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Chapter 2

Chapter 2.
My father had just summoned me to New York and I had a pretty good idea why he had called for me. I boarded my private jet and at exactly eight in the evening I landed in New York. My father had already sent a car for me and it was waiting for me at the airport.
One hour later we arrived at the hotel. I always sleep at the hotel De Rossi but not at my father's place. Since my mother died five years ago, my father became distant with me and that’s why I have never went to his house.
I was jet lagged and so I decided to go straight to bed . I was going to meet my father tomorrow morning so I went for a quick shower and got inside the covers. If it was any other day I could have gone to the club get a girl but ever since I had a one night stand with Hayley, I have not been be able to find satisfaction with any other girl for the last fifteen months.
I stopped that thought because just the thought of her always makes me to have an erection that I will not control or satisfied by anyone at all. She had told me that her mother and her used to live in New York and that her mother died when she was sixteen.
I switched off the bedside lamp and drifted off to sleep. I was afraid to close my eyes because I knew that I was going to have the same dream all over again. The same dream that I have been having for the last fifteen months.
I didn’t know how I fell asleep but the next thing I was aware of was the stream of light. I turned to the bedside clock and saw that it was already half past seven. Usually I am always up by five but today I overslept for the first time for the first time in months.
I had to prepare myself fast because I was to meet my father at his office in the next thirty minutes. I didn’t even wait for the water to heat I jumped and within twenty minutes dressed in a polo shirt and jeans I left the suite for my father's hotel office.
When I got at his office, he was already there and waiting for me.
"Well hello there son?" he said when he saw me entering his office.
"Hello too Papa, how have you been."
"How do you imagine I am because you my only child have refused to come and visit your old father here.
I went and sat to the couch next to him and said, "Papa you know very well why I have not been able to come visit you. I have been busy with the new De Rossi hotel, you know that."
"Son that hotel became yours fifteen months ago so I don’t know why you seem to be spending so much of your time there anyway." he asked.
"Dad you know how much that hotel cost us and I just wanted to oversee the renovations and everything. I want it to be the best hotel in Italy." but that was just a story, the real reason was I was delaying my stay there was because I just hoped that one day I was going to meet Hayley.
"I am intending to retire soon son. I want to go back to Italy and back to Villa De Rossi so that I can be near your mother."
I always knew that this day was going to come, when my father was going to leave his work and stay at home. This means that he was going to leave all the responsibilities to me.
"My son I know that you are the one who is supposed to take over as the chairman of the De Rossi hotels."
'Yes father I know that." I answered him. "I can sense a but coming."
“Yes son there is going to be a condition for you. In order for you to take all responsibility of the hotels I am going to expect you to be married before the next board meeting which will be held by the end of this month.” He stood up and went at the window and stare out.
“But father.” I tried to defend myself.
“You know what son I am tired of your excuses. I have tolerated your playboy lifestyle for long. Every week being photographed by different women. All your friends and mates are married and have kids but you have nothing.”
I have never seen my father being angry like this, but that was not going to make me marry. The past year the women that had been photographed with me were just for company during events because I had not been able to sleep with only a few since Hayley happened.
“I am old and sooner or later I am going to be with your mother but before I rest I need to know that my name will continue. So son you have exactly three weeks to propose and get married to Imelda. You know she has been waiting for this for some long.”
If my father just knew how I hated Imelda he could not have proposed that we get married. She was always rude to the people who were from the humble background. She craves so much attention when you are with her.
My father's marriage to my mother was an arranged one. She came from a family that was of the same class as that of my father. She was well educated and well brought up well.
My father had the same theory that he was going to arrange my marriage with Imelda because she came from the same class as me, but I had other ideas. For me I was not ready to settle down with any woman what so ever. I just wanted to live my own life free of responsibility.
“What if I don’t get married by the end of the month?”
“You will no longer take my position but instead I will give it to Mateo who is very hard working.”
If I didn’t know my father well I could have said that he was joking but knowing him I knew that he was not joking, so I had no other choice. It was a must for me now to Marry her.
“I can see that you have decided to trap me in a loveless marriage, but its fine I will do it. I will make arrangements to meet up with Imelda and plan our engagement and weeding as soon as possible.”
He turned away from the window and saw a smile on his face. “Actually that’s the reason why I called you here today, last week I got a call from Imelda’s father. He wanted to know the plans between you and her daughter. Imelda came to New York three days ago but she is staying at her godparents place.”
“So I am going to call her today and arrange for us to meet and talk.”
“That wont be necessary. I called her and book both of you a table at the Crystal hotel . Be there at seven. Don’t be late please.”
“Ok father will see you later.” I said and want for the door so that I could get out of there because if I felt as if I could not breath.
I went out of the hotel because I could not stand staying there. I got back to my room so that I could take the keys of the car that I had hired. I entered the room an saw that it had already been cleaned.
I headed to the bedside table but before I reached there, I felt the faintest scent. The same scent that has been hunting my dreams for the fifteen months.
I knew that it was all in my head and there was no way that this scent would belong to her. It was just coincidence that the person who made my room used the same perfume as Hayley.
I don’t know why Hayley had left my room that fate full morning. I had left her sleeping and went downstairs to get some water and when I came back after talking to Lorenzo I found an empty bed.
I tried to trace her but it was a just a fling and I let her be. But the problem was that I have never forgotten about her but maybe when I am married to Imelda I will be free from her memories.
I took the car keys and left. I spent the whole day just driving around town. I was at a coffee shop when my phone started to ring. I picked it up and saw that it was Imelda who was calling.
“Hello darling, I got a call from your father and he told me that we will be having dinner together in a matter of hours.” Her voice itself was irritating, but if I wanted the hotel I had to get used to her. I just wished that there was something that I could do so that I could escape this reality.
“I am busy right now but I will come and pick you up at your god parents house at half past six if it is fine with you.” I just wish she could say that she will be busy tonight but that was a wish that was never going to be true.
I hanged up the phone before she could respond. I looked at my watch saw that the time was really gone and I needed to move so that I would be able to pick her up by six thirty.
I paid for the coffee and left the shop. I drove fast to the hotel and went straight to my room. It was five and I decided to check my emails first. An hour later I got to the shower and twenty minutes later I left the room heading to Imelda's god parents house.
I rang the bell and few minutes later the door opened reveling a half naked woman. She was dressed in a red strapless dress that reached only an inch down her bottom.
If she was a woman that I was in love with I would have made her to go back and change into something nice.
“Hello Imelda you look nice as always.” I said as I kissed both her cheeks.
“Thank you darling. I have been waiting for this night like forever.” I took her hand and led her to the car.
I opened the back seat door and she got in and went to the other side and I got in. I told the chauffeur to drive.
“So Imelda what have you been up to lately.” I asked her.
“Nothing much I was just bored at home and decided to come New York for shopping. I am going to Dubai next week for a small vacation and shopping with my friend Marie.”
She was so shallow. I don’t think that she had ever worked in her entire life. She was just used to shopping nothing else.
What did my father see in her that he wanted me to marry her.
“Are you even listening to me or you are on your own world.”
“Sorry my mind was far away.”
“I can see that. Am I that boring or what?”
“No Imelda, it’s just that I am under so much pressure that’s why.” I looked out the window as the car pulled up at the entrance of the hotel “We are already here.”
I got out of the car and went to open the door for Imelda. We went into the hotel and shown to our table.
We ordered our food and dessert and finished it with a bottle of wine.
“So this is going to came as a surprise but we need to get married before the end of this month which only give us three weeks.” I told her and she seemed as if she was not surprised at all.
“Actually you father came to my home before I came here and spoke to my father and I about the matter, so were just waiting for you. The reason why I am going to Dubai is so that I could buy my wedding dress.”
“OK but I need you to know that this marriage will be in name only. Our duty is to produce a their and when we are finished we go our separate way.”
“I will give you a child and I don’t anything to do with that child. I am just doing this so that I will get my inheritance like you, but let me tell you right now. You are not going to ruin my body with a pregnancy then stash me away, I would not be going anywhere until I get tired of you.”
“So you want to be trapped in a loveless marriage forever.”
“You can have mistress and I will have mine too but it will be discreet. I don’t want my friends to laugh at me because I could not keep a man.”
“That is fine. But for me I will not take my any mistress because I will be taking my marriage vows serious, and you will do the same because if I ever even suspect that you ate cheating on me it will be the end of our marriage and your friends will laugh at you like you have just stated.”
She just frown. I could not understand how a woman will accept to share her husband with any other woman because for me I could not share my woman with any man. I think it is the Italian male pride and the way that we are possessive of our women.
“I think we are done here, let me go and pay then we get out of here.”
I was about to get up on my seat I turned and saw a person that has been on my head for fifteen good months. I know I was not mistaken. She was having dinner with two guys and another woman. I knew they were on a double date because they seemed like each pair were talking together.
Just the thought of another man touching her made my blood to boil in my veins, but I didn’t have any say on her. She was not my woman and I was not her man but that did not justify my anger that I felt towards her man.
She looked my way and our gaze locked together for a moment. She looked as if she had seen a ghost. She almost fainted. She got up fast took her bag and was running towards the exit door.
I called one of the waitress fast and paid the bill. I knew the change was many but I didn’t care, I looked at her and told her to keep change and her surprised face did not escape my sight. I turned to Imelda and said, “We need to go now.”
I did not give her a chance to complain because I stood up fast and left. I heard her following me with complaints.
I called the chauffeur and went well got outside he was already at the entrance with the backseat door open.
“George will take you home because I have something to do before I get back to the hotel.” I told her then turned to George “I will catch a cab back to the hotel so drop her up and go home.”
“But I thought that we were going back to the hotel together.” She complained.
“Well you thought wrong. Good night Imelda I will call you tomorrow morning.”
She was too angry to answer. She got in the car and they drove off. Finally alone at last. I turned and saw that Hayley was trying to get a cab.
I hurried to her before she could get one.
“Hayley is that you?”
She turned and looked at me. She was here flesh and blood. She was more beautiful with her hair loose. She wore a black dress that was hugging her body like the second skin. Her breast were a little bigger which made me hard as a rock.
“Do I know you?”

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