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Chapter 3

Where the fuck was the cab when you needed one the most. I tried to request for one but they had already have clients. I knew that Luca was going to follow me.
I walked down the road a little bit so that when Lucas get's out of the hotel he would not be able to see me.
A car pulled over at the front of the hotel and I saw Luca and her lady. They seemed as if they had a disagreement and she got in the car but Luca did not get in.
My eyes met his and I tried to walk away but he followed me fast. I cab was passing and I tried to stop it. Suddenly I hear him calling my name.
I had to think fast and pretend that I didn’t know who he was.
“Hayley.” Just the sound of his voice calling my name brought me to a halt and chills started to run down my body.
I had to turn and look at him because I could not pretend that he had not called my name. He was asking handsome as I remembered.
“Do I know you?” Really is that all I got.
“Stop fooling yourself. You know very well who I am.” He said getting closer to me.
“Don’t come any closer or I will scream and I know that you wouldn’t like sleeping in a police cell for the night.” The cab passenger’s door was open and I was about to get in and he shouted very loud I had to stop.
“You my dear are not going anywhere. Whether you pretend that you don’t know me or its true you had a memory loss, I don’t care because you are not getting out of my sight today like the last time.”
“Miss are you going to get in or should I drive away because this time is the rush hour and I have more customers to pick.” The driver asked.
I was about to answer but Luca beat me to it. “Sorry for the disturbance but the lady is not getting in the car. Have a nice evening.” He said and closed the cab door and the car drove off.
“Why would you do that. I need to get home right now.”
“I told you that I need answers, and I need it right now. The hotel chauffeur dropped the woman I was with to her place and return my car. That is the that you will be getting into tonight.”
What was going to do. I needed to get away from him because being near him brought back very bad memories.
I looked at the door of the hotel and saw Joy and the guys getting out. I didn’t know what I was going to tell Joy about my rushing out of our dinner date like. God when I had just decided to move on and the man that broke my trust in men appears again.
Joy saw me and started to head towards me looking very angry.
“Is that the woman you were with at the hotel?” Luca asked.
“Please let me go home with them. Just pretend that we have never met before.”
“Are you joking or what, I am not going anywhere my dear. You are going to tell exactly what happened fifteen months ago.”
“Hayley what just happened. You stormed out fast and didn’t tell us the reason.” She said looking at me then her gaze switched to Luca and I saw that she was frozen as if they knew each other. “Oh, I see now. Good evening Mr. De Rossi.”
Did she just call Luca Mr. De Rossi or am I mistaken. “Do you know each other Joy.”
“I actually don’t know her but she seems to know me very well.”
“But you are not De Rossi are you?”
“You don’t know me but I know you.” Se said looking at him then her gaze came back to me, “He is a De Rossi my dear. The one I was telling you today. The son of our boss that is staying at the suit you made today.”
“I need to sit down. I think I am going to pass out.” Luca rushed to my side just as my legs were about to give up on my weight. “Don’t you dare touch me Luca or I am going..”
He didn’t let me finish, “Joy I guess, I am going to take care of Hayley so you can leave because I think your ride just pulled over.”
She nodded and said, “You dear will meet tomorrow and you are going to fill me up with everything. Please give Leo my kiss.” And just like that she left me.
Oh my God, I think she mentioned Leo's name and as of now I was not ready to talk about him or any other time whatsoever.
If Luca is truly the son of Marco De Rossi then that meant that I was in a lot of trouble. They are going to take Leo from me. I will never let him know that he and I had a son together.
I don’t know what I will ever do without my baby. He was that I got left in this world. Just the thought of him not being with me made my blood to boil.
“Please Luca our night was just a one night stand, just leave it in the past where its supposed to stay so that we can continue with our lives.”
“Was Leo the man you were having dinner with, he seems rather American not an Italian. Don’t worry we have all night for you to fill me in because our ride is here.”
The car pulled up and stopped in front of us. All this time he had his hand tightly wrapped around my waist. He let go of it and opened the passenger’s door and gestured me to get inside.
“I really need to get home Luca. Ok let us meet tomorrow morning so that we can talk please. I just need to get home.” Leo would soon wake up and will need to be feed and I always breastfeed him at night.
I had told Jenny that I would be home by nine and now it was already half past eight.
“I know if you leave tonight you are going to disappear just like the last time.”
“Are you really Luca De Rossi?”
“Yes I am.” I feared for that answer so much. What did I ever get myself into.
He started the car and drove. “Where are you taking me to.”
“I am taking you to my hotel so that we can talk in private.”
I will not go with him to the hotel. For heaven sake I work there. If I walk with him at the reception I will the center of the gossip mongers for a whole week. I had to tell him the truth about where I work so that he could see the reason why I didn’t want to go there.
“Luca I can’t go with you to the hotel because the truth is that I work there.”
His gaze turned to me with a smile, “Wow what a small world. I have been looking for you for fifteen months and you were just here working for my father. Which means I am your boss my little angel.”
I knew what I was going to suggest to him was a risk but I had to do it because I was already formulating a plan and for sure I knew that it was going to work.
“We can talk in private at my place. It is not that far from here.”
“I think that will do.”
I took out my phone and texted Jenny. I just hope that she was still up so that she would see my message.
Jenny I am coming home right now but I need you to remove all of Leo’s pictures from the sitting room and take them to my room please. Don’t leave even a single one. I will explain later.
I hit the sent button and after a few minutes she sent an ok message. I gave him the direction to my place and within thirty minutes we pulled over at the front door of my place.
We got out of the car and I rang the bell. “You live in a very poor environment. Doesn’t my father pay you enough money that can make you afford a decent place for you to live in. And why are you ringing the bell. Don’t you live alone or do you live with the Leo guy.”
I was about to tell him that I live with Jenny when the door suddenly opened.
“Jenny meet Luca, Luca meet Jenny my nanny.” I said that and brushed past Jenny who was frozen at the door. By the expression on her face I knew that she had already figured who Luca was.
“It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Luca.”
“Nice to meet you too Jenny.”
I removed my coat and that exact time I heard Leo’s cries. “Make yourself at home. Jenny will give you anything you want. I will be down when he goes back to sleep.”
With that I ran to my room which I share with Leo.
“Oh baby mama is hear. I missed you so much.”
Twenty minutes later I put him back to his coat fed and changed.
I changed into my pajamas and went back downstairs. Luca was having coffee which looked untouched.
“Sorry for that. Now to the main reason you are here. What do you want to know.”
I went and sat next to him because that was the only seat at my house.
“Why did you not tell me that you had a baby.”
“Because you never asked.”
“But you could have corrected me when I assumed that Leo was a man living with you.”
“At some point it is true that I live with him the only difference is that he is not a man but a baby.”
“Damn you Hayley you know what I mean.”
“You will not raise your voice at me on my own house. You can wake him up and it will be very difficult to put him back to bed.” I told him.
“I am sorry. So where is Leo’s father and I assume that he is Italian. How old is he by the way.”
“His father is not present. So it is just the two of us.” I will not tell him his exact age because he can join the dots and know that he is Leo’s father. “He is five months old.”
He was quiet for some few minutes then spoke again, “That means that immediately after leaving my bed you jumped to another man’s and got pregnant or Leo is my son who you had premature. But the second option is not possible since we used protection.”
“I was involved with another man after I left you.”
“Was it just another one night stand like for our case.”
“So you have a thing for one night stands.”
“Maybe. You said that you were looking for me for the last fifteen months. May I know the reason why you were looking for me.”
“Actually you are the one who is going to answer that. I want to know what happened that morning that made you to flee from my room when I went to answer my phone call.”
“We had agreed on a one night only and it was already finished so I didn’t see any reason to stick around so I left.”
“No that was not it. Both of us knows that very well I could see it in your eyes. The lust was still there. Something happened and I want to know it right now.”
And that was it. He wanted to know I escaped then he will get it.
“It was a useless one night stand. I just woke up and I was about to tell her to leave. It doesn’t mean a thing. She was just a cheap whore who I picked at the bar.” I said and stood up, “Does that ring a bell to you Luca because for me I will never forget those words ever. That was the reason why I left because I was just a cheap whore and my time was up.”
“Hayley I can explain I..”
“No there is nothing to explain Luca. You were right I was just your one night stand. So let us leave that there. In the past because that is where it belongs. I moved on and I think you did too. Right now I have a son to think of. I am not that girl that you slept with last year. I am a mother and my son comes first.”
“I understand Hayley but I need to set something clear about what you heard.”
“No there is nothing more to say. You wanted to know why I left now you know. I think its time you left. I have to rest because I need to be up early to look for a job.”
“But you work for us. You have a job.”
“I quit. Now please get out of my house. I could say that it was nice to see you again but it was not. Goodbye for good Mr. Luca De Rossi.” I went and opened the door for him and he followed.
“I just have one question for you. Were you really the supervisor of the hotel that we slept in. Just tell me the truth.”
“That day that we met I was at the club celebrating because that was the day that the hotel was sold to me but..”
“No need to continue, I get that you lied to me because you knew if I was to find out that you were the owner maybe I could have asked for money or something.”
I could feel the tears at the back of my eyes. I just wanted him to get out of my house and out of my life for good.
He got out and turned back to me and said “I wish you will let me explain but I know that is not possible. I just wish that you wouldn’t leave your work just because of me. Good bye Hayley. To me it was really nice to meet you again”
With that said he turned and left. I closed the door and got enough time for me to reach my room and fall down my bed let go of the tears all over again.
The pain that I felt fifteen months ago was back and this time it was greater than the last time. I don’t regret meeting him because he left with a very precious gift of all.
My son, my joy. He was my everything and I will protect him with everything that I had. I will stop crying and be the big girl that I am and move on with life.

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