The Gentiles

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“It’s that new teacher,” Callie whisper nervously. The look on her face went from red and blushing to pale and deathly. I frown in irritation. That stupid asshole. I was responsible for making Callie hot and heavy. How he’d managed to replace it with fear annoys me. Her round eyes widen, her breathing, short. Moments ago she was panting for another different reason. My cock jerks ate the memory. I could still feel her. Shit, how did I even end up here? I know I have no business messing around with this girl but I’m already in hell with a one-way ticket, so might as well enjoy the ride.

I sigh heavily. “Relax, baby. Just shut your delicious lips and let me do the talking.”

I’m quite impressed that she recognized the voice when she only met him yesterday morning. She has a sharp hearing that would be perfect for spying.

Stop it. Don’t even go there.

Her big blue eyes dart at me as she nod. Damn, she was too distracted by the interruption that my comment didn’t even make her embarrassed as it should. Instead, her forehead creases with the worry that is also evident in her lip biting. Smooth, juicy lips that moments ago were in my mouth getting eaten. The sound that escaped from them is my newest obsession. Apart from her taste. And her smell. And her touch. If Callie is an addiction, I’d be happy to die on overdose.

This girl had me. When she look at me all scared, searching my face for reassurance, my stupid chest can’t help but constrict. She should know that I’d take care of this and learn to lean on me from now on. I’d never let her down. I’m fucking reliable.

The tingly metallic taste of her bleeding pussy is still fresh in my tongue and my mouth water, hungry for more. I’ve never had anything better. This right here is the fucking best. The chef’s special in a five-star hotel. I can’t wait to have more.

Another loud bang make her jump closer to me and my arm automatically wrap around her tense shoulders. I swear to god, when I get this motherfucker alone, I would break his nose for scaring my little nymph. So much for her first orgasm with me. Being caught may take the feeling of high away, replaced with something negative.

Begrudgingly, I yank the door open. Seeing Carter’s grinning douche of a face a second before he masked it had my fist clenching, aching to connect with his square jaw. Wearing a perfectly pressed blue (or gray? Shit, am I turning colorblind?) shirt and brown trousers, the idiot look more than passable as a teacher. His hands are in his pockets, his lip ring as well as the barbel on his right eyebrow were taken off, leaving barely visible marks of piercings on his olive skin. He’d no doubt left the pool house not long after I did, I’m just not sure how he’d left Holly.

That woman is a firecracker, not to be kept under a leash. But she’s smart. She knew what situation she’s in. She’s gonna have to trust at least Carter, if not the both of us, if she wanted to make it to the end unscathed. No matter how fucking unbearable the guy could be sometimes. All right, all the time.

“Good morning, kids,” he greets in a fake grave voice.

Get ready to have your ass kicked later, you cockblocker.

As if hearing my murderous thoughts, he turn to me. “Mister… Cristo , is it?”

My fingers curl around Callie’s shoulder, squeezing. I need her to anchor me or else my fist would come flying to this prick’s smug face. I feel her hand on the small of my back, pulling at my shirt, and I smirk before the blood rushing down straight to my already hard cock make me scrunch up my face. Such a bad time to get an erection. Carter’s eyes sparkle with interest.

He turn his amused gaze toward Callie, his gaze sweeping quickly down her body before coming back to her face and staying there. That’s right, fucker. You should even have looked at her. If it weren’t for Callie and her touch, this shithead would have been dead already. Though, I can’t wait to have him alone so I could gouge his eyes out of his sockets for so much as looking at her.

“And Miss Lane.”

Callie’s body stiffens. “Hi, Mister Bolin.”

I hate that she said his name in her sweet little voice. “What do you want?” I scowl.

Carter ignored me, his attention fully on my girl.

“Almost time for class. What are you doing up here?”

He’s enjoying her discomfort, the fucker. I’m about to snap at him. Callie looks like a deer caught in headlights. For a girl like her who’s never been on the wrong, it must be mortifying being caught by her teacher. Carter might have suspected already what had transpired here but she doesn’t know that and she doesn’t have to.

Moving her behind me, I fold my arms, leveling Carter’s gaze. “What the fuck do you want?”

With him out of Callie’s sight, Carter smile broadly. His shoulders vibrate with silent laughter. It’s as if he’s provoking me. He knows very well Callie and I have been messing around. Hell, I would be surprised if he didn’t get a whiff of her sweet arousal. It still clouds my senses.

I take one step forward, raising one arm to deliver a strike. Nothing heavy, just something to wake Carter up. He seem to have left his wits between Holly’s legs this early morning, if the disgusting sounds coming from the room they were both in were any indication.

“Abe”, a soft whisper plead on my back. Callie’s hands gently land on my waist and that burning desire that I can’t seem to quench every time she’s around flares as if being fed. She’s just worried about me talking to the supposed fucking teacher the way I did, but what she doesn’t realize is she’s averting the growing anger building up inside of me and directing it towards her, transforming into something more primal, carnal. Still bright and burning, something that screams destruction. She should know this is a dangerous place she’s tiptoeing into and I should warn her about it, about me. But there is no retribution for a sinner like me.

I’d take it out on her. It’s only a matter of time. Honestly, I’m both excited and afraid. The former is expected while the latter, I know would not stop me.

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