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Chapter 4

Who does this woman think she is. She just kicked me out of her apartment without even getting my side of the story, but to hell with her.
I am done with her. She has another man’s kid and that was a big turn off. But her body, God she was a goddess. Her breast were full now compared to last year.
Her hips were curvier than the last time we were together, all night I just wanted to place my hand on her hips. Her pink lips were just calling for mine to touch hers.
I went straight to my car and drove off. I can’t believe that the woman that I have been craving for all this months was just a cheap whore who got out of my bed and jumped right away to another man’s bed.
To think that I even wasted my night tossing and turning on my bed just thinking about her. Remembering how she was innocent and shy when we made love. No I corrected myself, when she pretended to be shy and innocent.
I think now that I know that I will never sleep with her again my craving for other women will return. I wish j hadn’t wasted my night with her and would have taken Imelda with me back to my hotel room.
I was not ready to sleep so I head to the bar for a drink. Maybe I will manage to get a chick to take back to my hotel room.
I entered the bar and went straight to the VIP space. I was not in the mood to drink alone so I took out my phone and dialed my friend.
“What’s up man. Are you still in New York.” I asked hoping that he was still here.
“Yeah, I am at my hotel room but I will be leaving tomorrow morning since I am done with my meetings here.” Lorenzo said at the other ending the phone.
“Can you came to the Spring bar I am drinking there alone man.”
“Something is wrong because I know very well that you that you usually don’t drink during the week but only on weekends. I will be there in twenty minutes.”
I clicked the end button and went back to my drink. For sure Lorenzo knows me very well. We met with Lorenzo back in boarding school and we’ve been friends since than uptown now.
We leave together in Italy and we always hung out on the bars on every weekend that we find ourselves in the same city.
Twenty minutes later I saw Lorenzo coming towards me. That was a record for him because he never keeps time at all.
“Hey man I came as fast as I could. What’s the problem.”
“Can you order something first. You resemble the women who likes to gossip about other people.” We laughed together then he ordered his drink.
“So man do you remember the woman I met when I was purchasing the Italy hotel last year?”
“How can I ever forget her and you almost went crazy when she left you the morning after that incredible sex that you had.”
“OK I get it. You know I met her earlier at the Crystal hotel when I was having dinner with Imelda.”
“You what. After all this time you’ve finally gotten her back. So why are we having this conversation now. Shouldn’t you be on top of her now making wild love because of what she has caused you the past fifteen months. I thought you said that she was great when it came to making live with her.”
“Man I have wasted fifteen months of my life thinking about a woman who is a whore. Do you know that she has a kid man and he was convinced immediately after our night.”
He froze them spoke again, “Have you asked yourself that maybe the kid is yours or what.”
“No he is not mine because the kid is only five months old and when we had sex together I used protection so there is no way that child is mine. So he can be mine if she carried him for ten months before giving birth.”
“Man that is fucked up. So you are done with her or what and why were you having dinner with Imelda. J thought you hated her.”
I signed and called for the barman to refill my whiskey. “Obvious dude. I am done with her for good, right now I have to arrange a wedding between Imelda and I.”
“No way. You are getting married and didn’t tell me. For heaven sake man I am your best friend.”
“I didn’t mention it earlier because I just found out myself that I was getting married and the wedding must be before the end if this month or else my father will not leave the hotels to me.”
“Fuck that is really messed up. What about Imelda has she agreed to this charade or she is against it.”
I don’t know what Imelda will gain from this marriage. I know that she loves money and all the pleasure it comes with that’s the major reason she is accepting this marriage.
She is even eager to look for a dress for the ceremony. I don’t know if I can survive being with her for the rest of my life. A woman who is willing to let her husband go sleep with any other woman out there.
“My friend she is very excited about it. She can’t wait to get married to me and for me I hate her so much.” I just wish that Hayley was the one that I was forced to get married to without her child.
God even after I learn of her faults she was still stuck on my head. Will I ever forget that woman in this lifetime. For sure Hayley was a one powerful witch.
“You know what man I have an idea that will be to my satisfaction.”
“Tell me you are not going to let your father take away the hotels that you’ve worked hard for so long.”
“No man, I am going to marry Imelda but I will have Hayley warming my bed at night even if she has a kid.”
“That girl really got you. Now what will the kid's father say about his baby mama sleeping around so soon after giving birth.”
I smiled and say to him tapping his shoulders, “That is already sorted out. The father is not in the picture and that means that will have her all to myself.”
Lorenzo was laughing hard. I knew that he had no faith in plan.
“I think I forgot to tell you that she also works for my father in his hotel or lets put it this way, she works for me.”
“I did not see that coming. So how are that she will accept to warm your bed. Her priorities may have changed since the day that she became a mother. Haven’t you ever heard of people completely changing their lifestyle after becoming parents?”
He had a point there but I will do everything in my power to make her mine. I want to get her out of my system for good.
“I will do whatever I have to. Even if it is to blackmail her into acceptance.” I looked at my watch and realized that time had really gone by, “I think it’s time we leave. I have to meet up with my father early tomorrow for the feedback about my marriage.”
I paid the bill and we left the bar. I didn’t have the mood to pick up a lady as I had intended in the first place. Tonight I will just have to sleep alone fantasizing oh how Hayley will feel beneath me once I have her again.
I took a cab because I was too drunk to drive and went to my room. I shed all my clothes and few minutes later I got in the covers and fell asleep.
I woke up to the sound of my door being knocked. Who goes around knocking other people’s door at this hour.
I took my rob to cover my nakedness and went to open the door. I found the hotel manager at the other side of the door.
“Why the heck are you knocking at my door this early morning.” I asked in a harsh tone.
“I am so sorry for disturbing you but your father has been waiting for you for almost one and half hour so he has sent me to tell you to hurry because he is almost leaving for a meeting.”
“Tell him I will be there in fifteen minutes.” I said to him and closed the door. Damn how could I have overslept like that. I went for a quick show and twenty minutes later I entered my father's office.
My father was with Jack and they seem to be in deep conversation.
“I hope I am not disturbing anything.” I said and went to sit next to Jack.
“No son you are not. Jack here was just concerned about a lady that I gave a job three months ago but this morning she called to say that she was quitting.”
“I don’t get why you will be concerned about her. She is just an employee and I have never heard that you were to be told on everything the employees do. I think that is the work of Jack as the manager.”
“No son I am involved because I personally was the one who hired her. She had no experience in any hotel work. She told that she was an orphan and at that time she said that she had a three month old son and I felt pity for her and gave her the job.”
I froze. Could he be talking about Hayley. And my suspicion was confirmed when Jack spoke.
“Should we sue Hayley for quitting before her contract is over sir?”
I stood up fast and run my fingers on my hair. This can’t be happening. I thought she was bluffing when she told me yesterday that she was going to quit. Wait a minute my father just said that he hired her when her son was three months old.
So how long ago did my father really hired her. It needs to be two months that she has been working for us.
“Is something wrong son. For I minute there fast as if you’ve seen a ghost or something.” My father said looking straight in my eyes.
“Father how long ago did you hire this girl.”
He seemed confused for a second three then answered me. “Three months ago. That is when I hired..”
I did let him finish his answer “Are you absolutely sure that is the time you hired her, because if you hired her three months ago that means that her son is sick months old. Am I correct.”
My father looked in a folder that he was holding them said, “Yes I am sure because I have a folder here that says I hired her exactly three months ago so that means that her son is six months old right now. Why are you so concerned about her if I may ask son.”
Can Hayley's son be my son. Could I have fathers a child with her and she did not tell me. Why did she lie to me about her son's age. It’s either she lied to my father or lied to me and I am going to find out the truth from that woman.
But if truly her son is six months old that means that he is my son. But could that really be possible since I used protection the whole time we had sex. I need to go find her so I can know what is really going on with that woman and her child.
“Father I am sorry but I will have to cancel our meeting. I will meet you later. Right now I need to do something urgent.” I said and walk out fast.
I heard my father calling for me but right now my mind was else where. I am going to kill her if I found out that her child is also mine.
I went to my room and took my keys and run out. I started the car and drove to Hayley’s place. Twenty minutes later thanks to the smooth traffic I arrived at her place.
I stared to bang the door loudly and seconds later the door opened. Jenny the nanny was the one who opened the door. She looked straight at me and I saw she somehow froze. What could be wrong with her. Why did she react that way seeing after seeing me.
“I need to speak to Hayley right now.”
“She is feeding Leo right now. Just come in and wait for her here I will go and call her for you.”
I entered the house and Jenny left for Hayley’s room. I started to look around her house and I noticed that there were no single photograph of her son. That is kind of weird. I know that every parent displays their kids pictures at the house.
I heard footsteps and I turn and all the air left my lungs leaving me to choke. She was really pretty in her short nightdress and she was not wearing a bra leaving her full breast looking as sexy as hell. I got an erection by just looking at her cleavage alone. The things that this woman does to me is extra ordinary. But I should not be thinking about my libido right now but her lies.
“I thought I made it clear yesterday that I didn’t want to see you ever again in my house. So what are you doing here again.”
“Don’t you thinks that you should put on something like a robe because right now you are half naked and my buddy her,” I said pointing on my erection “does not know how to behave around you at all.”
She ignored me completely, “Is your erection the reason you came to my house because if that is all you came to say,” she pointed the direction of the door “you can leave.”
“If you don’t want to change,” she nodded and I knew that I will just have to talk to her that way. “Ok so I will go straight to the point. Why did you lie to me about your son’s age.”
Hearing that she immediately froze and looked pale. “Did I touch a nerve or what. Just tell me why you lied and I will be out of here in a second.”
“I did not lie to you Luca,” fuck the she says my name makes me want to grab her and make love to her right here against the wall.
“For once tell me how old Leo is and if he is my son or not. Look me straight in the eyes and tell me the truth and I will be out of your life for good. I promise that I will never bother you again.”
She looked away from me and seconds later I heard a sharp cry coming from her room. The door opened and Jenny came to view carrying the child.
“His temperature is rising. I think we need to take him to the doctor. The antibiotics that we gave him is not working at all.”
Hayley took him from Jenny and he continued to cry. How can a small baby like him make a lot of noise like that. The baby turned to me and suddenly stopped crying. He spread his arms for me to carry him and that was when I froze and almost fainted.
I looked at Hayley and she was crying. I looked back at Leo and saw the exact features that I had when I was his age. Pictures of me at his age looks exactly the same as Leo's face right now.
Oh my God. I have a son.
I am a father.
Leo is my son.
Hayley stole my baby from me.
She is going to pay for all the time that I have lost without him.

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