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Chapter 8

Chapter 8.
“Just tell my father that I will talk to him tomorrow morning. I have a party that I am attending tonight and I can’t afford to miss or be late. I will ring first thing in the morning.” I told my father’s P.A.
I knew that my father wanted to talk to me about Imelda. I can’t leave Leo and marry that woman. My father has too much greed in him that he can’t even think for one moment what will happen to his only grandson should he marry Imelda.
“But your father…” I cut her off when I turned and saw Hayley descending the stairs.
I dropped the phone from my ear and put it in my trouser pocket. She was wearing a short black dress; it hugged her like a second skin. It only reached her knee and had a slit that showed off all of her thigh. I was aroused in seconds like a teenager. There was no way in hell that I was going to allow Hayley to go out dressed like that.
My eyes dropped to her neck, she wore a simple necklace but it fitted her well that you may think that it was made specifically for her. Then that’s when I saw her cleavage, her breasts were full and my hands ached for it.
She reached to where I standing and I took her soft hand in mine and helped her down the last staircase. After arguing with her for minutes I knew that she was not going to change her outfit just to satisfy me. I looked at her cleavage again and all blood in my veins boiled. I will not allow any other man tonight or any other day to even look at her direction.
“No man will ever have you Hayley. I am the only man for you.” I didn’t wait for her to argue I just started to leave and heard the clicks of her high heel shoes and knew that she was following me.
I opened the front door and waited for her to pass. She tried to say something but I raised my hand to stop her from saying anything. She looked down and left for the car. For a minute I think I saw as if my gesture had hurt her but I remembered that this woman would not be easily hurt by a gesture like that.
We entered the car and drove off. She sat as far from me as possible. She just looked outside the window as if seeing me was so hurting. I didn’t even realize that she had covered her shoulders with a light white shawl. My fingers ache for it to replace the shawl so that my hands would be the one that will protect her from the evening chills.
Since the day that Hayley and Leo moved in with me, I had never seen Hayley so quiet like the way that she was right now. Whatever I always ask her she always objects with a lame excuse when she has nothing to challenge me with.
We arrived at the party few minutes later. I got out of the car and went to her side to open her door but when I reached there she had already opened and was getting. What was really wrong with this woman?
I offered my hand to her to help her out of the car like a gentleman but she just ignored it and said harshly, “I don’t need your help Luca, just like I never needed you from the day I found out that I was pregnant.”
“I am sorry Hayley that I was not there for you and my son when you were pregnant and when you gave birth to him, I would do anything to have the time reversed so that I would have been with the both of you always but since that is not possible can we just get along for our son’s sake please.” I told her but it seems that it didn’t get to her even a little.
“Can we go inside now so that we can get this over with please? I just want to go back home to my son.” She said and I just nodded and followed her.
We reached the door and I took her hand in mine and led her to the already full ballroom. When we entered the ballroom I could see that all the people turned and looked at us. I let go of her hand and hold her waist, tightly. I wanted everyman in that room to know that this woman was mine and no one should have any ideas of taking her from me.
I must have tighten my grip too much, “Luca you are hurt too faring me. Please let go of me.”
I let her go immediately and said, “I am sorry my mind was far away I didn’t realize my hold was hurting you.” My mind was not far away, it was thinking about her and the way I was possessive about her.
“I am going to the bar to get something; I know that you are not using any alcohol right now so what do you want me to bring for you.”
“I don’t have too many choices so just bring me an orange juice please.” I went towards the bar and that’s where I found Lorenzo.
“Lorenzo what are you even doing here I thought you said you were busy tonight and couldn’t make to Antonio’s party.”
“You forgot to mention that you were bringing Hayley to the party so when I found out that she was coming here I had to come and see the woman who tamed the mighty Luca De Rossi.”
“Found out from whom?”
“I am not going to reveal my informant. I don’t want you to torture them with how you want your private life kept private.”
“Say no more I already know who they are.” I knew that it was the ladies that came to prepare Hayley for tonight because I got their details from Lorenzo who likes to take his women there.
The bartender appeared and I ordered a double shot of whiskey and an orange juice for Hayley. “Hey man I need to get back to Hayley I can’t leave her for long because this is her first event.” The truth is it was not about this being her first event but it was because of how she looked. If I leave her for long men will start to crowd around her and I just couldn’t take it.
“Don’t even think for a minute that I am not coming with you. I want to see her for myself.” I took our drinks and head back to where I left Hayley.
I almost dropped the drinks when I found that Hayley was in deep conversation with Xavier who was known well for being the most playboys that ever existed. I could not let him talk to Hayley any more. Just as I was about to reach to where they were standing I saw that he brought his old hand and wrapped it around Hayley’s waist and that was the final straw.
I took the double shot of whiskey in one sip and pass the empty glass and the orange juice to the waiter that was passing. I hold my hand in a fist and went to where they were.
“Could you be so kind and remove your filthy hands from my woman Xavier please.” Hayley turned to me and the smile that was plastered disappeared when she saw the anger that was displayed on my face.
He removed his hand fast and I replaced his hand very fast. “Luca don’t be rude, Xavier here was telling me about his vineyards in Naples and was wondering if I wish to see-.” She didn’t finish what she was saying.
“This woman here Xavier belongs only to me. Do you know what we have together, no you don’t? We have a son together so go find yourself a whore and leave my woman alone.” He started to leave then I added, “If I ever see you looking at her I will destroy that when I would be done with you won’t even remember your name.” When I finished he just stared me frighten then left us.
I turned to Hayley and the anger was all plastered on her face but when she saw Lorenzo she smiled at him. I felt a pang of jealousy throughout my whole body. How comes she smile to Lorenzo a total stranger and I only get a stone face.
“Lorenzo I am sorry for that. Hayley I want you to meet my good friend here Lorenzo, the Lorenzo meet Hayley.” I hesitated for a second then said proudly, “The mother of my son.”
Lorenzo move to where she was standing and kissed both of her cheeks and throughout this process I didn’t release her waist.
“It’s so nice to finally meet you Hayley. These past few days you are the only person that Luca here has been talking about; also I want to correct something that he said that is not correct. I am not just his friend I am his best friend in the whole world.” They both laughed and her face was transformed like that night that we meet.
“I must confess that this is the first time that Luca has never mentioned you in any of our conversation, but it’s also my pleasure to meet you.” She was even talking to him freely. When will I get back the woman that I meet the previous year? The woman who used to smile and laughed at ever joke that I made even if it was a lame one even if it was just for one night.
We talked or a few minutes then we went and then we started to mingle with the other guest. I never knew that I will be in a situation where I just want to leave a party so that I could go back home , but right now I just wish that I could have been at home instead of here. The party went on very well and finally the dances began.
“I would like very much if I could have this dance with you Mia Cara.” I said extending my hand. She placed her smooth little hand in mine and immediately I felt my body react to her touch. I lead her to the dance floor, she hesitated for a moment before slid her hand on my shoulders and the other still on mine. I used my other free hand and hold her waist tightly then she spoke, “I must tell you that I have two left foot and I am a bad dancer so prepare yourself because I will be stepping all over those pretty little toes of yours.” She said staring at me.
“Just follow my lead and you won’t be stepping at my toes.” We started to move with the rhythm and she was not lying when she said that she didn’t know how to dance but few moves later she was moving like a pro. “You are natural. You learn very fast.”
The dance became more intimate and she stopped staring at me and rested her head on my shoulders. I pulled her tighter and I could feel her breast pressed on my chest and I had an instant erection. She must have felt the erection because she tried to move and I hold her tightly.

‘You are not going anywhere Hayley; I want you to feel exactly how you affect me woman. I don’t know why out of all the girls in this world destiny choose you to torment I like this.”
“The feeling is not mutual. I don’t feel anything for you Luca I just hate you so much.”
“Hate is a strong words my dear and I don’t need you to love me I just want your body. I don’t believe in love at all.” I trailed my fingers on her bare shoulders and I could feel her body trembling, “Continue to deny it but I can feel your body trembling when I touch, even when I come near you I feel the way your breathing changes. You might deny it all you want but your body is not following your mind at all.” And without thinking I lowered my head slowly and captured her lips with mine.
For a moment she didn’t respond at all but I forced my lip deeper and immediately she responded. The fist that was trying to push me away started to gently stroke my chest. The kisses became more intense that I was pulling her even tighter to myself and that’s when I heard her lovely moan.
That’s when I remembered where we were, we were still on the dance floor and the music had ended and people were starting to live the dance floor. I was still holding her so I let her go slowly before whispering on her ear, “You are sleeping in my bed tonight Hayley whether you like it or not. I am going to give your body what you’ve been depriving it of this past week.”
I didn’t let her finish, “I need you just for tonight to accept that there is something between us. This chemistry is so strong that neither of us can fight it any longer.” She just nodded, “Let’s go say our goodbyes and get the hell out of here.
Twenty minutes later we were back in the house and when the front door closed immediately I pulled her to me. “Do you know how this dress here has caused me a lot of trouble? When I saw you earlier coming down the stairs all that was on my mind at that time was how I wanted to rip that dress off and take you straight to bed.” I said kissing her neck.
“Luca...” Her voice was full of pleasure and it made me got even harder. “Please.”
“Shh baby, I know what you want.” I lifted her and she weighed next to nothing. “Wrap your legs around me.” She did so and I carried her up to my bedroom. I placed her on the bed gently and followed her immediately.
“No other woman has been able to satisfy me since I meet you. The way you respond to my touch is just magical. I desire you so much.” I said kissing her on the shoulders.
I started to remove her dress and because of both our hunger for desire and pleasure we tried to be slow Hayley tugged impatiently at my clothes ripping them in the process. She stopped and I had to beg her not stop. Finally I was almost naked. I had only my boxer and she had a black lacy bra which matched her lacy bra.
“My God you are so beautiful.” I took her breast in my hand and she moaned beautifully which encouraged me to unclasp her bra and took one nipple and started to suck it with all my might,
“Luca you can’t suck my nipple because…”
“You are too late. For a minute there I forgot that you are actually nursing and I seem to have taken a little portion of my son’s food. “I said while wiping the breast milk that was spread over her breast. “I know most women prefer to give their babies bottled milk instead of breastfeeding, I am just happy to know that you dint choose that for our son Hayley. “
“Luca I love our son more than anything in his world but right now I don’t want us to talk about him but I want you to make love to me badly.” I didn’t wait for another word to come out of her mouth.
I trailed kisses down her belly and finally reached the heaven that I have been dreaming about the past one and a half year. I looked her straight in the eyes and I could remember the last time any woman had ever made me feel the way this woman makes me feel.
I wanted to skip some steps and went ahead and make love to her but I knew that this was not only about me. I will have to take my time and give her pleasure that no other man has been able to give her. Just the thought of her with another man made growl out loud with raw jealousy. I will not let any other man have her, not now not ever. She only belongs to me only.
I stared to suck and kiss her insides and I was gifted back with low moans of pleasure and desires. Her nails dug my head and urged me to suck her harder. I felt her orgasm coming and I had to stop to and deny her that pleasure of cumming.
“Please Luca I want you so much. Please don’t deny me this please. I need you so much.”
“I will my dear, but not that way. I want your orgasm spread on my penis.” And with that I went back and kissed her mouth roughly and she responded with all her might. My penis had reached maximum point of erection. I knew I If didn’t enter now, my penis might explode.
I felt her leading my penis to her opening. I thrust hard and filled her with my erected penis and she gave out a loud moan hat if there was a person at the end of the hallway might have heard. She was too tight. Almost like the first time.
I stopped for a second and asked,” Have I hurt you Cara mia.”
“If you stop you will be hurting me badly so please don’t stop.” She said raising her hips to urge me to continue.
It gave me the greatest pleasure to know that she wanted me badly just as I wanted her. I thrust back inside her and this time with all my might and was rewarded with her wrapping her long lovely legs around my hips. We fell in to a rhythm and right now I felt as if we were the only people existing in the whole world. I wanted this time to last forever.
Minutes later I felt my orgasm building and I knew that even he was close because I felt her body tightening around mine and when she let go and I felt her orgasm around my dick, I could hold any more. I thrust hard for the last time and felt my seed fill her, and then I collapsed on top of her.
“That was amazing. Just like the first time around.”
“Don’t lie to me; you don’t remember anything of our night.”
“Oh I remember absolutely everything, the way you responded to mine and also the way you kissed me?”
She was about to protest when we heard Leo cry through the baby monitor that I had. “I will go and feed him.” She said.
“We are in this together Hayley, you are not alone. I will go and change his dippers and bring him to you so that you can feed him.”
I got out of bed and stared to leave when I heard her calling. “Don’t you think that it will be good if you don’t go to Leo’s room totally naked?”
‘Are you jealous that someone else will see me naked?”
“That will be in dreams Luca. Go get my son.”
“It’s our son not yours and you should get used to that Hayley because I promise you that I am not going anywhere not now not ever. Families stays together Hayley.”

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