Troubled Waters, Idle Minds

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The mouth of the bottle was almost to my lips when I realized I wasn’t alone.

During the fiasco downstairs, I’d kept my hold on to the energy drink I’d bought, not realizing I was choking its neck the whole time I was imagining strangling that bitch, Mich. It’s not beer, but I needed something to cool off. Which is why I headed to my go-to place.

Rooftops are open and secluded. You can hide while not being hidden at all. While Harry the pussy and my pretty little nymph play doctor in their treehouse, and Ane was god-knows-somewhere dragged by our mother in her quest to fulfil failed childhood dreams of her own, I was hanging out on the roof, lazy lying under the heat of the sun like a lizard on summer days spent in our grandparents’ house. The condominium Ane and I grew up in until we were eleven offered a roof deck with a pool, which means there were always plenty of people around. But I discovered the hidden area that led to the fire exit door which was good enough to hide at. Then the home we moved into after that had a rooftop, just like the one the folks decided to settle to right now, thank fucking god.

It’s easy to reach the top of the world, just find the nearest roof, the highest point of any house or building, really, lift your head up to the sky, and allow your eyes to see as far as it would go up the fucking heavens. It also helps when you’re, well, high. Literally. As in your mind was drowning in fucking ecstasy. I never cared much for recreational drugs, though I do love to light a spliff from time to time.

The constant companion I always have as I climb to the top of the world is my best friend, alcohol. While people lose their minds inebriated, its effects are magic to me. A cure. It silences the pain, expands my mind and make the metal banging song in my head soft and melodic. Not what I’d get from a lime-flavored energy drink designed to keep me alert but the least I could hope for was to be alone in my own irritable state.

Right now, it’s most important for me to be fucking alone or else, it’ll be the end of the fucking world. I’d get the beer later.

I took in the silhouette before me. The noisy streets below drowned the click of the door as I shut it close, which was probably why the person still hasn’t noticed that I’ve joined in the party. Long hair billows around a petite figure, shoulders slumped against the railing almost as if she was… crying -

Hold on a fucking minute.

In a few long strides, I reached her, my hand gripping her arm and turning her to me.

Wet eyes blinked rapidly up at me as her head cocked to the side. Her beautiful face was painted with shock and confusion. It wasn’t long until she realized who was staring back at her.

“You’re in my spot, nymph.”

Her expressive eyes were still huge as fuck even without her thick ass glasses, even as they’ve become a bit puffy beneath her tears. The flash of pain that crossed her features was enough to make me wanna march back to nana’s room and make her bitch of another beg for her forgiveness.

“I was here first.” A small shy lopsided grin made its way to the corner of her mouth. She awkwardly tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and that annoying beating organ inside my chest leapt like a fucking dear. Without even think about it, my fingers reached for the glasses clutched in her trembling hands. I adjusted them into place, brushing her damp cheeks. My knuckles swept across the smooth slope of her nose, and I can’t help but glide them down her lips. She parted them so sweetly for me that I was tempted to dip my fingers in and make her suck.

It’s not the fucking time, you asshole.

No sucking of any kind would be happening. At least not tonight. I can give her one small thing, though. One tiny bit of comfort. But she has to be okay with it. I need her to want it from me.

I need her to need me.

I dip my head, breathing in the gasp that escaped from that intoxicating mouth. A hairsbreadth away from my doom, and I stopped myself. If Callie wanted that little piece of heaven as much as I do, she needs to reach up and take it herself.

Her lips tickled mine as she hesitates, her eyelids a half mast as she stares at my mouth. I can see the rise and fall of her chest, feel her breathing turn shallow. My fingers twitched beside me, aching to touch her.

Come on, nymph. Give in.

Silently, I beg her. The electricity that draws me to her skirted along my skin. I can’t hold it anymore.

Give it to me, Callie.

One of her arms lifts up, and my whole body screams. Begging. We sway against the current of the night air, dancing to get closer but seemingly not moving an inch.

It’s torture.

A low rumble erupted from my chest, and fuck if that didn’t sound desperate. Pacific Ocean blue eyes clashes with mine and time stops. Slowly, as she studies my face, Callie’s gaze went from surprise to clear determination. Her hands landed softly on my shoulders and she tiptoes so she could meet my waiting mouth.

Once our lips melded into one, all bets are off. I crushed her body to me, grabbing onto her hips with one hand, angling her head to the side with my other buried in her thick hair. The slant of her mouth allows for deeper tonguing, which was what I did once I pry her lips open with a little nip at its bottom. To be continued, indeed. Just like what I had whispered to her when we got caught earlier tonight.

I keep this one sweet and PG, though.

Okay, kinda PG.

Okay, I try to. But with a sweet body and an addictive taste, who can blame me for feasting on this little nymph? Still, I take it slow. Savoring her like the fine delicacy that she is. Delicious.


I could do this forever. If there’s one moment in my life where I’d choose time would’ve frozen, it’ll be right this very second. When Callie needed me and sought me out. When I’m not being my useless bastard self and actually being of service for once. To the girl who fucking has me by the balls. Wrapped in her arms, her fingers playing with the hair at the back of my head.

She needs more than just a distraction. She needs comfort. And I’m giving it to her the only way I know how.

Turning us around so I could back her to the parapet wall, I press her lower back against it to steady us. I fought the urge to grind into her and when her grip tightens and her kisses were about to turn frantic, I tugged her head back a bit as a warning. The little nymph didn’t get the hint. Or she just refused to. Instead, her arms locked around my neck, her tongue slid deeper into my mouth, swirling across my metal barbel.


Baby Callie no more.

I’ve created a monster.

Her tentative licks are getting bolder, her heartbeat getting faster, matching my own. Callie’s head is small compared to my huge hand. I splayed my fingers to gather enough of her hair before I pulled.

“You want me to drown you in my kisses, you’ll slow down. Aight, baby?”

I wait for my words to sink in, watching her throat bob as she swallows. She nods, like the good little girl that she is, cheeks flushed no longer because of the slap she received but because of me. Me and the heat I’ve ignited within her.

There’s a saliva string that formed between our lips and it was so fucking hot I nearly cum in my pants. I stick my tongue out, intending to swipe it away, and I don’t know what came in that naughty mind of hers, but Callie took it as an invitation to dart her own hot tongue and meet me halfway. She flicks my barbel a few times before I caught her in my mouth and suck her in. She really likes my piercing, I know that now. From here on out, I’ll utilize my knowledge of what gets her turned on. I made every effort to rub every corner of her mouth with my barbell as we continue to make out until after a while when I feel like she needs to come up of air. It’s for her own benefit, seeing as she’s panting heavily. I’d be happy to rid my lungs from all the oxygen if I could keep on eating her. Callie could kiss the life out of me and I’d die a happy man.

My nymph took a few deep breaths, placing her heels firmly back on safe grounds. She moved to detach her arms from mine but I caught her elbows and pulled them back up around me. I bumped the bridge of her glasses to fix it in place. I was rewarded with a small smile.

After basically drinking each other in, she has the decency to get shy. Her eyes bounce to anywhere except back at me. I grin amusedly.

“I - ” Callie clears her throat. “I guess I get why you hang out on rooftops.” Her voice was still husky despite her previous effort. Try as she may she couldn’t just get rid of the evidence of her lust. For me.

“Yeah?” I plant a soft kiss on her cheek to get her attention only to notice how it had swollen.

“Uh huh,” she nods. “It’s a good place to escape to. Nobody’s around and it’s not suffocating.”

“We should put ice on this.”

“You can think, or… not think, in peace. Just empty your mind and feel free for a moment.” She smiles so sadly that the fire in my chest even grew larger.

“Come with me, we’ll get an ice pack. And some kind of medicine to help with the swelling.”

Callie planted her feet firmly she almost face planted on the ground when I pulled her towards the exit if I hadn’t caught her.


“Sorry but,” she bites the bottom of her kiss-bitten lips. Damn, that’s cute. “Can we stay here a little bit longer?”

I stare at her, mustering all the coldness I could so I could intimidate her. My baby won’t back out. I really have created a monster.

My chest expands in glee. I couldn’t have been more proud.

“We need to take care of that,” I insist, pointing at the left side of her face.

She dropped my hand, which annoyed me, and almost touched where her own mother’s hand had hit her. I wished she’d match my fury. I hate seeing the anguished look in her eyes.

“It doesn’t,” Callie began. I’m very familiar with the art of trying to speak with a huge lump in my throat. Something she couldn’t hide from me even as she covers her pretty neck with her hand. “It doesn’t even hurt,” she finally manages. She almost sounded strong and sure, like she believes it. Almost.

Poor baby.

The look of shock on her face almost made me drop the act, but I kept a stoic expression as I grab her face in my hand. My thumb caresses her swollen cheek gently and her tensed body relaxed for a bit until I began squeezing.

I pull her face next to mine, not missing the way she winces. “This,” I press harder on her tender skin, “doesn’t hurt?”

The look on her eyes are confused, pleading, as they cut through my vision. What would you do now, baby?

“No.” Her voice was tight. Is she gonna cry again? Can I make her?

I slid my hand down. The smooth column of her neck looks damn good bracketed by my fingers. “Come on, baby. It’s just the two of us. After swapping spits with me, shouldn’t you feel comfortable enough not to lie to me?”

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