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Chapter 5

The look on Luca’s face confirmed to me that he knew very well that Leo was his son. God what am I going to tell him. The look on his face was murderous. He was going to punish me for not telling him about his son.
I tried to soothe him to stop crying but he will not calm down. To my surprise he stopped crying when he saw his father. That’s weird to say that name that Luca was his father.
He spread his little arms for Luca so that he will take him. I was staring at him when he stopped looking then looked straight at me and tears started to roll down my cheeks.
What am I going to do. If today he decides that he was going to take away my son from, then his will. With the kind of money that he has, there is no judge that will grant me full custody of Leo instead they will give him full custody.
He took him from my hands but he was not sure what to do next.
“Just hold him at his back and with your other hand support his head for it not to fall backwards.”
He did as I had told him and to my surprise again, Leo rested his head against his chest and I could see that he was already sleepy. Did he feel the connection between him and his father that made him so comfortable around? That I could not answer.
“Do you have a car seat.” He finally spoke.
“No, I don’t have one since I don’t even own a car.”
“So how have you been moving around with my son? Do you know that it’s not safe to travel with a baby without a car seat?”
Does this guy even know he is talking about. I have just told him that I don’t have a car seat because I don’t have a car and he is here lecturing me about the safety of my child. He even had the guts to say that he was his son. For heaven sake he doesn’t know anything about him let alone any child. He doesn’t even know how to hold a child properly and he thinks that he is the father of the year.
“Why do you even need a car seat for.” I asked him.
“My son..” I didn’t let him finish that comment.
“He is not your son.”
“Are you sure about that Hayley. He has been your son for the last six months , and now that its my turn you become jealous. I am going to make you pay for depriving my son a father.”
More tears rolled down my cheeks. How could he just do this to me. I didn’t know who he was last year. How was I to inform a man who called me a cheap whore the morning after our one night stand.
“Please don’t do this to me. I beg you Luca please don’t take my son away from me.”
“First pray that my son gets better then you and I will have a very long and serious talk after. Right now we need to take Leo to the hospital. Where have you been taking him.”
Oh God today is my worst day ever. Let him just find out that I have been taking his son to the public hospital. Who did I really get myself involved with.
“I have been taking him to the hospital that is a few blocks away from this place.”
“So apart from him living in this dump that you call a house, my son has not been getting any good medical attention. What kind of a mother are you really Hayley.”
That statement woke up the demons in me.
“You think just because you have money gives you the right to lecture me on how to live. Do you know how hard it is that work the whole day then at night you don’t get any sleep because of a baby. Do you know how painful it is to work when you have not even recovered well from giving birth Luca? Do you know how many times I have cried myself to sleep just because I want what is best for my son when I don’t even have money.”
I saw him opening his mouth trying to talk but I cut him, “You don’t know anything Luca. This place you call a dump is the only place your son knows as home. He has never known any other place. Do you know how many times I cried for my baby for the father that he does not know . I didn’t even know what name to write as the father at the hospital when they asked. I only knew one name, ‘Luca' that is what I told one of the nurses who just laugh at me because I didn’t know my own baby’s father name. In the end they wrote none, and you are here telling me that I have not raised my son well.”
He looked down to Leo who was fast asleep then looked at me. “I didn’t mean it like that. I am so sorry for what you went through without me. Let’s just take him to the hospital then we will talk later when we are both calm.”
I went back to my room and changed from my nightdress then got out. I didn’t bother about my hair or my face. I only cared about my son. I went back to the sitting room and found Luca and Leo still there.
I took my coat and then my bag and went out of the house. Jenny was still locked inside her room. I doubt that she didn’t hear our arguments.
I don’t know what will happen but I will do anything to stay in my son’s life even if I have to beg him for that. The way he took charge as if he knew exactly what to do.
He opened the front passenger door and I let myself in. He then handed Leo to me and immediately I hugged him with all my might so as to assure myself that my son was still with me.
Since the day that I found out that I was pregnant I knew a day like this was going to come. I just didn’t know that it will come so soon.
He took out his phone and dialed a number, “Dad could you please ask for the best pediatric hospital in New York please.”
He was silent for a second then he answered, “I have news but I will explain to you when I come back to the hotel later.”
He listened again and said thanks and hanged up.
We drove for around ten minutes then he got a message.
“We are going to the Fountain hospital. My father says they have the best pediatric services.” He said to me.
“No that hospital is very expensive. How am I going to be able to pay for it.”
“You are forgetting something, Leo is also my son and what I want for him is the best medical services there is. So just shut up and let me drive in peace because you have no say in this.”
Oh my gosh did he just tell me to shut up. This man is really a dick. How did I ever get involved with him in the first place.
“I am his mother I have the rights to make..” He did let me finish.
“And I am his father so whatever rights you think you have, I have the same on.”
I didn’t say anything else. Twenty minutes later we arrived at the Fountain hospital. He got out of the car and came and opened my door. He held out his arms and I gave Leo to him.
I got out and closed the door and followed him. We went to the reception and ten minutes later the doctor called for us. Leo was already awake but he didn’t seem eager to be carried by me.
We went to the doctor’s office. “Good morning Mr. and Mrs. De Rossi. I am doctor Mark Chandler and I will be the person who will be looking after your son today.” What has he just called us. I looked over to Luca hoping that he will correct him but he seemed not to care.
“Morning too doctor Chandler.” He answered.
“So what is wrong with your champ here.”
Luca looked at me and I knew that I was the one who was supposed to talk, “He has been having a high temperature from last night. We gave him some antibiotics but his temperature is not going down. He has been crying a lot but when Lu.. his father showed up this morning he has stopped crying.”
“Well I think father and son here has a very strong bond. Can you please place him in this high chair so that I can examine him.”
Luca stood up and went to the high chair and place him there and immediately he started to cry. “Don’t cry my piccolina I am not going anywhere. I am going to be with you every step of the way.” He said to him in the sweetest tone ever.
He kissed his forehead and held his hand and the doctor started his business with him. I felt tears down my cheeks and the picture that was in front of me. Father and son. They looked so good together. I could also see the love that was expressed from Luca and I knew there and then that Luca loved his son the way I did love him. At least we had one thing in common.
After his examination Luca carried Leo and the doctor went back to his seat. “Your son is going to be okay. It is nothing serious. He has flu coming and that’s explains the temperature and for his cries he has ear infection which will go away once he antibiotics that I will give him works.” He turned to me then spoke, “Is he on solids yet since I see that he is six months.”
“I have only been breastfeeding him for the past months but last week I introduced him to small portions of solids.”
“That's really good Mrs. De Rossi. Your son here is healthy because you’ve been breastfeeding him. Mostly I always advice my patience's parents that breastfeeding is the best method compared to the use of formula.”
He wrote down something on a paper and gave it to Luca. “Buy those and give him three times a day. Make sure is well feed before giving him and your champ will be okay by tomorrow morning.”
We stood up and said our thanks and headed for the door. “Make sure he is hydrated at all times.” He shouted.
We went to the pharmacy and bought the drugs that had been prescribed. “We need to get something to eat. I am hungry I didn’t take my breakfast.” He said to me.
“Where do you want to go. I need to also feed Leo because he didn’t feed or eat anything.”
“Let’s go back to the hotel because my father is also expecting me. And he needs an explanation on why I ditched him earlier this morning and also why I had to ask for a pediatric hospital.”
I can’t go there. For heaven same I have been working there for the last three months. What will all of my fellow employees say to me.
“Can’t we go anywhere else, must it be there. You know I have been working there and their some people who does not know that I have resigned. Let’s go back to my house. I can make you breakfast and then we can talk in private.” I almost begged.
“I am not stepping my foot in that house again and neither is my son so if you want to go back you can go but without my son.”
“You can’t do this to me please.”
“But I already did cara mia. So it’s your choice, to either follow us or you can go back to your house alone.” He said that and headed towards his car.
Did I really have a choice with this man. I had to follow him no matter what. He had my son and there was nothing I was going to do.
I followed him fast. I had to run so as to catch up with him. He was really tall compared to me.
He knew that I was following him because he opened the passenger’s door and waited for me. I entered the car and again he gave Leo to me. He closed the door and went to the drivers side.
He started engine and drove off. “Please I understand that you don’t want to go back to my place and for me I don’t want to go back to your place, can we please find a neutral place that will benefit the both of us.” I said to him but it seemed after is he didn’t care at all. He just kept on driving.
“Do you really want to take your son to a place where there is a lot of people that can leak the story to the media?”
He didn’t say anything again and I just prayed that he was even listening to me. He took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.
“Father did you go to that meeting that you said you had earlier?” he asked.
I could not hear what his father was saying but he then spoke again. “I need you to go to your house right now. We are heading there right now.”
He listen again then answered, “I will not tell you on the phone. Just come home and you will see it for yourself.” He looked at Leo then smiled and said “I think you will like this surprise more than anything.” He said and end the call.
“We are going to my father's place. J hope that is okay with you.”
“Yeah it will be fine.”
No it was not fine at all. I am going to meet the man who has been my boss for the last three months and introduce my son as his grandchild. How am I going to survive this. I felt light headed that if I was standing up right now j might have collapsed.
Marco has really been good to me but I just hope that when he finds out that I had his grandchild all this months would not hate me the way his son hated me.
Leo started to fuss and I knew that he may be hungry. “Is your fathers place far, because I need to feed him now.”
“It’s a forty minutes drive, I think I will just pull over and you can nurse him here.” He said it and few minutes later he pulled over at a gas station. He turned to me and said, “You can feed him now.”
“Not with you staring at me. You will have to get out of the car or look the other way.” He laughed out loud and said again. “Don’t you think it’s a little too late for that, I know every part of that body as if it mine. I know where to touch and where not touch so my dear just feed our son and will be on our way.”
I felt shivers down my body. I didn’t know that he still got power over my body. I opened my blouse took out my breast and Leo reached out to it. He started to suck hard . Damn he was that hungry but it felt weird for me that Luca was watching me feeding his son.
Few minutes later he got out of the car and left me with Leo. After I finished I called him back and we started our journey again.
We pulled over at a very beautiful mansion. It was very big that I had to confirm again if we’ve reached our destination or this was a hotel.
“Is this your father's house or is this a hotel.” He got out and opened the door for us.
“This is my father’s house and it’s not a hotel. My mother was not Italian but an American like you, my father met her here in this very house at a party and it was love at first sight. Two months later they got married and my father bought her this house as a gift for their fifth year anniversary.”
“Wow. I love it it’s so beautiful. Did you grow up here?”
Suddenly the door opened and Marco stood there. My blood started to boil. What am I going to do.
“Son what is happening and why are you with Miss Hayley.”
“Can we go in first father.”
We were ushered in and might I say that the house inside was more beautiful than outside. It felt as if I was in a palace.
“Follow me to my study.”
The study room was very beautiful again. Luca went and sat at the couch and I had to follow him and sat next to him. His father sat opposite to us.
“Do you need anything to drink.” He asked and I said no because I was nervous.
Leo started to fuss again because he wanted to be put down. I looked at Luca because I was afraid of putting him down to that expensive carpet.
“You can put him down because it seems that what he wants.” He stood up spread a rug that I had and I put him down with a toy.
“Father I want you to meet my son Leo” Luca told his father and I could see the shock that was expressed on his face.
He bend down and Leo choose that moment to look up to him and smiled displaying the same set of dimples that his father had. He hesitate for a second then lift him up.
“My own grandchild. The heir to the De Rossi empire. Luca son I can’t tell you how happy I am. This is the best gift that you’ve given me.”
Oh boy did he say that Leo was the heir.
Oh boy I am definitely dead.

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