Troubled Waters, Idle Minds

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Hi, everyone 🤗 Ama here.

I just want to greet you all a Happy New Year 🥳 I'm so thankful for all of you who read my stories, especially this one, and for being so patient and understanding 🌹 Thank you for checking up on me even if you don't have to, thank you for the feedback, comments, thoughts and opinions you have shared with me. I take them all dearly to my heart securely ❤️

Really, you guys are the best and I couldn't ask for more. I just wanted to write and share my story because maybe, somehow, someone wants to read it. And here you guys are and that makes me so grateful and happy. This book is for all of you ❤️

I wish you all a prosperous new year ahead, full of happiness, good health, love, and success in any endeavor you may choose to take. I thank you for making my 2021 a wonderful year, you'e all a part of it and I hope you'd still be here with me in this year 2022 🥰 I'm so excited for what this year may bring ❤️

Cheers to us! 🥂

Stay safe, my beloved(s) 🌹

Yours always,

Ama ❤️

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