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Chapter 7

The Luca I knew from the previous week is no longer available. Luca that we’ve had for the past four days is a person who loves only his work.
In this four days we've only see him at night when he comes to play with Leo for about half an hour then he disappears to his home office.
Since Jenny didn’t come with us, I have had the opportunity to spend all the time with Leo. I knew the risk of working back in New York. I knew very well that I will not have too much time to spend with my son.
It was seven o’clock and I was too lazy to wake up. I was waiting for Leo to wake up so that he will also force me to get out of this comfortable bed. Thirty minutes later I have up and got out of my bed.
I pulled on a robe and went to Leo's room. To my surprise he was not there. I knew for a fact that Luca's housekeeper would not take him without asking.
I went downstairs and found Luca and Leo seated at the dinning table.
“Didn’t know that you guys had already woken up. I have been waiting to hear this man little screams but I had to give up at some point.” I said as I kissed his forehead.
“Actually this little man here woke up almost two hours ago. I was about to go for my morning run and when I entered his room to check up on him he woke up and here we are.”
After saying that, that was the actual time that I noticed that he was wearing gym clothes. This is the first time that I have seen him in anything else apart from the suits that he had been wearing for this last few days.
“You should have called me to take care of him.”
“I didn’t see it being necessary. I am his father and I wanted to take care of him, or did I have to run that by you first?” What was with this man. Does he have to twist everything that I say?
“It's not like that, what I was trying to say is that you didn’t have to cancel your run. You could have just woken me up so that you could have gone to your run.”
He got up from his seat and took Leo. “You know what, I can’t do this with you right now so Leo and I are going for a long walk and when I return I will need to talk to you before I go to the office.”
“You are going to work today? It’s Sunday. Don’t you have a day off.”
“I know its Sunday that’s why i will be going in at ten o’clock but not seven o’clock.” He said that and stormed out of the house.
I tried to take my breakfast but I had already lost my appetite. I went back to my room for a shower.
Thirty minutes later I was sitting at the deck when suddenly my phone rang. I saw that it was from a new number so I decided not to answer. Few minutes later it rang again and this time around I choose to answer.
“Hello. Hayley is that you.” I heard a man’s voice on the other side.
“Yes. Who are you?”
“I am John, I asked Joy for your number since the last time we were together you ran before I could ask for it.”
“I am so sorry for the way I left, I saw someone there that I didn’t want to talk to. But anyway how have you been.”
Our conversation continued for almost thirty minutes. And to say the truth I like John. He was simple and easy to talk to, but how was I going to tell him that I am leaving with the father of my son who doesn’t care what I have to say about our son upbringing but what he only say stands.
I turned in the chair to see Luca standing at the door looking so furious.
“John I have to go we will talk later.”
“Bye Hayley and before you go I want to tell you that I really like you and it will be really nice if we meet for dinner again soon.”
“Will talk later.” I hung up and looked at Luca.
“I didn’t here you coming.”
“How would you have heard me when you were in a heated conversation with your boyfriend.”
“John is not my boyfriend.”
“Isn’t John the same man you were with at the hotel the other night?”
“Yes he is, but you had no right to listen in to my private conversation.”
“Mia cara that is where you are wrong, I have right because first this is my house so I will do whatever I want. Second while you are in this house you are forbidden from talking to him or any other man all together.”
“Luca you can’t be serious. You can’t do this to me. I am not a kid that you can manipulate anyhow you want. I will speak to anyone that I want.”
“No baby you will not.”
“I hate you Luca, so much. You are just the father of my baby nothing more so please just let me live my life.”
“You know what, I will not repeat what I have said. If I ever find you again flirting with that man, you will suffer the consequences.”
“But Luca.” He didn’t let me finish.
“ No buts Hayley, this conversation is over.” He moved toward me then stopped when he was a few feet away, “I have been invited to one of my friends party tonight. I want you to get ready because we are going together.”
Is this man crazy or something. Did he really think that I would go anywhere with him as my date.
“I am not going anywhere with you. Who will look after Leo.”
“Isabella will look after him.”
“If I may ask, who exactly is this Isabella that you are going to leave my son with.”
“It's our son not yours and I will never leave our son today person that I don’t trust. Isabella is Paloma’s daughter. She is a student in New Orleans and has come home for summer.”
“Ok, but Luca there’s no need for me to go with. You can pick anyone you want to go with.”
“Yes I will, no let me rephrase I have already chosen who I want to be beside me tonight and can you guess who that is?”
“Luca I don’t even have anything to wear and there isn’t enough time for me to go to the store and get myself ready.”
“I knew you will say that so I took matters in my own hand and called the best store in town. They will come with everything you need, dresses, shoes and everything else a woman needs for a night out.”
There was no way I was getting out of this. Can’t this man just understand that I want nothing to do with him. He can do whatever he want. In a distance I heard Leo crying and immediately I was moving.
When I reached the door I heard Luca saying, “I will pick you up at exactly eight o’clock. You better be ready because I don’t like waiting up. I am going to work now. See you later.”
I just nodded and went to look for Leo. I found him seated on his small bed crying his lungs out.
“Hey baby stop crying mama is here.” I picked him up from the cot and went to the window.
“Today is a beautiful day my love. I want us to play together for the time that I have.” Does he even understand what I am saying because he was just clapping his tiny hands and it felt like I was talking to myself.
“Yes my love mama is here. So. Let us go to the play room and see what you’ve got.”
The hours passed quickly and at exactly six o’clock Paloma knocked Leo’s door. He was a sleep and I was just seating there thinking about my life.
“I am sorry to disturb you Miss Hayley but the stylist are here.”
“No need to apologize Paloma.” I said as well were getting out of the room “And please can you call me Hayley. We are living together there is no need for formalities.”
“You are so nice Hayley. I never knew that I will live to see a day when Luca will bring a good woman like you.”
Does it mean that he used to bring women in this house. Jealousy burned me like bile. Then I had to remind myself that I was only here because we had a son together not because he cared for me.
“They are in the living room.” Paloma said that and started to leave.
“Thank you Paloma.”
“You are welcome my dear, and also Isabella is already here. She will take good care of your little one.”
She said that and disappeared to the kitchen. I gathered myself and went to the living room.
There were to ladies seated on the couch and beside them was a rack full of dresses.
“Hey there.”
The both got up and shook my hand. “Sorry we didn’t hear you coming in. We were admiring your house and might I say that it is truly beautiful.”
I wanted to correct them by saying that the house belonged only to Luca but I did see the need for it.
“Thanks so much. I am Hayley by the way.”
“I am Rita. I will be taking care of your dresses and she is Lydia she will take care of your hair and makeup.”
“Thank you so much guys.”
“No need for you to thank us, Mr. Luca is going to give us a very fat bonus for this work that we are going to do here.” Rita said.
“Well I think that we should start now or else we are going to be late.”
“Actually we do not need that much time because I can see that Hayley here is a natural beauty after all.” Lydia said with a smile.
“Let me show you guys to my room so that we can start right away because we only have two hours and I will have to say good night to my son first before I leave for the night.”
We went up to my room and immediately they started to set up their equipment. I didn’t know what to do so I just went and sat at the end of my bed just staring at them.
“You my dear are not going to just sit here. You are going to take a nice shower because we don’t have time for you to have a bubble bath.” Lydia said dragging me to the entrance of my bathroom.
I got to the bathroom and started the shower. I removed my clothes and stepped in the shower. I knew that time was not on my side but I took my time at the shower. I got up to my room in a robe to find the ladies already done with setting up and were waiting for me to finish.
“Sorry I took long.”
“You must be kidding. We are even surprised that you finished already. Most women that we work with always takes at least forty five minutes in there.” Rita said with a smile.
“Come sit here so that we can start before Luca comes back.” Lydia said tapping a chair next to my dressing table. I looked at the time and saw that it was already half past six.
“We are going to do your nails first then your hair then finally your face. But before we do anything else we need you to choose the dress that you are going to wear so that it will help us choose things like your nails color and lipstick.” Rita said and wheeled the dresses to where I was seated.
I stood up and started to see the dresses. They were all beautiful and it was really hard to choose one when I wanted to wear all of them. I inspected one and saw the price tag and I almost fainted.
“I am afraid these dresses are too expensive and I don’t think I can afford one even with my one year savings. I will just look for something in my wardrobe. Just give me a minute.”
“All this dresses are already yours. Luca gave us your size and told us to select the best twenty dresses for you and sent him the bill. You are just going to choose one that you will be wearing tonight and the rest will be put in your wardrobe.” I tighten the robe that I was wearing in anger. Why would Luca do this to me and could not even have the guts to tell me only for me to find out from someone else.
I just looked again at the dresses and finally choose a sleeveless black dress. It was short and I knew that it was going to reach at my knee.
“Excellent choice. Now let’s get started.”
I sat there and they started to do there magic. I have never done something like this in my life. I know that once Luca gets tired of us being here and sent us packing back to New York I don’t how I will be able to survive because right now my body was used to lazy around and all the luxury that it brings.
I was starting to adopt the life of the rich people and it was high time I get back to reality. I will have to talk to Luca about me looking for work. Even if it will be the one that I will work at night so that Luca can look after Leo while I am working.
What will happen to my son when his dad finally gets tired of us or decided that it was time for him to get married. Just the thought of him married to another woman rose bike in my stomach. Seriously I can’t be jealous. He can do whatever he wants with his life. But really who was I kidding .
I was damn jealous about it.
I must have moved or something .
“We are almost done. Just a few pins to hold your hair up and we will be done.”
Time must really have passed because few minutes later they turned me to look at the mirror and I saw a totally different person.
“I told you that you were going to be a very easy customer to satisfy because you are a natural beauty.”
“Thank you guys.”
“Don’t thank us yet. We need to get you into that dress without ruining the make up and hair, then after that you can thank us all you want.”
I chose a white lacy bra and panties that match and put them on. They helped into the dress and chose a white high heel that also been bought by Luca. I looked myself at the mirror and the dress was absolutely beautiful. It fitted well.
Immediately I heard a car outside and I knew that Luca was already here. I looked at the time and saw that I already had fifteen minutes before it was time to leave.
“It was nice meeting you Hayley but its time we hit the road.”
“Thank you guys so much.” The nodded and left the room.
I was about to leave when there was a knock at the door and it opened to see Paloma at the other side.
“Mr. Luca has sent me to tell you that he has gone to change and will meet you at the living room when he is done.”
“Thank you Paloma. Can you please tell me where Isabella and Leo are so that I can say goodnight to him.”
“They are in his room. When I left them, they were about to read the bedtime story.” She said that and I thank her again and I went Leo’s room.
True to Paloma's words I found Isabella seated next to Leo reading him a story. I stood there for a moment until she was done. She kissed him goodnight and turned to see me at the door.
“I didn’t know that you are here.”
“I am sorry that I scared you but I arrived when you were reading him a story and I couldn’t disturb you. I hope he was not too much trouble.”
“Not at all. He was perfect and I hope that while I will be here you can let me look after him time to time. I really enjoy babysitting him.”
“That will not be a problem. You can have him whenever you want.”
She just smiled and exited the room and I strode to where Leo was sleeping peaceful. I looked at him for a long time my mind being else where. I kissed him goodnight switched off the lights and left. I closed the door and went towards the living room.
When I was at the top of the stairs I saw that Luca was standing at the last staircase talking to someone on the phone. He turned and dropped the phone from his ear and put it to his trouser pocket.
He opened his mouth to say something then closed it. I knew that I was not the reason why he was speechless. He was dressed in a black fitted tux and a white shirt. He also had a bow tie and he couldn’t looked more handsome.
When I reached to where he was he took my hand and lead me to the living room. He looked at me from head to tore and said harshly.
“You are not going out dressed like that.”
“You heard me.”
“What is wrong with this dress Luca.”
“Damn you. You know very well what is wrong.”
“If I knew it was wrong I couldn’t be wearing it right now so be a good boy and tell me what’s wrong.”
“Don’t you ever call me a boy again Hayley. You are not going out with dress because it’s too tight. It’s hugging you like the second skin and also that slit shows off all of your thigh. I will not accept it at all.”
“That’s your problem. I can do whatever I want and wear whatever I want so if you..”
“If I what. You are my woman Hayley, and I will not allow other men to look at what is mine.”
“I am not your woman Luca. I am just the woman who got pregnant and had a son for you.”
‘It will be really good if you just accept that I am and will always be your man. Now let’s get out of here because you are not changing your mind about the dress, but let me assure you right now. You will not leave my side at the party even for a minute.”
He looked the my cleavage and said.
“No man can have you Hayley. I am the only man for you.”

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