The Gentiles

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The first day the twins walked the halls, it stirred commotion.

Ane with her tall lithe physique and beauty pageant looks caused instant intrigue among the male and female population alike, while Abe’s dark and mysterious aura drew them in as much as it terrified them.

Harry was quick to introduce them to the whole student body, proudly announcing the transfer of his cousins and enjoining everyone to give them a warm welcome.

“You didn’t tell me you have another hot cousin,” Ophelia whispered excitedly in my ear. “He’s even hotter than Harry.”

I never did like it when she commented about how she had a crush of Harry or on how they blatantly flirt with each other.

It was no secret that Harry was a charmer. That’s just his nature. And so is Ophelia. I actually thought they’d one day date each other and how it would be akin to a knife struck on my chest. I’d have to pretend to be happy for the both of them when I know it will be the worst thing that I’d ever have to endure.

Thank god it never happened.

At least not yet.

I confronted Harry about it once. I even asked him on behalf of Fely. That’s how much I love her.

He’s just playing. He’s not attracted to her. He saw her as a little sister, he said.

“But you flirt with her. Constantly.”

The disdain must have been obvious in my voice because Harry then asked, “Are you jealous?”

I never questioned him about Ophelia ever again.

Now, the girl was crushing on yet another relative of mine but this time, I was against it for all the right reasons and not just out of jealousy.

Abe is dangerous.

I stiffened as I felt his eyes on me and I tried to ignore the sick feeling in my stomach as I nudged my best friend on her side, taking her out of her reverie as she stared at Abe who was nodding his head at Harry’s basketball teammates as they crowded around him and his sister. I averted my gaze swiftly, not wanting to meet his eyes. Yet somehow, I knew that he was aware of me looking at him.

“Harry was never single so maybe I have a chance with mister Damon Salvatorre over there.”

I almost gagged at her comparison.

Abe was nothing, nothing, against my vampire daddy.
“What?” Ophelia fainted being hurt by resting a hand on her chest. “The resemblance was uncanny,” she countered my unspoken disagreement. “Dark hair, blue eyes, that jaw…”

I swear if we’re biologically related, I would have already disowned her. The girl knows no shame.

“That’s where the similarities end, though,” I retaliated in a soft voice. I didn’t want him to hear me.

The certainty in my tone caught her attention. I pulled her away from the growing crowd, leading her to our first class.

“Please, do tell me more. I want to know all about my future husband.”

This time I couldn’t hide my scowl.

The only comfort I found in him being here was that it wouldn’t last long.

Five months in, we’re already halfway through the year and then I won’t ever have to see him again by the time he goes to college or somewhere else. He’d be free after graduation to do what he pleases, not that he doesn’t already do, but it would be official.

If Ophelia only knew him the way I do. Or if she only knew the things he’d done to me, especially that summer when we spent the holidays at baba and nana’s together and it was just the two of us there.

Harry went to a basketball camp at the last minute and Ane couldn’t come because she was training for an upcoming competition.

Ophelia would lose her mind. Like Harry, she had always been protective of me and she’d for sure go batshit crazy if she found out how Abe tried to drown me.

I’ve tried to forget it, I’ve never even talked to anyone about it. Abe treated me the same as always after that, as if he didn’t just almost commit a crime.

“He’s the devil,” I managed. It sounded petty, childish. I don’t care. It was the truth.

He’s family and I couldn’t do anything but to keep my mouth shut and pretend everything’s okay and as normal as they had been. These days, I’m getting better and better at doing that which I deserve an award for.

Ophelia snorted. “And Damon isn’t?”

That made me pause.

“I mean, Damon was a sweetheart. He does bad things, doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. There’s a difference.”

I know that she knows by the lack of conviction in my voice that I was just arguing with her for the sake of arguing because I can’t very well tell her about what Abe had done.

What I had just said made me think, though.


Abe was different.

He didn’t just do bad things. He himself is bad.

What else does someone reason have to be for attempting to murder their cousin?

He wasn’t kidding when he’d done that. His face had this darkness painted on it. So beautiful yet so ugly.

Nobody who sees him for the first time could have guessed how dark the true nature of his soul is.

Those boys and girls who were clamoring to get to know him, who wanted to be his friends, they didn’t know. They didn’t have a clue and neither did Ophelia.

Jared gave her a kiss on the mouth as she sat beside him.

“You’re girlfriend’s lusting after another guy, yet again,” I informed him as I took my place on the other side of her.

The captain of the football team tutted, giving my best friend a playful squeeze on her thigh. “I guess last night’s punishment wasn’t enough, isn’t it, babe?”

“Maybe I was hoping for more,” Ophelia purred, leaning into him so they could make out.

I shook my head at them and brought my binder and pen out.

English was my favorite subject and there’s nothing better than starting off the morning with a lesson in literature and the classics. I was busy writing the date on an empty page that I didn’t notice the lack of noise in the background.

Too late, I raised my head once the realization hit me, nudging my glasses up the bridge of my nose where it slipped down, and my eyes ran up the figure of the person standing right in front of my desk.

“Hello, nymph,” the spawn of Satan greeted me with a smirk on his face.
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