Troubled Waters, Idle Minds

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I’ve only killed a man once and since then I’d been afraid that it would only be the first of many, but it wasn’t until this very moment that I ever thought of doing it again.

The smooth, fair skin of her face has turned pink, slowly bordering to red. Her sweet lips that had been moving against mine only a while ago tremble as she raised a hand to cup her cheek, the glasses she wore sat askew on her pert nose. The shock has completely settled and her wide eyes filled with tears as excruciating seconds ticked by and my body acted on pure instinct. I hurled myself towards the direction of the person who hurt her, her own fucking mother, with my fists clenched so hard I could feel the cuts on my knuckles open up again. Before I could collide with the witch, the air was swooped away from my lungs as a pair of strong arms branded themselves across my torso.

I growled in frustration and forced my way to Mich, feeling a vein in my head about to explode. She dare lay hand on my Callie? Whatever the reason might have, there is no excuse to hit her. No one is allowed to cause Callie pain and not suffer the consequences. Just ask the bitches who hit her head.

“Swear to the fucking devil, I’ll kill you.”

Someone sobbed, had no idea who. My clouded eyes never left the target of my wrath who started shaking and pushing herself on the wall farthest away from me. Now she’s afraid? She should’ve thought twice before touching what’s mine.

I was halfway across the room to her, she has every right to feel scared shitless right now because I keep good on my promises.

“For fuck’s sake, calm down, boy,” Ken hissed on my ear. I’d like to think I was stronger than him as I was younger, not to mentioned I was trained to fight, but clearly, the man was not to be underestimated. He yanked me back again, away from his sister, and uncle Ted came into view.

My anger only boils even higher at the sight of him putting himself between me and his family. The fucking ass hadn’t done anything when his wife hit their daughter.

Maybe I could make him pay in her stead until I it’s her turn.

Ken tightened his hold on me as I lunge towards uncle Ted. Instead of evading my attack, he stepped right into my line and met me head on. His hands landed on my shoulders, his grip strong.

“Easy, Abe,” he said calmly as if he was speaking to me normally. As if nothing happened at all to his daughter. It made me even more furious.

From the ringing in my ears, I hear Ane’s soft voice murmur. I was too distracted for her words to make sense, but I deduced she was talking to someone who hadn’t been present in the room when this shit show happened. Her final words, however, pierced my ears as clear as day.

“Aunt Mich. She hit…”

She couldn’t even finish the sentence because even the idea of it was so unbelievable saying it was even more foreign and unreal. None of them was violent. There was only me. Me, who was the black sheep of the family, the odd man out, the weed that needs to be pulled out. For all of aunt Mich’s show of a perfect family, what she did was so out of character. Her true colors were just as dark as mine now that they’ve come out.

What a fucking hypocrite.

They’re the same as me. They’re just better at hiding their fuck up than I do.

“Take her away from here, please.” Uncle Ted sure didn’t mean me when he gave instructions even as his calculated gaze stayed on mine.

No matter how I don’t want to break our little battle of the wills, I couldn’t help but glance sideways when I see Callie’s little form move.

Escorted by none other than fucking Harrison.

Even as it hurt my fucking chest seeing her being comforted by another guy, I knew from the deepest parts of my being that it’s what’s best for her.


Gentle and caring and wouldn’t jump her bones every time they’re alone together. Someone who would look after her welfare and will always do the right thing whatever it takes. He needs to take her as far away from me as possible because she will not like what I was thinking of doing to her mother.

And I’d do it in a heartbeat. Nothing, no one can really stop me. But she was enough of a distraction to make me think this whole shit through. I forced my shoulders to relax a fraction, worried what I might see on her face when she sees me about to lose my fucking control. Luckily for me, her eyes are casted downwards, chin almost to her chest.

My poor fucking girl.

I averted my gaze. I can’t look at her and not want to fuse her body with mine. My fucking brain believes it’s the only way I can protect her. My palm twitched, aching to hold her.

Despite the jealousy eating at me and the annoyance mixing in with my fury, I felt a little relieved that Callie will be taken care of. As she disappeared from my sight, away from her horrid mother, my breathing began to even out, though I was still vexed.

My gaze moves back to uncle Ted. Now, he addressed me with a small shake of his head. “This isn’t the time nor the place, Abe.”

His eyes moved to the side, where Nana lies sleeping on the bed. Not that I don’t give a fuck about her. I just give a fuck more about my little nymph. The one his mental wife attacked only moments ago.

What a fucked up woman.

“Why don’t you go get some fresh air and we’ll talk about this later, hm?” He prodded, easing his hold on me, sensing that I wasn’t as tense as before.

I felt my lips twitch into a sarcastic grin. “I’ll relax when you’ve stopped being a pussy and put a leash on your wife.”

To his credit, the man maintained his composure, though his nostrils flared a bit and there was a visible tick to his jaw. Sill in control. Maybe he agreed with me. There’s something really fucked up about the way Mich was so obsessed with their daughter. If he can’t do anything about it, I can and I will.

That’s a promise.

A sudden pressure on my neck made me choke but I swallowed it up, not wanting to show any sign of weakness. Before I could process who’s doing it and why, I hear a low warning on my ear.

“Do not fucking talk to my sister like that again, you hear me?”

It would be satisfying if he could see my mocking smirk. I was tempted to flip him over my shoulder and slam his body against uncle Ted when a gentle hand landed on my elbow.

“He didn’t mean it, daddy,” Ane said almost close to a whisper.

And just like that my heartbeat was beginning to accelerate again. She knows I fucking hate it whenever she stands up to him for me. Despise it even worse when she had to do things, whether she wanted to or not, to pacify his mental ass.

Crazy, like his sister.

Ken was a sick bastard, just like me. Oh, how it could’ve been utterly correct that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. If only.

“He’s just wound up. We all are. Nana’s still unresponsive and Callie…” her words faded, not sure what it was that Callie did that warranted a slap in the face.

Ane cleared her throat. “Let him go, dad. I’ll make sure he’s calmed down.”

“I don’t need you to fucking stand up for me,” I barked a little too harshly. I’m glad I don’t have to see my sister’s face. If she’s hurt, I don’t think I can handle it. I already have my head filled with another girl and I can’t worry about her right now. And I don’t need her help. I know she’s only trying to diffuse the bomb that’s seconds to blow, but she needs to stay the fuck out of this shit.

Surprise colored Ted’s face when I push at him hard enough he would’ve landed on his pathetic ass hadn’t he immediately regain his footing. I turn slowly around to face the man whom I’ve known to be my father since the day I could remember and saw nothing but a feral blank face. His eyes, however, as blue as the rest of our family are, could cut glass the way they are searing into my own.

I squared my jaw and moved a step closer to him, just a breath away. Ane gasped beside me, one hand in the air as if debating whether or not to touch either of us.

“Stay the fuck away from Callie,” I gritted through my teeth, a message not only directed to him but also to his beloved sister. Mich needs to pay and if he’s going to take her side, then he has to take the bullet with her. Him tolerating her actions was no different than if he’d hit Callie himself. In fact, the whole lot of them, Denise and aunt Louise included, can go fuck themselves to hell.

I was ready to leave it at that, but I was still reeling from the way Ane put herself between the two of us. My mind went back to earlier this evening when I heard her inside her bathroom, clearly doing what I thought she was doing, fucking moaning his name.

I’m far from being a saint but this motherfucker’s hands all over my sister just put his name on top of my hit list.

Fuck if it was consensual or not.

“And stay the fuck away from my sister.”

The door slammed shut behind me and I hope it was loud enough to wake the dead.

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