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Chapter 6

It’s been a week now since I learned of Leo’s existence. It’s been the best seven days of my life. I didn’t know that having a son will be this fun, but also tiring.
After they stayed for two days, Hayley wanted to go back to their apartment to collect her things and those of Leo's. I told her not to go because I had bought her everything. We had gone shopping and bought everything that they needed. Clothes, a crib for Leo and toys but she was stubborn and I let her go.
Spending half the day alone with Leo was exciting but by the time Hayley returned with Jenny I was ready for a very long nap.
He was a small baby but he needed to much attention. As for my father, he always comes and spend his evening with him before he retired for the night. After I told him what had happened between Hayley and I in Italy, he said that she was not at fault for not telling me.
I told him how she ran away from my hotel room but I never actually told him about the conversation that Hayley heard and that she misunderstood me.
Right now it was in the middle of the night and I was still a wake because since Hayley and I moved to my father's house, this has been my routine every night. Some times I just want to get up and go to the next room because that’s where Hayley has been sleeping.
I am supposed to go back to Italy after two days and I have not informed Hayley. They are going to go with me, because Leo's home is not in New York but his life and home is Italy where he will learn his language.
I have not told Hayley how proud I am that she gave our son an Italian name. But I will have to change his surname. My son can’t go on being called and Adams while he is a De Rossi.
I heard Hayley's footsteps going to Leo’s room and I knew he was awake. I looked at the time and saw that it was one thirty and I felt pity for her. I woke up and went to the room opposite to mine. The door was slightly ajar and I saw that Hayley was seated in a rocking chair that I got specifically for her for when she was breastfeeding.
She was still wearing the same night dress that I saw her in the morning that I stormed into her house. It still gives me night mares on how it was too revealing and tight. It showed her curves perfectly.
I stood at the door and just admired the picture that was in front of me. My son’s mother and my son together.
My family.
That felt weird but true. They come first before anything else. I was so proud of them. I always wanted a family, in fact I still want a very large family. I don’t want Leo to go through what I went through being an only child.
I must have made a sound because Hayley turned fast and saw me.
“You scared me, what are you doing here this late?”
“The same as you, I heard you coming here and decided to come help you.”
“By standing at the door and doing absolutely nothing or what.” She said while a smile formed at the corner of her mouth.
Seeing her like that fills my heart with so much joy.
“What do you want me to do.” I asked her and my eyes scanned her body. Damn this woman is going to kill me one of this days.
“Like what you see?”
I was actually drooling. Men I felt jealous of Leo because he had the authority to touch and suck her mum while I didn’t have. Oh my gosh, I think I am losing it. It has gotten to a point that I feel jealous over my son because of her mother.
“You are so weird, how can you even look at me now and the way my breast are larger than the last time we were together.”
“Knowing that my baby was the one that made it possible for it to be like that turns me on the way you can’t imagine. Hayley do you have any idea on what you’ve put me through since I saw you again. I can’t get..” I had to stop because Leo was fussing.
“I don’t know why he’s not going back to sleep.”
“Go back to sleep and I will take care of him until he falls back to sleep.” I said and moved to where she was.
She got up from the rocky chair and handed Leo to me. Our fingers touched and I felt jolt of electricity running in my blood. I know she felt it too because she cut our connection fast as if it hurt to be touched by me.
“Are you sure you want to do this because he can stay up for even an hour.”
“He's my son too. I have responsibilities to take care of him too. You go back to sleep because even I was not sleeping.”
She kissed Leo's forehead and got out.
“Your mama is a very special woman. Look at how amazing you are. Now what shall we do about your sleep.”
He was just staring at me. He looks exactly the same as I was on his age. There could never be any doubt that Leo is my son.
I didn’t know what to do so I just sang to him the song that my mom used to sing to me. It was soothing and within minutes Leo went back to sleep.
I hold on to him for about twenty minutes then put him back to his bed. I continued staring at him then heard a little noise. I turned to see Hayley standing at the door.
“I thought I told you to go back to bed and get some rest.”
“I think you know very well I don’t orders from you. That was really good, you singing to him.”
I moved to where she was and both of us left our sleeping son and got out.
“Mama used to sing it to me when I was a child. I didn’t think that one day I was going to sing it to my children as well.”
She froze. I think it was me saying children.
“You want other kids?”
“Yes of course.”
I answered her and I could see tears falling down her cheeks.
Mia cara why are you crying?”
“Nothing, I am going to bed. Will talk later.”
She said that and speed away. What was really wrong with her. Does the idea that I want to have other kids scared her that much.
I didn’t have the moods to go back to bed so I went to my fathers office so that I could check on my emails.
Hours later I heard the sound of Leo laughing. I got out of the office to find my father, Hayley and Leo having breakfast.
“I see someone is in a very good mood.”
I went and kissed his forehead and in return I got the greatest gift ever.
“Dada” he said while clapping his tiny hands.
“No way.”
“Does that mean what I really think it is. Did he just call dad.”
“I think so son. Thank you so much for this gift that you have brought to my son and I. I don’t know how I could ever repay you.” My father said with a tear rolling down his cheek.
“No need to thank me because he is my gift too.”
The rest of the breakfast was ate in silence. After that my father said his goodbyes and left for work.
“Could you take Leo to Mrs. Jenny because I need to you in private.”
“Sure.” She said and got up.
“Meet me in my room please.”
She nodded and left. I went to my room and waited for her for about fifteen minutes but she had not yet showed up so I went for a quick shower.
I finished showering and wrapped a towel around my waist and got out of the bathroom only to find Hayley entering my room. She looked shocked and turned.
“I am sorry. You took long to come so I decided to take a shower before you came but now I see that it was bad idea.”
“Let me wait for you outside so that you can dress. Just call me when you are done.”
“I don’t think that is necessary. You’ve seen me naked before so I don’t think there is any problem for you to see me again.”
“Luca I have no desire to look at your naked body at all. Right now I have responsibilities.” She said looking down. She was shy and just that gesture made me hard as rock. p
She’s saying that she doesn’t want me, then I am going to find out.
“Look me in the eye and repeat exactly what you’ve just said. I dare you Hayley because deep down you want me as much as I want you. Deep down you know that you can’t sleep knowing that I am in the next room. Be honest for once and tell me that you don’t crave me at all and I will never bring this topic ever again. Tell me Hayley.” I asked furiously shaking her.
“Why did you call me here. Or is this what you wanted to talk about because if it is I am done.”
“You will answer me immediately Hayley. Don’t try to change the subject because it will not work at all.”
“You are not the boss of me. You can’t order me to answer you and get it. I will not answer you and that’s my decision. So is this why you called because I have other things to do”
“Ok I wanted to inform you that we will be leaving for Italy the day after tomorrow.”
“No you can’t do this.”
“Does Leo have a passport?”
“No he doesn’t because he never did need it.”
“Is yours up to date.”
“Yes but I am not going anywhere.”
“I will need Leo's birth certificate so that I can make one for him today.”
“I will not give it to you Luca.”
“Then I will file for custody and an emergency one at that and we will see who the court will give it to. You or me. Let me remind you that my father knows all the right people in this city. So choose your decision wisely. You have ten minutes to think about it. I am going out and if I don’t find the birth certificate at the kitchen table in fifteen minutes then I will know what you’ve chosen. Now please get out of my room I need to change.”
She has actually ruined my moods and the way I was in a good one. To say the truth I might have been a little hard on her but she is so stubborn.
She turned when she reached the say. “I will never forgive you for what you’ve done to me.”
I took out my phone and texted Lorenzo.
Meet me at the hotel. I need your help with something.
Within seconds he replied.
I am actually around there. Be there in ten.
I dressed quickly and took my car keys and got out. I went to Leo’s room but he was not there so I decided to go without seeing him.
At the kitchen table there was an envelop and a smile formed at the corner of my lips. I took it and hurried out. Lorenzo's brother is a judge here and I know that he is the only person who can help me get Leo a passport in a day.
Later that evening I came back home a happy man. Lorenzo’s brother had made the passport for in a matter of hours and with that I had decided to push my time of leaving to tomorrow.
I just want my son on my land as soon as possible. I went to his room and again I didn’t find them so I decided to go to Hayley's room only to find them there and Mrs. Jenny.
When they saw me Jenny excused herself. I went and knew near Leo and he came to me.
“How's my little boy doing. I missed you today.”
He just clapped his hand and say “dada” my heart always melts whenever he calls me that.
“That’s my good boy.”
“I need to get him ready for bed.” Hayley finally spoke.
“OK. Also pack your things or call someone to assist you to pack your things because we will be leaving tomorrow morning for Italy.”
“I thought we still had time.”
“No I don’t have time. I have meetings all lined up for this week and I can’t miss them. So get some rest.”
“Luca I am begging you, please consider us. Leo has known only New York as his home please don’t take him away from it.”
“I don’t think that is about Leo but it is about yourself.”
“Please Luca I don’t want to go back to Italy please.”
“OK. I will not force you to go with me.”
“So you will let us stay here. Back in New York?”
I smiled and say, “Yes I will let you stay here for as long as you want then when you are ready you will come meet us in Italy, so if you are not going be a good girl and pack Leo’s things for me. We will be leaving at exactly nine so be ready if you are going. ” I said and got out.
I went to meet my father at his office. He had called me earlier requesting that I meet him.
“Hey father. I am sorry am late. I had to look for a passport for Leo.”
“I know because Hayley told me when I walked in earlier.”
I moved to where he was and poured myself a glass of whiskey.
“I am leaving tomorrow father.”
“Are Leo and Hayley coming with you.”
“Leo is definitely coming with me but as for Hayley, she is still resisting.”
“If she comes are they going to stay in your house or are you going to look for a place for both of them.”
That is kind of weird. Where is my father going with this conversation. I just know that it will not end well for one of us.
“They are going to stay with me father. Why ask by the way.”
“I know Leo was not planned but I need you to do something for me. I need you to pay Hayley so that he will give you full custody of Leo. Tell her to name her price. Any amount we will be willing to pay.”
“That is insane. I know that woman she will never accept it.”
“How do you know her and she is just a one night stand. She is a gold digger in disguise, her ride of her or I will for you and if I do she will not get a penny from me.”
“But father she is..” he cut me off.
“I don’t care for what you are about to say but get rid of her before the media gets hold of Leo’s existence. Also remember that you have only two weeks to marry Imelda as scheduled.”
“Father you said that you want your name to continue and it has. Leo now carries that name so why would I still be needed to marry Imelda?”
“There is also something else that we will benefit from that union, since Imelda is an only child , when you marry you will have control of all their wealth.”
“So it’s all about the money father, isn’t it.”
“I expect you to do as I have said about Hayley. The earlier the better and get married to Imelda because if you don’t in two weeks I will disinherit you so you and your son will be homeless and poverty will follow you like your own shadow.”
“What kind of a father are you?”
“The father who wants to ensure his stupid son's future is secured. Now go do as I have asked. Good night and safe travel tomorrow.”
I didn’t have words. Does my father really think that I will marry that vile woman after I have found the one and only woman who has made my life a nightmare because I can’t get attracted to another woman apart from her.
I entered my room and locked the door behind and went to pour myself another glass of whiskey.
I drank myself to sleep and the next thing I here is my phone ringing.
I picked up and saw that it was Lorenzo calling.
“Hey man.”
“Luca are you still sleeping. We need to be at the airport in an hour, even if the jet is yours we need to go with the pilots schedule.”
Fuck I looked at the time and saw that it was half past eight. I got up fast and said to him.
“Don’t sorry will be there.”
“You better be.”
I took a shower and went out to look for Hayley and Leo only to find them already dressed waiting for me. Their bags were beside them and my heart was filled with joy of knowing that she had decided to go with us.
What would have happened if she had refused to go with me? How was I even going to care for Leo. He might be a baby but he was a lot of work.
“We need to leave right now if we are to catch that jet.”
“I thought we were using a plane.”
“Why would I put my son to all that torture of a plane when I have a jet that he can travel comfortably and with luxury.”
With that we left. We entered the car but Jenny did not.
“Is she not coming.”
“She can’t go because it will be far from her family so she said she will have to stay back.”
“Drive us to the airport.” I told my Father’s chauffeur.
Hours later I opened my front door and said to Hayley and Leo.
“Welcome to your new home.”
“This is not my home. This is my prison.”
“A prison you are not free to leave but here you have a choice, stay and be with our son or leave alone. You have a choice.”
“Do I really have a choice Luca.”
She said and entered the house leaving me standing at the door with their bags.
What am going to do.
Am I going to stay with a woman who pretends that she doesn’t want me.
Or am I going to marry a woman who wants me to have other women even when we are married?
But me being with any of the two, Leo must be there regardless of the woman I marry. Either I marry Imelda or Hayley.

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