingered.

The hairs on my skin prickled when Harry’s nose pressed against my panties and I felt him sniff me, causing a raging heat to creep up my cheeks. I’d have closed my thighs shut if it weren’t for his solid hold. His nose tickled as he stroke it down my knee until it reached my ankle. His breath was almost balmy, prickling every fiber of my skin, as I felt his labored inhales and exhales. He bit his lower lip, surveying my foot this way and that. A strange feeling surfaced out of my body. It unfurled all over me until it reached the tips of my fingers leaving pins and needles.

One of his thick eyebrows cocked at me, his mischievous eyes glinted in the dark, and I knew what he was about to do before his tongue flitted out of his smirking mouth and took a long lick on the sole of my foot.

“Harry!” I breathed out. The tickling sensation of his warm tongue coupled with the cold caused by both the floor and the spilled milk sent shivers down my spine. Every hair on my body stood erect, prickling.

Trying to squirm away, I was both mortified and excited by the action. His retaliation was to hold my ankle captive and angling my sole higher up his face. He pushed my leg towards me, folding it to my body and pressing my thighs against my torso.

I bit on my lip as a cry almost tore out of me when Harry’s tongue lapped the milk off my heel. I felt the rub of his stubble as he whirled his way up and between my toes before he took one in his mouth and sucked. My body felt the vibration of his groan and I felt myself gush, holding on for dear life with my sweaty palms on the smooth marble countertop.

Harry popped my big toe out of his mouth. “This little piggy went to market.”

“You shouldn’t,” I whimpered, pulling my foot from him. It’s dirty and disgusting. He quickly grabbed it back.

“This little piggy,” he continued, ignoring my tiny mewls. His teeth bit into my index toe, drawing out a gasp from me. “Stayed home.”

I averted my gaze downwards, too embarrassed to watch Harry with his eyes closed and his mouth doing such things on my sensitive toes. Oh god. His free hand slid up my other thigh, squeezing and kneading my flesh. The span of his outspread fingers completely swallowed the width of my thigh and the sight alone was sending static directly at my core. He ascended higher until his thumb reached my groin.

Harry moved on to the next toe and flicked his tongue underneath it before giving it one hard pull with his lips.

“This little piggy had sushi,” came his voice, which was getting deeper and deeper by the second. The reference to my favorite food would have been sweet if he wasn’t doing something… naughty at the moment. Oh my. The realization hit me as a freight train would, making my head throb with awareness. I was doing something naughty with Harry.

His teeth then nibbled the second to the last toe playfully. “And this little piggy had none.”

His lips closed on my little toe the same time he cupped my crotch. I choked on my breath, panting. Harry timed his licks with the rubbing he was doing against me. I was sure he could feel my sanitary pad but despite that barrier, it felt as though his hands had burned through against my… pussy.

“I don’t know, baby. Anything like shopping for clothes and talking about boys, not waxing yourself raw I could see your plump pink pussy lips without any hindrance,” was what he told me when he saw me bare and totally opened wide in my bathroom while I cleaned myself up. I felt perspiration drip down my temples to my neck.

“This little piggy,” he groaned with my toe between his teeth.

I felt his touch as if it was directly massaging my pussy lips.


Harry sucked harder, twirled his tongue faster. His fingers worked in the same rhythm and clusters of stars appeared in my vision. I threw my head back, gasping for air as an intense explosion wracked through my body. From a distant part of my mind, I heard Harry grunt deeply, as if out of breath himself.

With one long pull of his teeth, he released my toe, leaving it tingling. He moved between my spread legs, his open lips came up to mine and we were both out of breath, both gusting hot puffs of air on each other’s face. Partly, I was glad my glasses condensed. I wouldn’t have had to deal with the way Harry must be looking at me. On one end, I was irked. I hate not being able to see what’s going on around me especially when black dots begin to dance in my line of sight matching the building sensation from my lower belly.

“All cleaned up, baby,” Harry whispered on my mouth.

I grabbed his shoulder, my nails digging on his hard muscle. This wasn’t like when I touch myself. Harry didn’t even make contact with my clitoris yet the texture of my pad as his fingers rubbed against it sent delicious waves of pleasure to that little nub. I didn’t know you could do that. But it was mainly had something to do with him his tongue on me, slicked and hot and wet.

“What?” My view wasn’t the only thing fogged, my mind, too.

His tongue flicked my upper lip. “You said it’s dirty, so I cleaned it.”

I cringed. I didn’t mean to say that out loud.

“Licked all that spilled milk from your sweet foot, sweetheart. Now, what will you say?”

My body almost jolted out of the counter if it wasn’t for Harry taking a quick action to brand his arm around my waist and pull me flush against his body.

“What will you say, Callie?” he demanded. He rubbed his naked chest on mine and, oh my, I felt the hardness of his damp muscles, his hard nipples, pressed against my breasts.

In spite of the blinding rush that swept though me, I’d kept in mind not to make too much noise and somehow suppressed my scream, which resulted in a high pitched and breathy moan, “Thank you…”

With my arm hanging limp on his broad shoulder, my head lolled on the other, I fought to catch my breath and regain my senses. No, it was never like this when I masturbate by myself. I never felt like a withered flower, dehydrated and limp and utterly tired. Upright, I stayed seated, only because of the arms that hug me to a steady body.

There was also struggle in Harry’s breathing but at least he was not about to pass out. His lips grazed my collar, plunging down past the neckline of my night gown and settling on the top of my breast. There, he bit and sucked again and again. I alternated between whimpers and moans depending on the hurt and pleasure he was giving. It was lazy and slow. Like a leisurely walk in the park.

Gradually and so fluidly that I did’t notice it at first, Harry’s hips began to thrust against me. The friction he was creating was starting to heat up my core once again and I trembled. I didn’t think I had the energy to get to that high again and explode. I was all spent up.

He began to grunt louder and louder. Luckily, I’d have recovered slightly from the haze to be alarmed. When he ignored my warning call, I tangled my fingers in his thick, sweaty hair and pulled.

Dark blue eyes dilated, wild and flustered, Harry stared back at me, right into my soul and back into the locked up recesses of my heart. He scooped me up in his arms and carried me out of the kitchen. There was a slight wobble in his step but I knew him all too well to know he wouldn’t have wanted any mention of it. He’d just deny any pain, as stubborn as he is. And apparently, although he always does with me, he wouldn’t want me to worry about him.

There weren’t any further hesitations. Before I knew it, we were on the second landing and I was very much wary of my parents sleeping in the master bedroom at the end of the hall. My heartbeat immediately spiked up, and my ears began ringing.

Were they even sleeping? Maybe they’re still up, working. There were times, I remembered, when I’d go to bed with mom busy with a lot of papers and calls, then waking up to her still up wearing the same clothes with her hair in the same updo, still holding a bunch of folders and envelopes talking over the phone.

Was she aware that I’d gone downstairs? Did she know that Harry followed?

I glanced up at him but I didn’t know what to make of the expression on his face. Was he worried that my parents would know about what happened in the kitchen? Apparently not, at least that wasn’t what he was smirking about.

“Now the other foot,” he murmured darkly in my ear as he opened the door to his room.


Author’s Note:

Hi, everyone 🤗

Here it is the kitchen scene 😆 I hope you like it 🥰 So, these two, huh? 👅🦶🙈 What do you think about it?

As always, thank you for reading and I hope to see you all on the next update 🥰

Stay safe 🌹


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