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Luca De Rossi is an Italian billionaire who runs a multi billion chain of hotels. He is also known for his playboy lifestyle and can have every woman that he desires except Hayley Adams. She ran away from him fifteen months ago after one night of passion. Hayley Adams never will never forgive Luca for the way he treated her fifteen months ago after he took her virginity and left her humiliated. But he left her with a gift that she was going to keep a secret from him forever. That was until one day he met her again.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1
“I need to rush to work or else I am going to be late for work for the third time this week.” I said taking my coat and my bag and rushed to the door.
“Please Jenny take good care of my angel for me.” I told her and she just smiled back at me.
“You know you don’t have to ask me every time that you leave for work. I will take care of him like he was my own grandchild.”
“Thank you so much Jenny. I don’t know what I would have done if I had not met you.” I said to her.
I met Jenny when I was at the hospital giving birth to my son Leo. I had no one with me when I went into labor so I had to go to the hospital alone.
When I had entered the hospital Jenny was the cleaning lady and she helped me sign in to the hospital. She helped me till I got out of the hospital and brought me back to my little apartment.
I was living alone in my apartment so she offered to help me when I told her that I was an orphan and an only child. She felt sorry for and even after I asked her countless times that I could take care of myself and my son, she still refused to leave and six months later she was still taking care of my son.
She said that she had a daughter and was married in Mexico so she felt lonely when she was at her home.
When I got a job as a housekeeper at De Rossi hotels, she offered to take care of Leo as her nanny.
I could not refuse because I knew that Leo was safe with her at all times. Since the housekeeping job was paying really well, I got myself a little money to pay her for the nanny job.
“You my dear do not need to thank me, what you need is to hurry to work or else both of us will soon be unemployed.” She laughed and closed the door.
I waved goodbye to her and left he house. I got to the bus station and rode to work. Thank God the traffic was not that tight and within twenty minutes, I arrived at the hotel. I sneaked through the back door of the hotel and went straight to the staff’s room. I changed fast before any of the supervisors realizes that I was late.
When Leo was three months old, I got this housekeeping job. I went to the job interview without any experience and pleaded with them that I had a son and I did not have anyone to depend on.
They turned me down so I left the building while crying. When I reached the lobby I met up with a middle aged man. The man asked why I was crying and I told him that I needed a job badly.
“Sorry my dear, could you just follow me to my office so that I can offer you a glass of water.” He asked.
“I am sorry but I need to hurry and look for another vacancy.”
“I promise that I won’t take a lot of your time. I only ask for five minutes of your time.” He insisted.
“Well I guess I can do five minutes.” It was not like I had any job interview waiting.
We entered a private elevator that led up to his office. His office was the most beautiful office that I had ever seen. He asked me to take a seat and he sat next to me in the comfortable couch.
“Why did you not pass the interview?” He asked in a polite manner.
“Actually I have zero experience in any hotel work but I need this job so that I can feed my son and keep the house that I am renting.”
“How old is your son. Sorry I didn’t get your name.”
“Hayley. My name is Hayley Adams. My son is three months old.”
“So you don’t have any experience but you still want this job.”
“Yes sir. I am a fast learner and I promise that I only need one experiment and I will be ready to go.”
He got up from the couch and went to his desk. He took the phone and asked the person to come to his office.
Few minutes later the man that was in charge of the interview entered the office and my heart skipped a bit.
“Mr. De Rossi how many I be of help sir.” Rossi was the name of this hotel. Does this means that this middle ages man was the owner of this hotel.
I was still in shock when he spoke next, “Jack I believe you’ve met Hayley.” He nodded and he continued, “She will be working with us as from tomorrow. She will be a housekeeper, so I expect that you teach her how the work is done since she has no experience in this field.”
Jack just nodded while for me I was on my knees, “Thank you so much Mr. Rossi and I promise that I will not let you down.” His phone rang and that was our sign to leave him.
I came back to reality when one of the guest asked for the way to the restaurant. When the guest left I turned and saw one of my work mate who also was my best friend.
“Hey there Hayley. Great to see you today.”
“Hey Joy. I arrived late again so I don’t want Jack to find us here chatting so can we meet up during the tea break.”
“You worry too much my friend but I will let you work then we will meet up later.”
She left and I proceeded to start my work. I entered to one of the presidential suite which was not easily used to start cleaning.
For the three months that I have worked for the De Rossi hotel, this was the first time that it has been used. I had heard rumors that this room was only used by family members. That being the Rossi family
I wheeled the cart to the room and went direct to open the window, but something got my attention.
The scent of the room was too familiar to me. It was exactly the same smell that was in Luca’s car and apartment. The same scent that I have tried to get out of my mind for the last fifteen months.
It can’t be Luca. He was my past that I never intended to ever set my eyes on. I hate him with all of my heart.
I decide to clean the room fast so that I could get out of there as soon as possible.
I went to the bed and started to strip, I made the bed first then went to the suite’s bathroom.
The bathroom was just as big as the room itself. This whole room was bigger than my own apartment that I share with Jenny and Leo.
I knew I had so much work to do today but I only wished that I was at home with my baby and just forget about his father for good. Joy had been insisting that we go for a double date with her, her boyfriend and her boyfriend's friend.
Actually I think I am going to try and be with someone else. I am going to tell her during our lunch break that I was accepting the double date.
My experience with Luca has made me to keep men at a distance just like before we met. He was the first guy I had actually felt attracted to and I fell to his bed within hours of us meeting.
Within forty minutes I was done with the room and rolled out the cart out of the room.
I went to the next and started the process again. By lunch time I was already done with my work and ready to leave. Mr. De Rossi had given me permission that I could always leave anytime that I finish my work.
When I was about to leave I meet up with Joy. “Hey girl have you seen Luca De Rossi, he is the only son of the boss Mr. De Rossi.”
Just the mention of the name Luca had me to almost faint. There were many people who are called Luca. Its just a coincidence.
“No. I have not had the pleasure of seeing him.” I forced the words out of my mouth.
I knew that my friend Joy were one of the greatest gossip mongers that existed. She always had new news on everything at the hotel.
"That guy is very hot. I could just eat him alive." I knew that Joy had a reputation for men and she always likes all the rich, handsome and mostly the playboys who were only interested in one night stands.
"Joy you know very well that I am done with men. Leo's father really screwed me badly and I don’t think I can do handsome men ever again." I told her and tried to pass her so that I could go home but she blocked my way.
"Hayley my dear you are just twenty fours years, having a baby does not mean that you should stop having fun. You are young, you need a man that will warm your bed and also be a father figure to Leo in future." she said
"I agree with you that I need a man but I don’t need playboys who will only offer me only one night stand like Leo's father, I need a man who will be there for us always not who.." I had to stop myself before I start to talk about Luca.
No one in the hotel knew who Leo's father was and even Joy being my close friend I could no bring myself to let her know that I only knew my baby's father first name and I was not able to trace him when I found out that I was carrying his child.
"Look Joy I know that you are looking out for me that’s why I have decided to go on a double date with you today, but I need you to promise me that the guy that you are matchmaking me with is not rich."
She frowned and said, "What exactly do you have against rich men." She saw my expression as she spoke again, "Just be ready by seven and we will came to pick you up."
"Where will we be going to?"
"Actually I don’t know but I will ask Hudson then I will get back to you, so just go be with Leo then we will meet later."
I just nodded and left the room. I left the hotel fast because I could not shake the feeling that Luca was around. The only thing that kept me sane was the fact that the scent the I felt was the one for the De Rossi family not Luca because he told me that he was just the supervisor at the hotel that we meet at.
Later that evening at seven sharp my door bell rang and I knew Joy was already here. I took my purse and said goodbye to Mrs. Jenny and Leo and went to the door.
"Have fun my dear, you deserve to be happy." Mrs. Jenny said while closing the door.
"I can’t believe this, you look beautiful." Joy said happily to me. "Hudson had some work to finish at the bank so he sent a car for us to take us to the hotel.” Hudson and Joy had been dating for a month now and for the short time that we’ve been friends I think this was the longest relationship of all.
Traffic was smooth again and within thirty minutes we had already arrived at the hotel. "I told you no rich guy for me. This hotel is packed with rich people only."
"John and Hudson are not rich, they just love expensive places." I just nodded because I knew that it was already to late for me to back down.
We were shown to our table and to our surprise the gentlemen were already there. "Hey guys, I thought that you will be late." she said kissing Hudson.
"We finished early so we decided to surprise you."
"So Hayley this here is Hudson ." she said pointing to his direction , " And there is your Mr. Right John, guys this is Hayley my best friend."
"It’s nice meeting you." the both said in unison.
The food was delicious and as Hudson and Joy started the intimate talks I was left to with John and to my amazement he was really sweet and cute.
We ordered our dessert and when we were half way I caught a set of eyes that was staring directly at me. I froze because it were the same set of eyes that my Leo had, the same face and the same brown hair the same face that has been tormenting me each day and night for the last fifteen months.
I knew immediately that I had to get out of there before I could cause a scene and embarrass Joy, her guest and myself.
I got up fast took my bag and ran out of the hotel without a word because I knew that if I had stayed there l could have ended up in the hospital for an heart attack.

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