Troubled Waters, Idle Minds

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When I reached the last steps, I could hear my family getting settled in the living room. Nobody would see me all rattled up. The television was turned on with the all too familiar opening credits sound of Predator in the background. It’s a popular movie choice during family game time. Harry did promise to come after me so he must still be on the phone. He shouldn’t have been with them even if he finished with his call already. I passed the dining room, heading towards the kitchen so I could go through the back door where I assume Harry would be.

“What’s wrong?”

My body jerked backwards, a hand pulled me back by the elbow. I grunted, my back colliding to a hard body.

“What the fuck happened, Callie?”

I turned around and Abe eased his grip on me. His brows are knitted, and as dark and thick as they are, they almost form a unibrow. I would’ve laughed if I didn’t feel like I just ran a marathon.

“N-nothing,” I managed. Even my tone was breathy.

“The hell it’s nothing,” Abe snarled, making me jerk back.

He took in my reaction and softened his voice, but it was still husky. “Tell me.”

As he studies my face, I knew right then that I’d confess everything to him. Not just what I just witnessed from Ane’s bedroom. The lump in my throat bobs up and down and I parted my lips, ready to spill out my heart to him, because right now I just feel so overwhelmed, so full, that I need to drain myself whole. Yet the words are difficult to form, the air in my lungs seized, and my eyes held a panic that I might actually have gone crazy for real, unable to express the thoughts trapped inside my head.

Abe cupped his huge hand on the side of my face, his fingers tangling in my hair at the back of my head. I could smell copper and disinfectant, could feel the rough bandage sliding through my skin. Abe always seem to find trouble. Or maybe trouble just finds him. Anyway, he’s got another cut to add to his collection, I thought as my eyes drifted to his torso where the other one was hidden from view.

He smoothed his thumb on my cheekbone and I don’t know when he’d gotten closer to me but he’s all up in my face now, and it’s hard to tell where his breathing ends and mine begins.

The deep furrow in his brow creases more, his lips thinning as he pursed them. He nods at me, as if understanding my unspoken words. “Come.”

With his uninjured hand, Abe holds mine, pulling me towards the side of the house. The backyard was open, with a pool, lounging chairs, and a barbecue area complete with a table and bench set. The green grass was trimmed and there were flower beds and some shrubbery that decorated the landscape. The trees were all but scarce and only surrounds the edges of the fences in an attempt for privacy. The ones on the side of the house, however, were thicker and denser, a perfect place for concealment.

I gasped when Abe suddenly halted, leaning his back against the house. He pulled me to him and there I was standing between his dark jean clad legs. My hands landed on his chest for balance as he tugged me close, and I let his calm breathing even my own. He kept one of his hands on the small of my back as he reaches out and brush a hair out of my face, tucking the lock behind my ear. In this position with his knees bent, we’re almost eye to eye, though I still have to tilt my head up a little.

I liked it.

“You gonna talk to me now, baby?”

The sun has long since set from the horizon, only leaving its last rays splayed out in the sky before total darkness consumes the heavens.

Abe’s face was illuminated by this light, or rather lack thereof. It was like he was meant to be seen more in the dark. They say you can’t see light without the darkness but with Abe it’s the opposite. Even with a bright beacon, the shadow he casts is strong and palpable, meant to spread like a wildfire and consume, unapologetically, everything that dared to come close. It taints. Infects.

He waits for me, patiently, and I allow myself to return his stare, studying the crystal color of his eyes, dimming against the lack of light, his gaze seem to become more and more intensified by the second.

“You’re sweating,” Abe murmurs, swiping the back of his hand on my hairline. He tilted my head to the side, inspecting my injury, his face so close I could feel his hot breath on my hair. “You changed the dressing before you come here?”

“Yeah,” I replied in an equally quiet voice. Somehow, I know in my bones that the fact that Harry did it wouldn’t sit well with Abe, so I kept it to myself. “Just before we got here.”

Abe’s eyes narrowed. I gulped. He knew who we was. Without him telling me, I know the mention of Harry annoys him but I still failed to keep the fact that we arrived here together from him.

While I was glad that he let go of that, my heart beats nervously at his probing question.

“Why were you on a haste to get out of the house? Did something happen back there?”

Whoever thought Abe kept to himself and couldn’t be bothered with anything else around him should take a good, long look. The guy is observant and he sees things no other could’ve noticed. It’s dangerous being with him, not just because of his possible relations to notorious people but because he has a tendency to search and see right through you all down to the pretending and the lies and the weakness.

Of this, I’m most scared of him.

I leaned in his touch, feeling that rough cloth wrapped around his knuckles brush my face again. I frowned, holding his hand with both of mine.

“Did you clean this properly?” I asked, turning his huge hand this way and that. I saw him nod from the corner of my eye, not taking my gaze off his knuckles as I inspect the binding. I have to give him credit. It looks as neat as it could have done it with one hand, the knot tight and secured. But I’m still worried.

“You sure?” I prodded. “There could be tiny bits of glass left in there. Maybe we should get to the hospital - “

His lips caught mine, sucking the air from my brain and making me disoriented for a few seconds. It was a gentle brush, innocent at most, yet he lingered for a while, half mast eyes looking deep into me as he pulled back.

“I’m okay, baby,” he murmurs against my parted mouth. “Don’t worry your pretty head, hm?”

He rubs his lips softly against mine, barely touching and when I inhaled sharply, he chuckled. “You sure knew how to change the topic.”


His tone was teasing and I playfully shoved his shoulder which earned me a deep laugh. And I wanted to take a mental picture of him right now. Aside from the shallow wrinkles in his eyes, the sharp bone structure and the stubble on his face that he grew into, he looks like that boisterous boy he was back then, the one who’d always make fun of me and annoy me just for the heck of it.

“Of course, I’m worried. You’re hurt again.” My eyes dropped once more to his ribs where I helped him stitch a gash. I shuddered at the thought.

I was still holding on to his hand which back, I now realize, I was rubbing gently with my thumb. Without thinking, I press my lips on his knuckles. Daddy always does that, and so does Harry, whenever I get a small scratch or something. A kiss makes it less hurt. One kiss can take away the pain.

“I wish I’d helped you with this one, too, but…” I grimaced. I don’t really want to tell him how everyone at the table believed it was best that he was left alone to himself. Like Abe didn’t need someone to take care of him. Yes, he’s stubborn and always in a bad mood. He keeps everyone away but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

Bending at the waist, I lifted his black leather jacket to the side and pressed another kiss on top of his shirt, careful not to add pressure to his wound. I hear Abe’s breath catching but I paid it no mind. I smile to myself like an idiot, proud for whatever reason.

“There,” I announced, straightening myself. “All better.”

What emotion crosses Abe’s face as his demeanor changed made me flinch, but he was quick to yank me back up to him, fisting my hair, pulling hard and making my scalp sting.

I whimpered.

“Do not fucking do that again, Callie,” he growled to my ear, sending electrifying waves up my spine. Despite the pain he’s causing me, my body arched against his, chest against chest. My fingers curled at his shoulders, digging hard.

“Not in this fucking house,” he continued, dragging his nose to my temple, down my jaw and the soft pulse of my neck, inhaling me deeply, “with our grandmother and your parents just a few meters away from us.”

Abe turned my head to the side, trailing his tongue on the length of my neck from my collar bone up to my chin where his teeth nipped playfully.

I gasped.

“Don’t fucking push me,” he gritted out and I could hear his teeth grinding. His face came up to mine and my eyes widened at the intensity of his dark, hooded gaze.

Abe’s eyes landed on my panting lips and a resounding growl vibrated through his chest to mine. I felt his teeth dig in before I feel the hard suck of his mouth against my bottom lip as he pulled at it hard. His tongue swept inside, wild and uncontrolled, as he pry my lips wider with his. I whimpered against his mouth, the sound being swallowed by his grunts. I slid my hands to the sides of his neck, urging him to slow down, but he was insistent. Abe grabbed my butt with one hand as he thrust his hips forward and I almost buckled at the feel of his erection on my stomach. He deftly turned us around and I feel my back hit the wall before the warm gust of wind brushes along my upper thighs as Abe eased my dress up. He groaned in approval when I moaned, a searing hot white sensation making me see stars behind my eyes as he continued thrusting his hips to me. He bent his knees so he could press his hard bulge directly on my hot mound. He gripped my hip hard, his fingers digging to my flesh beneath my white lace panties, keeping me in place.

With an irritated growl, Abe pulled his mouth from mine. “Fuck, baby.”

I mentally curse the fog that formed on my glasses, wishing I hadn’t been so stubborn all this while and worn my contact lenses instead.

“I’m so close to fucking you right here, Callie, our family be damned.”

My heavy panting hitched at his words. He said he wanted to… fuck me.

I almost slid down the ground. I locked my fingers tightly at the nape of his neck to anchor myself. Abe wrapped both his arms around me, hitching me high and pinning me to the wall with his broad chest and his lower body. I swallowed hard, still feeling the obvious sign of his arousal digging into my front.

Abe’s tongue flicked against my opened lips. “Don’t do shit like that again, baby.”

I could only nod as he kissed my cheek affectionately.

“You going all soft on me makes me wanna bury myself in you and claim you,” he said in between kisses on my face. “You want that, Callie?”

The shudder that rolled up my spine made me gasp. Abe’s lips are so close to mine I could feel his hot breath filling me.

“You want me to fuck you with our parents on the other side of this wall? Pump you hard with my cock?”

I couldn’t help it. My body jolts with excitement at his words, too sound up to even deny what he’s giving me. All the thoughts of Harry leaving me and the heartbreak of not being able to have him like I wanted to flushed out of my mind. Even the event upstairs was completely forgotten. What was it again that I saw with my eyes? Right now, in this moment, I see nothing but Abe’s dark eyes swimming with something that both scares and thrills me. I hear nothing but his velvet voice lulling me in like a trap I knew I wouldn’t be able to escape once I get caught on. I could feel him, only him and memories of our bodies, his touch, his fingers on me, rubbing, pinching, pleasuring, floods my head and just the thought is enough to make me go crazy.

“Yes,” he coos. “You’re a dirty little girl, aren’t you? You want me to fill your tight little pussy knowing our family could hear you if you’re too loud?”

“Abe.” A plea.

“My little nymph getting all worked up at the thought of fucking her own cousin. You’re a naughty girl, Callie.”

That evil smirk of his appears and my heart swells at the show of emotions gathering in his eyes along with it. I almost choked at how I was being blessed by this rare occasion when Abe’s emotions are genuine. He wasn’t just amused. He seems… happy.

It was like when we were younger and he’d tease me. Most of the time Harry defended me but when he’s not around and I was left to my own devices, I’d tend to just ignore Abe though that never stopped him. At the end, even as I almost cry, he’d look at me with joyful eyes. Right after I fought back, usually. Sometimes, it was when he got what he wanted.

It’s a look of triumph.

He brushes the tip of his nose with mine, his teeth white against the darkening surroundings. He’s smiling.

“Will you,” I cleared by throat, my voice husky. “Put me down now, please?”

A glint flashes in his eyes. “You don’t like getting fucked against the wall, baby?”

The butterflies in my stomach had a riot.

He’s teasing me, it’s obvious in the playful look of his eyes. But I think I saw something else in there: a promise. I don’t know I have the willpower to resist it even if I tried. I need to get away from Abe. Now.

With a final playful thrust of his hips, which I tried so hard not to moan to by biting my lower lip hard, he carefully sets me back down on the ground.

“Thank you,” I murmured, squirming a bit as my body glides down his hard one.

The soles of my feet have yet to touch the highest blade of trim grass when a loud voice made me jolt in surprise. By instinct, I wrapped my legs around Abe’s hip, arm going around his neck tightly, the other curling against the inside of his jacket on his shirt. My eyes were wide as I look around nervously, and the words I heard suddenly made sense as it sinks in who it came from.

“What the fuck?!”

My whole body turned to ice as I met the bloody cold, murderous glare of blue eyes the same color as mine.

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