The Gentiles

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My hands vibrate.

Clenched in tight fists, the fingers that dig in my palms make my short nails bite into them. I could almost feel my knuckles ready to pop, jaw shut so tight that me teeth are on the brink of shattering. I force my eyes shut, breathing in and out through my nose heavily to attempt a semblance of calm. I tremble at the sinking feeling that pounds my head to an unbearable beat.

I would crash that door.

I don’t think I’d be able to hold back but I try to remind myself that I could be wrong with my assumptions. Last night didn’t go as planned. The unexpected appearance of both uncle Ted and aunt Mich rattled my already fragile control, my mind heavy with thoughts of what that bastard was probably doing to my girl. First thing that came to my mind was that they knew. That they somehow found out about the lustful feelings I’m harboring for their daughter and that I was about to be convicted, arrested by the same officers I’d sought help to find her, my dream taken away from me. It could easily just burn to the ground. One mistake, one slip up, and I could lose everything.

I have to be more cautious. More vigilant. My future is coming soon and if I want it to be the way I’d always envisioned it, I should do better. Now not just only for my mom but for my girl. Could it really be possible for us to be together? Could I really make it happen?

Fuck, I will. Of course I will.

When she returned back to me, no matter how I’d wanted to squeeze her tightly against me air would leave her lungs, I restrained myself. Forced my heart back to my chest, cursing the little fucker for beating so loud I was positive all the people in the room can hear it except her. She never seem to realize or understand the strength of what I feel for her.

Why do we move one step forwards, two steps back? Just when I thought I’d made progress and she started to give in, I sense a hesitation in her eyes, her body, her heart. It was always because of my stupid ass, I know. But what am I supposed to do when her parents were a mere feet away from us? I knew I’d have crushed those full lips with mine, wrapped my arms in her soft, thick tresses, and tangled my depraved tongue with her hot, needy one. I wouldn’t have cared who was there. My fear of losing her forever was the only thing that kept me rooted on my spot even as I saw the hurt and betrayal so present in her beautiful eyes. I’m still haunted by them but what I did I had to do to still have an open future for us.

The soft padding of her feet on the carpeted floor might have been imperceptible to most but I was aware of everything about her. Following those light steps into a cool dark room had my body temperature rising, my eyes alert and the prickling of my skin aware of her very presence.

One glance was all it took, a look of vulnerability and sadness. Things of which I had caused. And I couldn’t bear it. It was heaven every time I lose myself in her.

Completely the opposite of the hell I was beginning to feel like I’m beginning to enter. I squeezed my eyes shut and knock.

No answer.

She has to be there. She has to.

I hit the door harder, already knowing how I’d let my knuckles crack before I give up. My breathing escalates as the rapping sound does, and my eyes burn with anger.

“Callie.” My voice is hard and firm. If she doesn’t open up this second, I don’t fucking care who hears but I’d crash this barrier that keeps her from me.


It might as well be someone else who shouted. I didn’t even recognize my own voice. I cringe inwardly. Never did I call her with such venom. I know I was heard. There is no way my tone wouldn’t go unnoticed bounding off the empty space. My anger is not directed towards her, however. It’s at myself for letting this happen.

Sucking her foot off was the best thing I’ve ever done to her and I should have known that it will cost me something. Oh how good things must always end, how the wheel must always turn so you’re always guaranteed a trip at the bottom. This is why I don’t hope so high. The crash always hurt worse than the free fall.

Because no matter how you think you’re flying, it’s always just falling. And there’s no destination but on the hard cold ground.

An ache so far away seem to jolt my arm, and I raise my head to see that true enough, I’d cut the skin on my knuckles. There’s blood on the door and despite my fury, I feel guilty of possibly worrying Callie. So I lay the ball of my palm on the flat surface in front of me and push.

“Fucking open the door, sweetheart,” I seethe, a lump in my throat forming as I refrain from raising my voice again. When all that meets me was silence from the other side, my fingers curl into a fist as I put my arms down and look up the ceiling.

So help me, god.

I hurriedly pick up the key from downstairs and rush back up sliding it smoothly on the lock even though my hands are shaking.

From fear of what I might find on the other side.

From anger of the prospect of her truly leaving me.

But no way in hell I’d back out now.

Once the key turned and the knob revolved, I don’t hesitate to swing the door fully. My breath catches.

I may have just truly lost her.

Blurry from the moisture I couldn’t control, my eyes continue to stare at the shattering sight in front of me. My Callie. My girl. My sweetheart. My baby.

She left.

She left me yet again.

After we cuddled all night long, falling in each other’s arms with her breathing lulling me to a peaceful sleep. It’s a nightmare to wake up to the empty space she had been in, only to find out it has turned worse looking at the stillness of her room.

I know who she is with. And, if my gut is correct, there’s one place she’d head off to. Is it their secret place? Where they’d meet and… and…

I couldn’t even complete the thought without the risk of popping a vein in my temple. I need to keep cool, be level headed. Baby, here I come.

Sprinting to my bathroom, I quickly stripped off my sweatpants and jumped into the shower. I move quickly and got ready in ten minutes, if not less. I grab my keys and head downstairs. It’s dead quiet. I knew Callie had left. The air buzzed and I feel the hairs on my skin rise. Walking to the kitchen where I fucking came hard just from worshipping Callie’s pretty little toes with my mouth, my body remember the feel of hers quite well. It makes her leaving all the more shitty.

“Don’t leave,” I told her as I tightened my embrace around her body. “Stay with me.”

The beat that followed made me nervous but I was mollified when she said quietly, “Yes.”

But you still did.

Oh, Callie. Should I show you what will happen if you keep on disobeying me?

A flash of yellow catches my attention. Gone for an early meeting. Be back at night for dinner at Uncle Kenny’s. Mom and Dad.

Aunt Mich wrote this. It’s apparent from the lack of terms of endearment which uncle Ted often scribbles down on his notes. Not to mention the script looks almost like it was printed out and not handwritten. One can see where Callie got her perfect penmanship from. It was either inherited or acquired, and when I said acquired I meant imposed. Inflicted.

Good. They’re both gone. My lucky ass don’t need to be worried about being heard losing my shit. They probably left early to travel to the city and come back here in time for dinner. I’m not even sure they discussed their daughter. Their room was deadly quiet last night when I checked last night. Just to be sure. Before I followed Callie and eventually ended up living one of my fantasies. Damn her foot is divine.

A shiver harrows my entire body going straight to the length of my cock. Shit. What her smooth, delicious, slender feet do to me.

My eyes flash at the note again.


That damn dinner that I agreed to. It’s an unexpected family reunion with the arrival of both uncle Ted and aunt Mich. Ane said Nana will come. Would Abe be there, too?

I hurry out the door and into my car, revving the engine like my life depends on it. I need to get to her first, then I’d manage the rest later. Going against my normal speed, I stepped on it and pray to god my hunch was correct.

Passing by other cars and nearing my location, a thought had my face scrunching up. Who the hell did Callie even hitch a ride with? Not with Fely, for sure. Jared is skipping school today and she probably will, too. If not, she’d be going with her father because they took her car for maintenance yesterday.

Fucking fuck. I steadied the wheel and flew past a lagging minivan.

When will this day end? I’ve reached my quota of fucking curse words and it’s not even past eight.


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