Troubled Waters, Idle Minds

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I stayed for a good five minutes with my head leaned towards the toilet trying to focus my attention on the feeling in my stomach. Now that I’m away from everyone, I felt myself calming down more and more. I don’t feel like I was about to retch anymore and the constricting in my throat eases, opening up my airway as well. My chest expanded when I took a deep breath, holding it in for a few seconds before releasing it slowly. I let go of my hair I’d pulled up in a ponytail with my fist and flushed the toilet even though I didn’t use it. Out of habit. I washed my hands thoroughly afterwards.

Grabbing a couple of tissue, I dab at my damp face, the upper lip sweat that had formed there, and the back of my knees which had also perspired. I closed the bathroom door behind me and froze. I didn’t really wanna go back downstairs. Well, at least not yet. I want fresh air, but in order to get outside, I’d have to pass the dining area. It’s in the middle of every room, like a centerpiece. My head tells me to just suck it up and just get down. They’re all probably done eating. After cleaning up, we’ll prepare for game night which is scrabbles for tonight. Surely, my mishap would’ve been forgotten and I’d also feel more comfortable as we play.

I also want to ask Harry how his phone call went. What did they tell him? Is it all good? Did he tell everyone already? Is everyone now celebrating not one but two successful college applications? As soon as the thought entered my mind, the emotions hit me. Like Ane, Harry will be leaving this year for uni.

This troubled heart of mine reels from disappointment. Not at the situation but at myself I sighed. The way I never seem to do anything right in the eyes of my own mother nags at the back of my mind and I was scared that when it’s time for me to venture on my own, I’d fail and disappoint her again. When I do well, there was silence. Yet when I stumble even just the slightest bit, the roar was deafening and I’d have to live with the mistake for the rest of my life, getting reminded of it constantly.

A muffled and very impressionable fuck caught my ears while I was still debating whether to go down or not. I had half a mind to ignore it and just face my family when another low grunt came from the same direction. It was through two doors from the bathroom. I followed the sound, trying to keep my steps as light as possible. The door was slightly ajar, which explains why I was able to hear the sounds from the inside.

I know I shouldn’t be snooping around like this in someone else’s house even though they’re family. My mother taught me better than that. But I can’t help myself. I’d do anything to stall to face everyone again.

Another rumble of sound comes through, a pained one. I frowned, worried. Manners thrown to the side, I gingerly pushed the door open.

The room was bright with white lights on, decorated with soft pastel colors. The walls are a soft pink, the floors are carpeted light gray. An eggshell white four-poster bed have thin sky blue and baby pink canopy. The pillows are satin pale pink, baby blues, min green and pastel yellow, laying on a white bedsheet. On top of the white blanket splayed neatly with very little creases, is a soft, thick pink quilt. The bed side tables were made from the same eggshell white wood as the bed, with a pretty swan lamp on top of one and a pink fuzzy notebook which I could only assume was a diary. Beside it is a family photo of my uncle and aunt with Abe and Ane. They were in a carnival, standing behind a carousel. It was from a long time ago, with Abe sitting on uncle Ken’s shoulders holding a wad of blue cotton candy, and Ane being hugged close by aunt Denise on her side, and in her hand was an identical cotton candy but pink.

Gaze traveling to where the sound is coming from, I slowly took in the view. My breath caught, eyes bulging.

I wasn’t able to take in anything other than the fact that, with his pants shoved down to his ankles and the wrinkled tail of his dark blue shirt covering his bottom, my uncle Ken was thrusting his hips violently against a chest of drawers. He has a hand curled at the edge of one opened drawer, the other was out of sight, lowered to his front, his… crotch. I have a very good idea of what he was doing.

The lump in my throat bobbed twice. I can’t take my eyes off of him. As if hypnotized by the jerky movements of his hips, I could do nothing but watch, heat slowly flooding my senses and warming my body. I hear soft panting and realized it was coming from me so I clasped a hand in my mouth, afraid of getting caught. There was a sudden movement at the other corner of the room in time with my gesture and I looked up in horror to find a full length mirror standing there. What’s even more mortifying was that the mirror reflected what was initially hidden from my view.

I’ve never seen a penis before. Not in real life and not up close. Well, not that I was super close to my uncle but I could very clearly see his being pumped in his hand, his fingers curled around the long, hard thickness of himself gliding up and down. I caught a glimpse of something tiny and shiny and pearly white between his hand and his manhood. He growled and I nervously shot my head up. Did he catch me?

He murmured the name low I’m not quite sure I heard him right. He couldn’t possibly have said - no. Not possible. She’s - my mind is playing tricks on me.


I swallowed hard. I came upon something even graver than what I’d first thought. With my heart in danger of coming out of my chest, I forced one foot to move but was halted by the voice of my uncle coming in a rasp.

“I’m cumming, Anie. Spread your ass wider for daddy.”

This time, although his voice was low, I heard it clearly enough. He definitely said Ane’s name.

My thighs quivered against my will and against all logic. I couldn’t help it, I chance a look at his face through the mirror and find his eyes shut, his lips parted, and his brows furrowed. Uncle Ken shuddered and his fist closed on the tip of his penis as he jerked his hips forward in short thrusts. The deep guttural sound coming from his throat did something to me and I was vaguely aware of my nippled hardening, my core tightening. My clitoris felt hot and I felt the crotch of my underwear clinging to me.

I’m wet.

Heaving, my uncle slid his hand one more time up and down his shaft before fisting the tip one final time. A small piece of cloth dangled in his hand as he let go of himself.


My head automatically looked up and my heart stopped at the reflection of his gaze staring at me through the mirror. His expression was hard and his lips form a tight line before the edges curved upwards in a menacing smirk.

“What a good little girl,” he grumbled. “Waiting for uncle Kenny to finish, not interrupting.”

I was too stunned to reply, my hand involuntarily clutching my neck. Uncle Ken growled.

“Get outta here, Callie. We can play later, if you want, just not now.”

I almost fell to my death hurriedly clambering down the stairs.


Author's note:

Hi everybody! 🤗

Season's greetings, everyone 🥳 Happy holidays and happy Christmas Eve! 🎄 I wish you all a cozy and peaceful holiday with your loved ones 🥰

I hope you like this update 🙈 I wanted to write even as we're all busy this time of the year and I really appreciate all of you who've been reading and patiently waiting for the next chapters 🥰 This is all for you guys 😆

Stay safe and warm 🌹


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