Troubled Waters, Idle Minds

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I feel naked. In more ways than one.

I snuck out in the rooftop, hiding away from Harry as he asked the nurse for a pack of ice. Not that I don’t want to be with him, to be comforted by him. I just don’t want his help, or anyone else’s for that matter. For just a little while, I just wanted to wallow in my own misery and feel sorry for myself, thinking the worst of my situation before I completely erase completely what had happened from my memory.

That hadn’t been the first time my mother laid her hands on me. Memories from when I was younger threaten to flood my visions when Harry led me out of nana’s room and I forced them far, far away until they’re all tucked in the deepest recesses of my mind once again where they belong. Because the truth is, there is no forgetting them.

Just like there is no escaping the person clutching me firmly in his strong arms. His brutal stare that seems to be looking way past the front that I so carefully try to maintain sears through me and I feel myself being unraveled.

I don’t need help. I need an escape. Somehow, Abe is offering me both without even being aware of it.

I’d been panting since he released me from his torturous kiss, my tears dry and the sting on my face ebbing close to nothing. For that brief eternity when his lips were on mine and the fire in my body warmed the coldness my mother’s hatred had left me, I was completely unaware of anything else even of my own self except him.

And now, he wanted to… take care of me. I have never felt so seen, so vulnerable, my entire life.

Fingers pulsing against my neck, Abe raised one thick eyebrow. It brushed against the lock of dark hair on his forehead and without much of a thought, my arm lifted up to brush it back. His breath hitched, eyes deepening a shade darker than their usual.

With a growl, Abe crushed me tighter to his body. With his fingers tightly coiled in my hair at the back of my head, he yanked my face up to his. For a second I thought, he was gonna bite my cheek, his open mouth coming in a swift motion, but he stopped inches from my cheek. I kept my eyes closed until I feel him softly peck the swollen skin.

The pressure on my throat eases. A rough thumb caresses my lower lip. Without breaking eye contact, Abe untangled himself from me. He slips his hand in mine and gives a playful tug.

“Come on, nymph.”

I can’t help but return his little smirk with one of my own as he takes the lead, not waiting for my answer.

My limb is turning as numb as my cheek and I’d have complained again if I hadn’t received a quick twat on my bottom the first time I did. Abe made sure to warn me that next time, he’d be, “lifting your skirt up and pull your cute little underwear in the sweet crack of your ass so you could feel the smack of my twitching palm. Hard.” And he accentuated that warning with a mocking glare and a squeeze at my left butt cheek. I yelped and he laughed, then he placed the cold can on my cheek again. He said it’s to stop the area from swelling further and that it would prevent discoloration.

“Can’t have that pretty face all bruised.”

I relented after Abe swore he won’t take me back to nana’s room where everybody is. He looked pissed when I pulled his arm before he could ask help from a nurse, settling on just buying a couple of drinks from the vending machine - a soda for my face and an energy drink for my nerves.

“I got you one,” he explained, rubbing the back of his neck. “But…”

Our eyes fell on the bottle he was holding, almost half empty. I can’t say I’m disappointed that he almost finished my drink; he’s the one who bought it after all. Just the thought that he remembered I don’t drink coffee and only drink tea for bed time sent a warm fluttering in my chest.

It’ll be a long night ahead, I can already tell. Before my mother lost her temper, she’d been discussing who’d stay with nana overnight. I’d volunteered, of course, and uncle Ken, too. Everybody else has work. Both my parents can’t just call in, they have too much responsibilities. Aunt Louis has a video conference early in the morning and she didn’t really planned on staying longer than the two-day weekend before she needs to leave again for another out of town travel. And Aunt Denise would be the one accompanying Anne tomorrow for her audition, something that she couldn’t miss no matter the emergency.

Somehow, I had felt comfortable knowing uncle Ken would stay with me and had known that Harry would also ask to stay once he learns that I will. Everything was all settled and dad was about to drive mom back home and gather an overnight bag for me before he goes back, when mom heard uncle Ken tell aunt Denise what happened outside their home.

Of course, mom was livid when she learned Harry attacked Abe when he saw the two of us together. She must’ve expected the worst, as usual, and jumped into her own conclusions.

The thing is, she’s not wrong. Abe and I were… What were we doing? What was I thinking allowing that to happen?

“Hey,” Abe’s firm voice lifted me out of my thoughts. His eyes look almost black from where we’re sitting now, back on the rooftop, hidden in the shadows. This right here is the same darkness that drew me to him in the first place.

I know I’d have to go in blind, I know it could be dangerous. I get chills just thinking about that time when he’d had his hands pressing on my shoulders, using all of his weight to push me down the murky waters until I could no longer hold my breath. The same hands that had been on my throat just moments ago.

My fear never vanished, but I still want to be close to him.

Abe grabs the can from me, patting it this way and that. “It’s not enough. We need to get you a proper ice pack.”

But it will cause such commotion and I don’t want to face any of our family just yet, is what I didn’t have the heart to voice out.

“Wait here.”

He didn’t make it two steps away from me when I grab his sleeve. He’s gonna do me a favor and go get it himself. I don’t even have to lift a hand. But I don’t want him to leave me and I can’t explain why. I wanted to be alone, but him popping in and making my heart beat a thousand times a minute with his threats and proximity makes me not want to be by myself. Even as he’s with me, sitting beside me and breathing the same air as I do, I’m just as okay with Abe’s presence as I am with no one around me. It’s just as comforting as if I were alone with no one watching, no one expecting anything. He’s all hard planes and rough edges but the way he touches me feels right.

And he was not wrong about something.

I… kind of want him to drown me in his kisses.

They lift my spirits up, make me forget why I was hurting while stitching back up the tear that caused so much bleeding. Or at least, try to.

I’m beginning to think if somehow, in an unexpected twisted turn of things, Abe and I aren’t so different after all. At first look, there’s no way anything would be similar between the two of us but there’s always more to a person than what’s on the shallow surface.

Abe gently pry my fingers from his jacket and brush his thumb softly along my jaw. “I’ll fucking come back, Callie. Nobody knows your here.’’ He stop himself short, a thought coming to him suddenly. “Unless you tell them,” he hisses, tipping my chin up. “Did you tell him where we are?”

For a second, I thought about playing dumb and ask him who he meant, but I just feel so tired already that raising an argument with him just wasn’t worth any rough reaction I was beginning to crave.

“Of course, not,” I shake my head. “I don’t even have my phone. I left it at your house.”

His eyes narrow at me for a few beats until he at last nodded once. “Then no worries. There’s a pharmacy at the ground floor. It’s a short trip.”

He backed me on a wall as he says this, taking my hand in his and turning it so his lips could touch my sweaty palm. I blush hard and shiver at the same time.

“While waiting for me,” his voice becomes hoarser, pitching an octave lower than his usual one. “So you won’t get bored,” he continues, playfully biting my fingertips. “We’re gonna play a game.”

I suck in a sharp breath when he suddenly took two of my fingers in his mouth. The feel of his tongue around me was wet and hot, and I blush even harder at the memory of it actually being inside my mouth moving with my own. He swirls it around, suck on my fingers, then goes back to swirling. I could feel myself, my most intimate parts, getting hotter and hotter. How is that even possible? I feel like I’m having a fever but the heat was concentrated on that area alone. It doesn’t help that I can see his Adam’s apple bobbing from time to time as he gets to drink me in.

Abe pulls back with his mouth open, a string of his saliva bridging between my fingers and his tongue. I gulped nervously. I’m hypnotized by it and it takes all the willpower I have not to follow the line with my mouth so I can connect it with his.

What does that say about me?

“Since you’ve been acting so bravely, and out in the open as a matter of factly,” his eyes dart to his sides, gesturing to the open area. “We’re gonna take it up a higher notch and see if you can take it.”

Take what? I want to ask. But I never got the chance as Abe takes hold of the hem of my underwear and yanks it down my knees.

I yelped, eyes wide searching his as I grabbed onto his shoulder. The sly grin on his face holds both a deadly promise and salvation. With a rising panic, I realize he hasn’t let go of my wrist when he dips my hand down and up under my skirt, pressing my wet fingers against my pussy.

We both gasped as I made naked contact.

Abe’s breathing turned harsher and he bit his lower lip, groaning as he guides my fingers with his up to that little button I rub whenever I masturbate, on my pillow or against my sheets. With my fingers over my panties just like what he did when we were on the school rooftop. It’s never like this, never skin to skin contact. The sensation feels surreal, feels even better especially when Abe’s fingers brush my clitoris as he help me move my fingers against it.

I notice that although my pussy is exposed, he doesn’t explore more than what he accidentally (or purposefully) brushes. Knowing Abe, I thought he’d just go at it and jump at me given the chance. The fact that he was still acting gentlemanly tugs away at my heart. That plus the building pleasure with our combined efforts pulled a long drawn out moan from my throat.

The only warning I get before Abe crashed his lips with mine was the deep, resonating growl that I used to be scared but now fond of. He kept our movements within a slow pace even as our mouths danced wildly against each other. I want him to go fast, I’m so close. So, so close.

When I tried to hasten the circling of my fingers, he pried both his hands and his mouth away from me and I whimpered.

“Abe,” I call softly, reaching out to him.

He gripped both my wrists and stares at me, dazed. Then he laughs once, shaking his head. “You’ll be the death of me, little nymph.”

Pulling me close, he directed my hand back to my pussy. He rubs his nose against mine. Two such acts that couldn’t be farther from one end of the spectrum to the other.

“Did I tell you to stop?”

Still on the brink of an explosion, my mind is a mush and I just tilt my head at him.

“Touch yourself, baby. The same way like what we were just doing.”

I bite my lip. It won’t be the same without his hands on mine. Still, I complied and began to slowly circle my clitoris and building up the tingling sensation once again.

“Good girl, baby,” he praises and I mewled. I’ve always eaten up compliments and praises even as I don’t know how to accept them.

Abe watches me for a few more minutes and patiently, I waited for him to touch me again. I don’t think I’d be able to reach the high without his help. I’m too shy to ask him verbally so I plead him with my eyes. It’s torture with him being so close, just holding one of my hands and studying my reactions, without him actually touching where I needed him to.

“Don’t stop, you hear me? If you stop, I’ll make you fucking regret it, I swear,” he murmurs.

I let myself get drowned in the pleasure, forgetting everyone, everything that happened tonight. Tears prickled my eyes as I lock them with Abe’s dark ones, only wanting to feel the euphoria, that second of extreme bliss before I come back down to earth, to reality.

A whine escaped my lips and I open my mouth to tell him please. He beat me to it.

“Now keep playing with that juicy clit for me, my little nymph. Get yourself to the edge while I fetch you what you needed.” Abe’s next words doused my hazed mind with cold water and Islowed my ministrations. “But don’t you dare fucking cum, Callie,” he growled, pressing his mouth to my ear. He leaned back, and I just know he can see the confusion, the frustration plain as day on my face.

“But - ”

“If you cum, I’ll know, so don’t even think about cheating.”

His smirk was evil and I have to remind myself that despite the things he’d done to me to make me feel good, he’s still Abe. The slight throb on my swollen cheek was a testament to it, my mind remembering how he squeezed my face just moments ago.

“Go on. Rub. I’ll be back before you even know it.”

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