The Gentiles

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I glare back at Carter and he meets my eyes with apprehension. He understood. No more fucking around. He set this shoulders and give a short, heavy, sigh.

With his head tilted up the sky as if asking for patience, the fucker, he says in an even tone, “First period will start in five minutes. I suggest you carry on and find your seat, Miss Lane.”

Thank fuck. Callie relaxes in my arms and all is right in the world again. With a quick peck on her temple, I went back for her stuff and hold them tightly in one hand. Maybe I can sneak a little tongue sucking before we go to class. Another squeeze on her perfect ass. Will she let me grope her tits? I won’t take too long. I just need to feel their softness in my fingers to calm me. Fuck. I wonder how she’d feel. Firm yet soft. I’m so sure of it.

Before my hands wander on their own, I pull her back against me again and rub her upper arm. I start to lead her towards the stairs.

“Not so fast, Cristo.”

My nostrils flare as I turn my head to Carter. I swear to fucking Satan…

The urgent look in his face make me hold that thought. He jerk his head to the side as a form of signal and my gut clenches.

There’s word. I need to go.

Shit. I don’t think I can leave Callie like this. The churning in my stomach tells me I shouldn’t but fuck it. I don’t have any choice.

“I need you in the guidance counselor’s office.”

For the idiot that he is, he came up with a pretty decent cover.

Callie grabs my arm. “Mr. Bolin. We weren’t doing anything wrong. We’re not gonna skip class, I swear. We’re just having breakfast.”

I stare at her with wide eyes, my brows furrowing. Nobody has stood up for me before apart from my sister and even I know that it doesn’t count. Now, my chest beats faster and faster as I feel the same weight that tethers me to Ane with Callie. I scrunched up my face and shake her hand away. I couldn’t look at her right now. My shit is going haywire. Too beautiful. She’s too fucking beautiful it’s hurting me right in the guts.

“Go to class,” I order her.

Her hurt face is like a slap on my face. Shit. I try to soften my voice. “I’ll be back. Don’t worry.”

With those Pacific Ocean blue eyes looking up at me, it makes it harder not to keep rooted on the spot. I had to look away. “Wait for me.”

Carter met my gaze and nods. I have to leave. Now. I need to.

Without a single glance back, I hurry past Carter down the stairs.


I hurry, ignoring her soft, pleading voice.

“Let’s get you to class, Ms. Lane,” I hear Carter’s voice echo and the need to bust his stupid lip surges through me once more. Damn him for using a fucking sweet tone on her. I clench my jaw and hasten up. My phone vibrates in my pocket and I pull it out harshly. I need to focus. Always thought I was one step ahead but that ambush that nearly costed me everything I’m trying so desperately to build was a huge ice bucket.

“Abe, wait!”

I hear her footsteps. Shit. The little nymph is running after me. Turn around, Callie. Turn the fuck back around or I’ll eat you up. I’ll fucking eat you.

My pace was steady until I reached my car where I faltered and panted. I rev the engine and I don’t release a sigh of relief until I’m a good kilometer away from the angel that has my senses drowned. Trying to even my breath, I find it hard to tame the wild beating against my chest. That girl is trouble. She’d have me wrapped in her tiny little finger in no time. Hook, line and sinker.

You asshole, my inner voice whispers at me, chuckling. Who says you aren’t already?

This place. Fuck. Who would have even guessed? Then again, most of the time, it’s the cleanliest ones who are the dirtiest. I rounded the huge driveway and parked right in front of the unnecessary huge ass double doors. I know where I’m supposed to go but I couldn’t help but leave my car where it shouldn’t be.

I hope this won’t take too long. I’m already regretting leaving my little nymph with Carter. If he could go, he would, but Randall needed me. Maybe I could’ve brought Callie along and kept her in my apartment while I sort things out here? Fuck. When did I resort to locking someone up to keep them with me?

Actually… that’s not such a bad idea, now that I think about it.

Instead of knocking on the giant doors, I make my way on the pebbled path to the right of the mansion. Mansion. More like a fucking palace. The door near to the office is this way. My steps falter when I heard laughter in the distance. Shit on a fucking stick. The brat is here. Why am I even surprised?


I swear my eardrums bleed every time I hear that shriek. I didn’t even bother to be stealthy. I just want this over with. My feet are itching to run away, back to my car then into that prissy place they call high school. I must be messed up in the head so bad to be wanting to go back there but it isn’t so much the place as the person who’s the reason why I somehow have established roots for the first time ever, since I saw the man I call father fucking a girl who’s not my mother in my own sister’s bedroom. The shock. The denial. The rage. The sadness and desperation that came after after a barrage of truth slapped me in the face. Not that I have any emotions left for that bullshittery. It’s one of the reasons why I keep on keeping on. Why now, even as this spoiled, evil little minx wraps her arms around me, I don’t recoil and return her hug with one of my own. Almost sick at the smell of her expensive perfume and the smell of money on her, I force myself to grin when she pulls back and looks up at me with glinting eyes.

Remind me again why I fucked my boss’s daughter. Not just twice or double that. The last time I bed her… damn. It was before I moved places. She’d promised then she’d find a way to be closer and lo and behold. She got daddy to buy her another doll house.

“Hey, Nik.” I hope my reluctance is not that much obvious.

She raises one eyebrow, already catching on my facade. Anika is just too damn smart for her own good. I’d be surprised if she didn’t take on the reigns of her father’s dealings when the time comes. Well, if she even discovers it. Hopefully, I’d have found what I’m looking for then and would be long gone before she turns me into one of her sex slaves and fuck my dick raw.

Her arms lower to her sides and she cocks her head. The picture of a girl-next-door. Never would’ve fooled me. Then her fingers grazes my groin when she turns to her father who just rose from his lounging chair by the pool and is now making his way towards us. A shiver ran through my body at the contact but not for a good reason. My stomach churns and I actually feel like I’m about to vomit. I restrain myself from lashing out at her and schooled my features to remain neutral.

“I’ve missed you,” she openly tells me in a sing song voice.

I wonder if her father has got any idea of his daughter’s wild sexual escapades. Even now in her light pink demure swimsuit that is not even showing her torso, she looks like the princess she has everyone fooled. If I didn’t know any better, and man, do I know a whole of a lot more than just that, I wouldn’t have guessed this sweet little beauty has probably had more sex than me. Daddy’s little girl, huh? I trust that Randall truly believes his daughter is Virgin Mary incarnate. Still, however close they really are, Nik is just too good a player to be playing the field as long and as well as she does without her daddy growing suspicion. Like father, like daughter, I guess. Nik is just as clueless as to what her beloved daddy’s real deal is as Randall is to his daughter’s mischief.

Well, at least the reason is obvious why she bans daddy kink play in her bedroom even though she’s game for just about anything under the sun. Not that I even dared to try it. Carter the little whiny bitch kissed and told on her. He was just upset she rejected his attempt at dominance.

Another touch landed on me, this time on my ass. The gesture makes my skin crawl. I couldn’t stop myself and I immediately sidestepped to create distance between me and her. Nik notices as evident in the way she hastily pulls her hand to her chest, her ponytail bouncing as she jerked her head at me. I caught her eyes staring daggers at me, and begin to wonder when they had lost their appeal. She has such tantalizing clear green orbs that could make any man weak as it once did me, but right now, I feel nothing but self-loathing thinking about the fact that I used to touch her.

You know it’s more than a touch, you son of a bitch. Fuck my conscience to pick this time to guilt me even more.

Before either Nik or I can react to my elusion, Randall has reached us, clapping me firmly on the back as a greeting

“In my office.”

No unnecessary chit chat. Straight to the point. It’s one of the many scaffolding that supports the tenacious wall that makes up the ruthless man standing in front of me. Without so much as a glance at his daughter, I follow him towards the house.

“I’ll be here waiting, B-abe-y”

My spine goes rigid at the promise. The way Nik pronounces baby emphasizes my name in the middle. She drags it out, the first and last letters almost silent. I’ve always hated it. Now, I detest it even more. Her daddy thought it’s just harmless flirtation. How would he react if he found out I’ve already had my way with her? I had to. Otherwise, it would be vice versa and the brat would’ve taken what I’m not willing to give. I swear, whoever will get stuck with her has got to keep a tight watch. Nobody is as wild as the spoiled daughter of the Senate President.

My face scrunches as I pass the huge patio doors. I realize that I have to talk to the girl who, for her entire life, is used to getting her way to stay out of mine.

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